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September 19th 2017
Published: September 20th 2017
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The birthday

Breakfast in apartment- To start off the morning we had breakfast in our apartment for Dean's 50th. We had all sorts of breads and pastries. It was really yummy. Bella and I planned a surprise mystery trip for dad. Bella was the first tour guide, then I was second.

Bella took us to a Jesus statue (Sagrado Corazon de Jesus) and fort. It was on a big mountain. That we hiked up. It was a beautiful statue. There was an amazing view of the whole city. Dad really liked it.

Next, Bella took us out for lunch. It was delicious. We had hot chips and we haven't had hot chips in ages. We also got chicken wings, they had a really nice BBQ sauce on them.

After that it was my turn to do the tour. So I took dad to a museum of whiskey, it was really fun. The waiter was nice and he was always giving us puzzles to solve. In the museum of whiskey there were over 3,400 bottle of whiskey. The owner had been saving up for years.

Next, I took them to a park, in the park was a lake and in the lake were white swans. It was beautiful. We also got ice cream. Bella and I both had cookie flavor. After that we walked home for an hour.

For dinner we want to this place that dad's friend had suggested, but it was full. So we walked to the next place that dad's friend suggested, it was full. So then we were just walking around trying to find a place that was not full. Then we found la Murillo. La Murillo was very fancy. It has been rated in the michelin guide restaurant.

Overall we had a fun day and dad is now fifty!

Dad's input on his birthday:

"It's not every day you get treated like a king - a 50 year old king. I was awoken to a lovely song from the girls called "50 - that's a big number!" (Comforting way to start the day). I had great tour guides who showed me San Sebastián and lovely places for lunch and a shot of whiskey later in the afternoon. Then off to a lovely dinner at La Muralla - sensational food. The highlight was when the palate cleanser arrived, after a taste (sticking her tongue in), Bella very loudly declared "it tastes like a cucumber and carrot have had a baby in my mouth, it's DISGUSTING". As a special treat I was then off to a sports bar to watch the soccer on TV - Barcelona scored 6! A 50th birthday I will always remember!!!!!! Thanks for all your birthday messages!!

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