Our last sunset and sunrise and finding our tribe July 19th 2019

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July 19th 2019
Published: July 23rd 2019
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Cruise day 5

Our last sunset and sunrise and finding our tribe July 19th 2019

Claire must have needed some sleep as she slept for over 13 hours and didn’t even set an alarm for ridiculous o’ clock or have a pointy stick. Crazy days.

She woke at 10am and, after a late breakfast we headed up on deck as we were passing Torghatten. This is a small hat-shaped mountain with a hole in it. Our onboard expert told us, over the tannoy, the true story of how trolls made the hole then made up some nonsense about rock erosion. The twerp. The weather is glorious and it was nice hearing tales of rain back home...for the gardens I mean....obvs.

One thing I haven’t mentioned so far is the hand sanitizing. To stop the spread of infection there are globes with hand sanitizer in everywhere-as you join the ship, at the entrance to every restaurant and even by the free tea and coffee station. I’m not much for the smell of the stuff and the frequent announcements, the mentions in the Daily Times and the crew’s prompting get a bit grating but I guess it’s for the right reasons.

We did a few laps of the top deck to get some exercise while the ship approached the Seven Sisters mountain range. There are seven not particularly pronounced peaks across a range and we could see them for a couple of hours before we passed them. The approach had some form or forms of land either side with the mainland on the right and small islands on the left. All pretty stunning!

As we passed round the mountain range the peaks became more distinct and obvious and there were quite a few of us up on deck now. There was commentary on the mountains but I couldn’t hear the ‘real’ story as someone kept blathering in my ear about there being people on the peaks. There were but I’ve seen people before: they’re quite common where I come from.

We cruised some more and we chatted with even more people as I become quite the socialite. One of the speakers was quite fascinated with Claire doing a time lapse video on her Osmo Pocket and gave her his email address so she can send him some to maybe use in future talks. Sadly that video failed but she’ll get it right I’m sure.

As I hadn’t been allowed to have lunch we had afternoon tea instead. The clotted cream wasn’t but the coffee was good so who cares? That was a rhetorical question by the way so please ignore the question mark at the end as I really don’t care what you think when it comes to coffee.

We then headed to the sticky out bit of the boat to marvel at the passing landscape and for Claire to try out another time lapse video. As we cruise down the coast line I can see why people come on cruises although I’m guessing it might be different if it was pouring down. It is most convivial at the moment though.

At 5pm we crossed into the Arctic Circle, denoted by a metally globey type thing on an island. That’s the technical definition by the way, plese feel free to drop it into your own conversations. I never expected to be wearing a t-shirt and a sun hat when I passed into a pretty cold sounding place but that was what happened today.

We stayed at the sticky out bit of the boat for quite a while, socialising with even more people. There are some characters on the boat and I’m actually enjoying talking to them....yes Mum you heard that right....

Quote of the day(overheard):

‘I know nothing about anything really.’

Way to sell yourself short!!

There are quite a few twitchers on board and I’ve been helping them out by identifying whether something is a bird or it isn’t which is pretty much the depth of my knowledge. I’m pretty much the resident ornitholigist and everyone is very complimentary and glad of my help. Maybe...

Tonight is the last night we will see sunset or sunrise for a while and they are due to be only two hours apart. After tonight it will be light all the time until we get back down to this part of the world and we should see some midnight sun. Sunset tonight should be just after 11pm with sunrise at just after 1am. We plan to stay up the whole night!!!

And we did!

We made some new friends and it was Pat who stayed with us to the end which turnd out to be after 2am. We saw some hatbour porpi (that’s the plural of porpoise....or at least it is now), some minke whales, some guillemots, a few puffin and what Pat claims to be a humpback whale. So it was.

The sun sort of dipped below the horizon for a couple of hours but it never went dark at all. The sun was bright and went orange at one point and that stayed up the whole time. The sea was calm and went some lovely colours and we had a good laugh. I hadn’t expected to like let alone speak to anyone on this cruise but, for once, I was wrong.

One lady described it yesterday as ‘finding your tribe’ and our tribe is out on deck at all hours with cameras and binoculars in hand. We haven’t spoken to anyone yet who hasn’t cruised before which is odd but also says something for cruises I guess, especially if our tribe come on them. It’s just whether you can afford them or not!


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