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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice November 27th 2017

So the alarm went off at 6am, both alarms actually and we both switched them off. We cuddled up together as we normally do but I don't think Claire had done much waking up. My head was hurting and I was kind of hoping Claire would stay asleep as I was feeling pretty groggy. And she did! Apparently we rolled apart at about 6:50 which woke her up but then the next thing I knew it was 9:09 and we had to check out at 10. We'll have to come back to do the slow shutter photography I guess....not a hardship though as Venice ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice November 26th 2017

Before I came back to Venice I had no idea it is made up of 124 islands. Today we started on 1 and visited another 4. And it all began at 6am.... We'd both had a better night's sleep so when the alarm went off at 6am we only swore at it twice. Each of course. Out of the door we went before find it pouring down. Typical holiday weather for us then. We hadn't checked the weather, hadn't put on warm clothes and it did get cold and windy late as well. Ah well, nothing new there either. And then we got lost. Yet again. We were trying to find a place we were at yesterday to do slow shutter speed photos over the Grand Canal before sunrise. The latter wasn't going to happen ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice November 25th 2017

Claire's plan was to drag me out of bed at 6am, haul me to the canal edge and make me take long exposure photos of the canal. But things didn't quite work out how she planned.... Yesterday was graduation day for wreath wearing students and they were still chanting and partying at 2am pretty much outside our room. I managed to get some sleep but Claire was awake until 2am. I had some bizarre and horrific nightmares and toothache keeping waking me up as well as Claire coughing. So when the alarm went off at 6 neither of us were feeling ready to hit the town, well the canal anyway. I had some painkillers but the coughing continued and neither of us got much more sleep before the next alarm went off at 8am. This time ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto November 24th 2017

Venice day 1: Torturing students, pizza, coffee and a freezer in the room.... Those of you who have read my blogs before may know that even small things can wind me up but today I feel sorry for the students of Venice University. It was their big day today, graduation day, which back home is a day of celebration. Here they make the students wear wreaths on their head and walk the streets looking rather foolish it has to be said. All those years of hard work and it's thorn of crowns time chaps, off round the streets you go to be laughed at so much you feel you should do some chanting so it looks like you're having a good time. I suppose you had the pleasure of living in Venice while you studied so ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo September 16th 2017

With an evening flight we had one day to see Colombo. Our host made us breakfast and waxed lyrical about his vinyl collection and his 1960 mini and Morris Minor and we were serenaded by Elvis playing on an antique record player while we ate. He also guided us on where to go today and called us a tuk tuk that wouldn't rip us off. Just 180lkr later we were in Independence Square and wee had a wander round there and the surrounding gardens and memorial which were all very nice. Once you get on the streets though about a million tuk tuks will offer you their services and try and rip you off. We had been warned that we would be offered the chance to go to a Buddhist festival that was only happening today ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Ella September 15th 2017

Yesterday when Claire offered me the opportunity to get up early today and go for a long walk to see a bridge I immediately said yes. Which took her by surprise that's for sure. These Apple watches need to be satiated with exercise though so the alarms went off at 6....actually quite a lie in on this holiday. The nine arch railway bridge was on the same railway we walked along yesterday but in the opposite direction. We again ignored the signs telling us it was an offence and walked along the tracks. We even ignored the next sign that warned us of thieves and robbers on this stretch of track. We liked how this sign was AFTER the one telling you what you were doing was if they knew you'd ignore the first one. ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Ella September 14th 2017

This morning it was time to say goodbye to the best place we've stayed at in Sri Lanka. Another huge breakfast (£1.75 each) was prepared to see us on our way by the ever helpful manager. Nature Park is just £6 a night, has great rooms, bathrooms that drain, hot showers, excellent wifi, more fans than you can shake a stick at and great food (dinner £2.50 each). The manager will help you out with safaris, transport etc and is a lovely guy. Do us, him and yourselves a favour and go and stay there. A tuk tuk was the cheapest option to get to Ella and who wouldn't turn down a trip in one anyway? We'd been lazy today and had a lie in until 6 but hey, we're on holiday! We were on the ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Udawalawae NP September 13th 2017

I think some people have a different interpretation of the sounds of the jungle than me and think that the incessant chattering isn't the sound of animals but their own yabbering gobs. The jeep's engine is turned off, the animals are doing their shizzle and....blah blah #$¥€#%# blah.....SHUT UP!!! Thankfully this didn't happen much this morning but, as you may be able to tell, it did happen. Most of the time we were on our own enjoying the incredible scenery and amazing wildlife. We'd had a lie in until 4:45 so we were raring to go when our jeep and driver turned up at 5:30, especially as our hotel manager had got up early to make us hot drinks. The journey to the Udawalawa (sounds like a cue for a King Kurt song to me) National ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Udawalawae NP September 12th 2017

Crikey, day 10 already! Must be time to move on too as we've been in this place for THREE whole nights. The people have been lovely but the bathroom doesn't drain properly so you have more sand in your feet when you come out than when you went in. Also the fan is crap and nights have been very hot-during another power cut last night the room would have baked bread. But the breakfasts were good and plentiful and included in the bargain price of just over £6 per night. No haggling, no pretending to know English, just £6 a night. The other day our tuk tuk driver had introduced us to his son who had a tuk tuk too. Quelle surprise! He had offered to take us to Uda Walawe for 5000lkr in under 2 ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Weligama September 11th 2017

I had researched whalewatching before we came to Sri Lanka and the general concensus was that this was not the best time of year to see whales in Mirissa. We looked at going to Tricomalee but it would have been a hell of a diversion just to do that one activity, so Mirissa it was. Further investigation highlighted Raja and The Whales as the original and best company to go with. They stick to the guidelines to protect the whales and are good at what they do....or so the majority of people say.... I have now joined that majority. We were picked up by tuk tuk at 5:55am and taken to their office where we were given seasick pills and a bottle of water to take them with. Claire used the facilities and was very ... read more

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