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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga » Canete la Real September 27th 2017

Zoe This morning I woke up and went to see if Josia was awake and he was. We went outside and chatted and then Bella woke up so we thought we would play cards. We played cards and I won 🎉. We also had breakfast during the game. When dad woke up we played monopoly. It was Josia and I on a team vs dad and Bella. It was raining but we still jumped in the pool for a bit. After that we went to an old town called Antequera. We parked in the car park and went up to the top level. The top level was a viewing point. It had a great 👍 view of churches. Then we walked up a hill to a fort. We got audio guides. Mum, Bella, Josia and I ... read more
View from car park
Josia and I walking down the road
Nice photo

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga September 27th 2017

Day 16 Exploring Malaga I Woke up and played Monopoly with Zoe and Josia which was really fun. I lost and Josia had to buy one of my property's cause I couldn't afford it . Me, Zoe and Dad had a swim in the pool and played duck in the middle. If you don't know that is, it is a game where someone is stuck in the middle of the pool with a rubber duck. We Drove into Malaga to find a market the gardener told us about. It was a really smelly seafood market.So we had lunch at the seafood market. We found a park, port and ice cream. When we came home from the seafood market we found in the chicken coop one beautiful and clean egg! We went for another really nice swim! ... read more
On the docs
In a different park
In the park up side down

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Granada September 25th 2017

Zoe I woke up early in the morning and Josia was already awake. So we were just chatting outside. Dad was also awake so he went down to the shops to get breakfast. When dad was back everyone was awake so we had breakfast. They all had bread and dips but I had bacon. Then we got ready to go to the Alhambra. The Alhambra is an Arabic palace and fortress, it was originally built in 889 on Roman ruins. In the Middle Ages the Alhambra was the residence of the Muslim rulers of Granada and their court. It is a beautiful palace and has amazing gardens. We went up the top of one of the towers and we got a view of the whole city. There is also a bell up the tower and they ... read more
Me in one of the Alhambra courts
I had fun with Uncle Mike

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cartama September 24th 2017

Day 14 josias arrival We woke up in our purple house 🏡 and had 🍳 from the 🐔 and made a buffet for Caroline and Mike after a while we jumped in the 🏊 ( but we didn't actually jump because it is too shallow). Then we got ready for lunch 🍴 ( we were in the pool 🏊 for a few hours). We drove down the hill to find the place our owner recommended. we could not find it so we asked a hotel. they said it was next door but we found a work shop next door and went up stairs and found an unusual restaurant. we ate lots of food 🥘 we got some tea ☕️ When we got home we went in the pool 🏊 .After we got out we found ... read more
In the pool
The gate

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga » Malaga September 23rd 2017

Zoe Malaga?! This morning we had to get up early to catch a flight. Where to? You say, well we are going to Malaga. It takes 1:50 hours, to fly from the North of Spain to the South of Spain. When we arrived we had to catch a van to the car rental place. When we were waiting in line for the van the man told us that there was only one more seat in the van. So dad had to catch the van without us. But it only took 2 minutes for the next van to come. The ride was only 10 minutes from the airport. Then we got our rental car. It was exciting because Dad had to drive on the other side of the road. Plus our house is on the side of ... read more
Dad going off without us!
Our car 🚗

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » Bilbao September 22nd 2017

Day 13 Bilbao We woke up early and packed our apartment up ready for the purple house tomorrow stay tuned...... We waited at the bus stop until the bus came, it had YouTube but the wifi was a little dodge, but what do you expect? The bus was two hours and when we got off it took about 30 minutes to walk to the hotel. They said we would get in at 2 so we went to Guggenheim gallery, it was amazing. Then we went to a really cool park afterwards, then at 4:30 went to the hotel. It is really nice, it has room service but turns out it does not come till 7:30 and it was only 5. we were all hungry so we went to the restaurant but the kitchen was closed so ... read more
On the tram to the Guggenheim
Bilbao has a tram too

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » San Sebastián September 21st 2017

Zoe To start off the day we went to Monte Igueldo which is a mountain overlooking the bay. We took an old funicular up the mountain. At first mum and I were scared, but then we started to like it. When we got to the top we saw a hotel, it would be nice to stay in that hotel but it would get really busy. There was an amazing view of the city. There was also a theme park, it was closed. We came down in the funicular as well. After that we went to the beach. It was really fun. Bella and I built a really big sand castle with a moat. We also had fun playing in the water. A really big wave came and hit Bella and I in the head, it was ... read more
In the funicular
The view from the funicular
Over looking the bay

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » San Sebastián September 21st 2017

Day 11 We had a little sleep in after the celebrations for dad's birthday. Mum went to buy us some food so that we could have breakfast in the apartment and plan our day. Because the weather was going to be hot and sunny (27 degrees) we decided to make it a beach day. So we headed off to La Concha! One of the best beaches in Europe. We went swimming and built barriers to protect our castles and built a bath that unfortunately didn't get any water. We went on another carousel next to the beach. After that mum promised we could go through to scrolled I got banana brownie and zoe got chocolate mint. For dinner we went to a stand up bar it was rely delicious. We walked home along the beach then ... read more
The houses
Ice cream

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » San Sebastián September 19th 2017

The birthday Breakfast in apartment- To start off the morning we had breakfast in our apartment for Dean's 50th. We had all sorts of breads and pastries. It was really yummy. Bella and I planned a surprise mystery trip for dad. Bella was the first tour guide, then I was second. Bella took us to a Jesus statue (Sagrado Corazon de Jesus) and fort. It was on a big mountain. That we hiked up. It was a beautiful statue. There was an amazing view of the whole city. Dad really liked it. Next, Bella took us out for lunch. It was delicious. We had hot chips and we haven't had hot chips in ages. We also got chicken wings, they had a really nice BBQ sauce on them. After that it was my turn to do ... read more
Walking up the mountain
The view from the mountain.
The view

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » San Sebastián September 19th 2017

Day 9 dad's last day in his 40s We caught the metro train and used our very last ticket. That means we used 20 tickets each while in Barcelona. Zoe and I know the metro very well now so we showed everyone where to go. We caught the train to a 4d movie about Gaudi. It was really cool. If you don't know what 4d is, it is including 4 of your 5 senses. It had air and water mist shooting out of the seat in front of you. We then went to the main railway station and put our bags in a locker and explored a bit. When we got on the train we were told we would be on it for seven hours. We did some coloring and played games. After 5 long hours ... read more
Bags in locker
In the chairs
Watching the movie

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