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Africa » Nigeria » Lagos May 20th 2013

Today was my first day of first aid training - I looked forward to it as always. I have 13 delegates a 14th turned up halfway through the morning but I had to advise him that he had missed too much and must leave. I have a know it all in the class who came in sporting a " I am a first aider badge" and flashed his Id card every time he spoke - however when he screwed up resus he soon shut up and listened - if I hear but the Red Cross says one more time I'm gonna scream - apparently the Red Cross said its ok for him to keep medication in the workplace first aid kit - please know that it is not ok to do that and it is not ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Lagos May 19th 2013

Friday was the last day of the Health and Safety week in Lagos, it was also the last day of my Risk Assessment training. The morning started with a quiz and reflection on the week with all 350 employees, there was an amazing atmosphere with lots of energy, laughing, shouting and singing – sadly I had no idea what was going on as they talk too fast and their accent was lost on me. Victor had asked me to photograph the event for the company newsletter. I had my final Risk Assessment group and they were the quietest this week, I think they just wanted to go as it is a Friday so we managed to get out earlier today as they didnt ask many questions. A couple of them went to mosque in the afternoon ... read more
The safety week organisers!
I won!!!!
answering quiz questions

Africa » Nigeria » Lagos May 16th 2013

"Another day in paradise" comes from the movie Oblivion - you should watch it if you havent already... so its Thursday and I realised I had not blogged for a while, each day I have been going to the office in Lagos where a "Health and Safety Week" is taking place, this involves speakers coming from different organisations to speak to all 350 employees about Health and Safety for 1 hour. todays subject was hepatitis B. After the event I went on the run my Risk assessment course, I am running the same course for 5 days tommorow being the last. on tuesday one of my monday students gave me a bible and a book called open heavens, today a student gave me a book about Jewish advice, most of you probably know that I am ... read more
Lagos HSE Week
my assistant photographer
Thursdays Risk assessment group

Africa » Nigeria » Lagos May 13th 2013

Yesterday while most of you were tucking into your roast potatoes I flew across to West Africa, specifically Lagos, Nigeria. I was questioned on the plane by a rather large Nigerian woman who turned in her seat and shook my arm. “why are you going to Nigeria, we do not see many of you in Nigeria (white women)” I told her I was working there… I could see her mind ticking while she thought, “ohhhh you must have a Nigerian boyfriend then?” I think I said No No NO I have a British boyfriend thank you a bit too fast and strong for her and she gave me a smile and moved away like she didn’t believe me… The first time I travelled to Lagos, Nigeria the luggage belt broke, I waited 2 hours in 40 ... read more
Fit Camp in the hotel....
clever packing
brown water straight from the taps

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown January 23rd 2013

Photos that I have taken on the ferry, in freetown, on the way to the mine and at the mine - enjoy... read more

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown January 22nd 2013

Today I have been to the Tonkilili Iron ore mine, we left early for a 4 hour drive up through the country through mountains, hills and local villages. Sierra Leone is lush green with palm trees everywhere but tinged with orange dust, just like Ghana, it also has amazing scenery. We passed many villages with men building mud huts or making bricks, women washing clothes in streams or cooking and children carrying water or playing. I was snapping away with my camera and then “BANG” Charles (driver) had hit something he stopped and he said “I’m going back for that”, I will have that for my dinner, AND that ladies and gentlemen is why I take my own food to Sierra Leone! He had hit a hawk, it was an amazing bird, so huge and I ... read more

Africa » Sierra Leone » Freetown January 20th 2013

About Saturday lunchtime (19th) I said to Joe I have a bad feeling about this trip, I cant put my finger on it but it doesn't feel right. It all started when my flight was delayed by an hour due to "waiting for first available plane?". I spent some time at the airport wasting time as you do, and I lost my boarding pass (only me!) so in a panic I contacted customer services and they arranged for me to have another one. I felt a glass of wine was needed at this point so I stopped off at Terminal 5 Wetherspoons where the bar man gave me a whole load of sarnies as it was the end of the day... "hmmm - these might come in handy" I thought - how right was I! A ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi November 30th 2012

Today was the final day of the managing safely course and the managers on the course arrived very anxiously, even early - not something you often see a Kenyan do... But after some revision they took the exam and passed with flying colours ( pending verification from IOSH) so I am very proud. Between Mark, Mike and I we have trained managers in Sierra Leone, Uganda, Tanzania and now Kenya, mark and Mike will be doing Ghana next and I will be doing Egypt so we are well on our way to improving the safety culture of our business from the top :) My colleague John asked me about keeping panadol in the first aid kit, I told him no, I explained that in keeping this in the box and people continuously using it they could ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi November 29th 2012

Nairobi town city is filled with brightly coloured mini- busesol covered in meaningful ( to the driver) words such as magic moment, and god loves us. They all look like they would not only fail an MOT but they would be sent to a scrap yard, these mini buses are the local transport and today the local government placed new laws on them meaning they would be fined if they broke the law. Today the drivers of these buses decided to strike, this included setting fire to two vehicles and delayed my journey back to the hotel by 1 hour! I didn't see any of the violence but the traffic was crazy - people abandoned their vehicles and walked. It took me an hour to do a 5 minute journey but I didn't walk because I'm ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi November 28th 2012

I hear in the UK its been very very heavy rain, lots of flooding and even people being killed, OMG! what will I come back to? I am sitting here in the office in an Atrium, in a place that would be lovely to work in if the weather was nice all the time, my desk is against a wall with a small room and some lighting but in the middle where there are plants and a patio there is no roof, and all week the sun has shone in and its been glorious as I dont train until the afternoons, Mark does the mornings. Yesterday the Kenyan army trained their pilots and scared the hell out of me as they were really low, but today it is raining, after all it is rainy season and ... read more

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