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Africa » Nigeria » Logos March 19th 2012

Hello all, firstly you will notice my Nigeria Blogs will not have any photos, I will be taking them but on my old camera. For my own securty due to going to Port Harcourt I decided it was best not to bring my SLR. I have not brought the cable for my old camera so I will upload any photos when I get home. This time I flew Virgin airlines and atually they were really good, the plane was almost empty so many of us did the ritual of moving fast to get the best seats so we could lie down - two women even had a row over it. at that point I laid down and got at least 20 winks. On the flight I met a gent called Valentine, he was keen to show ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi March 2nd 2012

Thursday morning armed guards entered the hotel with the biggest guns I have ever seen, it sent shivers down my spine at first - then I thought well I am sure its ok, this is probably the norm. John Kiiri (my colleague) then rang me from the road - he had been refused access to the hotel because he was carrying gas canisters for his home, would I mind walking out to the road.... this was not a problem it turned out that there was to be a state visit of the varoius presidents of Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia, I arrived back at the hotel after work and it was coming to my time to leave the hotel and I noticed outside that the roads were closed off all around the hotel... How would a taxi ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi February 29th 2012

Hi today Fred (Territory Manager) insisted we leave a bit earlier and visit the National Park, I waited for John, my colleague to organise the tour guide and a little girl pointed at me and said " look mummy a white lady, today I have seen Giraffes and white people" :) I certainly saw many Giraffes but no white people... or Lions! only a small black domestic cat enjoying the sun... here are my pictures - we were only in there an hour and a half as it closes at 6pm but its a hard life when you have to work too!... read more
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Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province February 29th 2012

this is a special blog for my Dad and Gran and of course Grandad if he is looking on down, he is probably saying "Nairobi? what the hell do you want to go there for?"... read more
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Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi February 28th 2012

Hi all, after 34 hours I finally made it on Sunday night at around 11pm local time (3 hours ahead!) tired but not sleepy enough I lay awake in bed most of the night and then headed to the office in the morning. I idnt get to go to the National Park like I had hoped sadly. I met with our Nairobi Safety committee and Esther who I met last time who is now hugely pregnant with twins!! and we discussed lots of things which I will add to my report, today I completed an audit of the site sadly not much has changed since our last visit therefore Mike and I have alot of work that we need to do and I feel that this really does justify a full time Health and Safety assistant ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Heathrow Airport February 26th 2012

20 minutes ago I should have been stepping off the plane into 32 degrees of heat in Nairobi, I had grand plans to visit the national park in the afternoon and maybe stroke a giraffe in the giraffe centre... but no my plane was delayed initially by 15 minutes due to the plane being late, and when it arrived it had a technical fault so it was delayed a further half an hour but an hour later it was cancelled. This is the first cancelled flight I have ever been on so what happened next was all new to me. they advised us that they were going to take us out to the bus stop and pile us all on coaches and take us to the park inn all 350 of us! of course then there ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Reading February 5th 2012

Friday night we made it through Accra's new improved security and immigration and I will agree it was alot easier than last time, the flight home was pretty uneventful which to be honest is probably the best flights :) I slept for most of it. I made it home about 7.30am just in time for out Ikea bookshelves to be delivered and then I slept in my own bed for a few more hours... bliss later in the day it snowed it started to get heavy and it was laying as well, overnight it got heavier and we had about 7inches of snow which wasnt too bad but alot of flights were cancelled at heathrow so I thanked the lord that I had come back Saturday morning and not Sunday. back to work tommorow, the weekend ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Western » Sekondi-Takoradi February 2nd 2012

I was just lying in bed thinking over a conversation from last night and I thought, I must get this down or its going to rattle my brain all night and I will never sleep... Adoption Laws in the UK are changing, changing to make adoption easier as we have hundreds of children in the UK who wake up everyday and have no one to call mummy or daddy, in Africa they have ophanages and adoption laws are easy so why are the orphanages stuffed full with children? Gideon told us of a family member who was having trouble getting pregnant, Mike suggested adoption and straight away I could tell that Gideon was unomfortable with that suggestion and he said oh no no no... I asked him what the views were in Africa about Adoption and ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Western » Sekondi-Takoradi February 2nd 2012

all started out well... the class sailed through the tests. I always admire every single one of them as English is not their first language and they are learning some complex life saving information in a foreign language... this is not sonething you or I could do that is unless you speak another language fluently. I sadly do not! Then the stumbles started, unfortunately I had three people that had to start again because they were immediate fails when they commenced CPR on our breathing casualty. Of course I shouted STOP before any damage could occur but I was very upset when one did it but when three did it I then worried that it was my teaching and that I had not explained this to them right. However on speaking to them it seems that ... read more
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Africa » Ghana » Western » Sekondi-Takoradi February 1st 2012

Feeling much better today, munching on cream crackers and feeling exhausted but returned to work this afternoon, they all cheered and clapped me as I came in the door. The guys and gal are really good with their bandaging - they are naturals - I am really proud of them and I can see them flying through their exam tommorow, Mike and I however had a short memory lapse on slings, but we recovered - must practice those more! If you have followed my blogs you will know that priapism is a sign of spinal trauma, it is a permanent erection – that is until the doctor can do whatever doctors do to eradicate it. I was surprised that one of the students actually had heard of this, and after the class roared with laughter the ... read more
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