Day 15: Alhambra

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September 25th 2017
Published: September 26th 2017
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I woke up early in the morning and Josia was already awake. So we were just chatting outside. Dad was also awake so he went down to the shops to get breakfast. When dad was back everyone was awake so we had breakfast. They all had bread and dips but I had bacon.

Then we got ready to go to the Alhambra. The Alhambra is an Arabic palace and fortress, it was originally built in 889 on Roman ruins. In the Middle Ages the Alhambra was the residence of the Muslim rulers of Granada and their court. It is a beautiful palace and has amazing gardens. We went up the top of one of the towers and we got a view of the whole city. There is also a bell up the tower and they use to ring it if there is danger. There were little kittens all over the Alhambra when we were sitting out side with our icy poles, everyone was feeding the cats and giving them water because it was 31 degrees.

The car drive there and back was 1:50 hours and on the way back we stopped for a snack because it was 6:30pm but all the kitchens were closed. So we just went and found a churros place.

When we got home Bella and I jumped in the pool because it was 9pm and had a swim. Then we had pasta for dinner and jumped back in the pool after that. We ended up going to bed at 11. That's why this blog post got uploaded late.

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Dad's joke was "these are not from Frank Walker at National Tiles"

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