Coffee, kedgeree and communicating at sea July 17th 2019

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July 20th 2019
Published: July 20th 2019
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Cruise day 3

Coffee, kedgeree and communicating at sea July 17th 2019

The finess room is pretty small so when we see that there are classes, we decide to get up early to do our exercise before all the shenannigans. Consequently we are in the gym before 8 am, as you do on holiday, and I spend 30 minutes on the cross trainer. Bear in mind that you have to climb 7 flights of stairs to get to the gym first-there is a lift or two but...meh...

I feel I have earned a hearty breakfast and so I have one. The restaurant today has a menu from which I order kedgeree and a buffet from which I have eggs royale, melon, bacon (which is available crispy and soft) as well as various fish and juices. And coffee of course, always coffee.

Next stop was up on deck to spend some time with Claire’s mates watching the sea. Someone saw a whale’s blow just after we got there but we didn’t see anything and it didn’t appear again. A few more people appeared than yesterday and I had to wear a coat with my hood up to protect myself from the sun.

We all took a break to go to a lecture on whales but that room is so warm I slept through most of it. The speaker claimed he would be out on deck and available to speak to but he never appeared and so we all dismissed him as a charlatan.

One of Claire’s mates is a spritely 79 year old lady who is really funny and we have enjoyed talking to her and some of the other ‘spotters’. This afternoon a lot of them claimed to have seen a minke whale but I think they were just making it up. The guy working for the Orca charity even showed me an old photo and pretended he’d just taken it. You can’t fool me mate!

During the day we had intermittent internet and found out our house purchase had been cancelled. One hour later we had an offer on our house which we accepted. So we’ve sold our house and have nowhere to live. And the guy is hoping to have our house in 6 weeks.... We’re trying to find out why the seller of our dream house has pulled out.....the git....but the internet isn’t good enough. I even splashed out on 60 minutes of ship wifi but it’s about as useful as Boris Johnson so the whole thing is pretty frustrating!

Ah well, I get to get up at 3am tomorrow so all is back to normal holiday wise! We passed up on the evening meal as we could’t be arsed to get changed and listen to the ship bore again. We are booked in for 8:30 each night and could do with getting some sleep really. The buffet was fine, I’m satiated with good food and all is well.

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