Cruising the fjords to Svalbard

a trip by Glyn Wade
From: July 15th 2019
Until: July 31st 2019

On our first ever proper cruise Claire and I will be staying in the same room (cabin) for the whole of our holiday rather than lugging our gear from hotel to motel to tent. People are worried we'll get bored while I'm kmore worried about what to wear!
Our goal is Svalbard and Pyramiden but there are other stops on the trip so don't think this will just be a case of 'got up, ate breakfast, had a nap etc...'
Wi-fi is extortionate on board so posts will be infrequent. But worth it of course.
Trip Length: 2 weeks
Blog Entries: 15
Photos: 106
Words: 10931

Blog Entries

Date Blog Title Location
July 15th 2019 Out of place on a ship July 15th 2019 Europe » Norway » Western Norway
July 16th 2019 Posh togs and the ship bore July 16th 2019 Europe » Norway » Western Norway
July 18th 2019 A golden tour from Andalsnes and two annoying Maitre Ds July 18th 2019 Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Avaldsnes
July 19th 2019 Our last sunset and sunrise and finding our tribe July 19th 2019 Europe » Norway » Northern Norway
July 20th 2019 Coffee, kedgeree and communicating at sea July 17th 2019 Europe » Norway » Western Norway
July 20th 2019 Deck quoits, whales and the midnight sun cruising in Norway July 20th 2019 Europe » Norway » Northern Norway
July 21st 2019 North Cape exploring, giant crabs and reindeer hearts July 21st 2019 Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Honningsvag
July 22nd 2019 Getting humpbacked out with the ocra gang and our tribe 22nd July 2019 Europe » Norway » Northern Norway
July 23rd 2019 Longyearben and Svalbard July 23rd 2019 Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Longyearbyen
July 24th 2019 Pyramiden, a blue fox, a smurf factory and possibly the best guide in the world July 24th 2019 Europe » Norway » Northern Norway
July 25th 2019 Whales, whales everywhere and British night 25th July 2019 Europe » Norway » Northern Norway
July 26th 2019 Tromso, cable cars, seals, lots of walking and very expensive drinks in a rock bar 26th July 2019 Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø
July 28th 2019 Trollfjord, sunshine, time lapse and sea 27th-28th July 2019 Europe » Norway » Western Norway
July 29th 2019 Stavanger, blagging and lots more traipsing July 29th 2019 Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger
July 31st 2019 Last sea day, a cruise summary and arriving back in blustery Blighty 30th-31st July 2019 Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger
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