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4th October 2015

Sounds fab. I truly hope that you got photos of the man with the cat food.
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4th October 2015

Sounds fab. I truly hope that you got photos of the man with the cat food.
From Blog: Tokyo Brain Melt
15th January 2014

oh no :( so very sorry to hear this, hope they see the valuable part you play within the company, fingers crossed it works out for you xx
13th May 2013

My hat goes off to you Lisa, you are doing an amazing job, people can tell that, you have a heart of gold and your are very positive flying to these other countries like its a simple trip to the coast in the UK, a lot of people could take note from you. Well done buddy, take care and enjoy yourself.
13th May 2013

Thanks Andy
Thanks Andy for your kind words... It pays the bills :) and I do what I can to get the most of this experience ....
1st May 2013

Freetown flights
I am glad with given information.I hope you continue your writing for this kind of info! thanks
23rd January 2013

Mission over
Your a good sport Lisa. Have a wonderful time ;)
21st January 2013

Have a good time, be safe.
So far, an eventful journey then :) Lisa, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to balance on 1 leg whilst 1 finger on your nose and a book on your head, get a photograph of this. This message will not self destruct. Stay safe mate, have a cracking time. Andy
23rd January 2013

Mission Accepted
Hey Andy - I have completed your mission - but I forgot to put one finger on my nose :) otherwise all complete :)
17th January 2013

Hello,my name is nana a ghanaian resident in sweden. I stumbled upon your blog site and i enjoyed reading your posts. Please keep posting.
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9th June 2012

I have really liked the way your blog promotes Kenya. Kenya offers travellers an unparalleled range of options. The incredible diversity of landscapes, cultures, wildlife and activities mean endless opportunities. With so many choices at hand, some people find the prospect of planning a trip quite daunting. It doesn’t have to be that way. That's why me being a Kenyan I have decided to open a tour firm.
3rd June 2012

Great Photos
I love them
29th May 2012

Street Kids
Thanks for sharing about your experience of seeing street kids in Kampala. It is indeed a horrific image and a national and international tragedy. You are right in cautioning people not to give money to these children. Unfortuantely some legitimately beg to survive however others are exploited by adults, sometimes their own parents as you pointed out, and even by other children. There are many fantastic charities working in Uganda with street kids. I'm involved with one called Dwelling Places - They have a fantastic 4 step approach to their work with street kids; rescue from the streets, rehabilitation, reconciliation with parents and resettlement with their parents or family members if possible, or into foster care. They also do a lot of advocacy work, at government level as well as with communities in the hope of raising awareness of the issues and helping Ugandans to tackle these head on. Thanks, Gillian
26th May 2012
Lagos's newest First aiders

Who is that on the chair
4th May 2012

Nostalgia! (Edited)
Reminds me of the good old innocent days :-)
4th May 2012

The school hall was completed round about the time I was in class 1; 1986, just in case it interests your dad to know. Seeing the photos reminds me a lot about the school, probably different from when your dad was there. They still had the hymns sung on most mornings in the '90s, the best swimming pool at the time and French classes by one popular 'Mr. Tom' for only class 3 students. Well, I've come to learn that he offered these classes to almost all public primary schools in Nairobi. :D Wonder what it was like in your dad's days; could he blog back?
29th February 2012

Fab pics
Hi the pics of the animals, what a fantastic job you have landed yourself with....make the most of are very fortunate to see such wonderful places. Lucky deserve it, enjoy!! With lots of love mum and dad xxxxx
20th June 2011

African Queen
Hi Lisa this is my second message...not sure if the first one went...hope you are feeling better sounds like you have not got off to a good start...where was you blackberry stolen from? Your dad took the laptop to work and did not get home until 10.00pm and could net get the skype to work on the big computer. Love your little right up about having wonderful holidays as a child and Elsa the lion...I had a tear in my eye. Hope you have a better day tomorrow and hope to speak to you as well. Take care and and have a good day love mu x
20th June 2011

Will be watching you.
Now that I have found your blog Lisa (doh, should have found it sooner) I will be with you in spirit. Really interesting blog. Well done. Take care.
12th April 2011

Great stuff
Lisa - I have really enjoyed reading you Ghana blog - your honest accounts of life in that country are very interesting and quite an eye-opener! Thank you so much for enlightening those of use staying in the UK - great stuff, look forward to the next chapter. Best wishes, and see you soon, Richard
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24th March 2011

Hi lisa
Hello lisa, how was your trip back to London? i hope you enjoyed it. thank again for the Training Here in Nigeria. I really enjoy it.itwas splended. Kudos to you and my regards to your U.K Friends and Family You are welcome to NIGERIA Anytime you want to. Wish you Best of Luck Hakeem. Mantrac Nigeria Ltd Kano
22nd March 2011

Wonderful pics you made there, i wish i have read this before i made my first trip to Nigeria. I've made a lot of friends there and the people are really friendly to foreigner no like other countries i have been to. I still keep in touch with my friends but i have a little problem pronouncing particular names.Hope no one gets offended. Now i can just call Nigeria before i plan my second visit. Nice Job:)
22nd March 2011

Unique Country - unique people
I am actually having a huge laugh reading your blog. It's not surprising because we are talking about Nigeria. For this particular reason i feel in love with the place. Did you check out any other places apart from Lagos? Are you training Nigerian First aid?. although i haven't visited in about 3 years i still call Nigeria once a month to check up on my friend there. Wonderful people, you will have a wild and exciting time there.
19th March 2011

Naija for life
Nice to now you enjoyed Nigeria because we obviously have bad eggs and also very good, accommodating and wonderful people. Thanks once again for sharing.
17th March 2011

Nigeria is such a beautiful (without corruption and bad governance). We are glad to have you around. Enjoy your stay.

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