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20th September 2022

Taxis are the most likely place to be scammed...
as was I at the Arlanda airport in Sweden.
22nd September 2022

I try and avoid taxis even at home….but they still get me once in a while…
18th September 2022

Cable for Mr Wade........... Cable for Mr Wade
Looked like you were close to the edge for the shot of the cables going downhill Glyn. Not my cup of tea at all, but the view is great.
22nd September 2022

17th January 2022

Mirroring Blogs
Hi @bob - I've decided to ignore the rude comments in Glyn's blogs! My blog is better anyhow!
16th January 2022

seems to have her own TB page...Red Planet Clair! I'm sure she read yours!
16th January 2022

You may have spotted my deliberate mistake :-)
1st August 2019

What a country! Amazing places. Everything looks so neat. I would like to go back sometime.
31st July 2019

I've enjoyed your holiday...
we see cruising much the same way as you do.
19th June 2018

Great pic. I've posted it in "Cathedrals, grand churches, mosques & places of worship" thread in the Photography Forum. Please add title...too good to not do so.
26th November 2017

Random foreign medications
Poor Claire! I have lots of sympathy as I've endured many odd/foul tasting throat lozenges. I think we need to keep an eye out for these free walking tours... they sound interesting. I'm intrigued that neither you nor Claire have mentioned the hordes of cruise shippers... are those coffees really mellowing you out? ;)
28th November 2017

I hadn't noticed the cruisers until a humungous one was pulling in the next morning. What a monstrosity!! The free walking tours are well worth investigating wherever you are. Haven't had a bad one yet.
26th November 2017

I really wish you'd 'tutted' laptop guy! How rude. Pizza and gelato at good prices - what more could anyone need? :)
27th September 2017

Sri Lanka
I enjoyed reading this summary of your Sri Lankan adventures, and completely agree with your assessment of tuk tuk drivers in Colombo and the chaotic airport. Are you continuing your holiday in Turkey? The swab tests are usually used to check explosives residue; we have them at all our domestic airports and even though they are supposed to be random checks, I 'randomly' get picked 100% of the time :)
27th September 2017

Glad you enjoyed them and thanks for reading them. Thanks for your info on the swab tests as well. I guess they have to be very careful these days. We are not continuing in Turkey....I got very ill there so it may be a while before I'm brave enough to go back! We have short trips to Venive and Tromso planned with next year's big holiday probably being Laos and Vietnam.
13th September 2017

SL travel regrets...
We didn't have time to fit the Elephant Transit Home into our plans, and I regret that now - it's the type of organization we like to support. I'm disappointed that you didn't get bamboo stick man to sort out the idiot tourists - sounds like they needed to learn some manners ;)
13th September 2017

Blue Whales!
Looks like luck was on your side with spotting whales out of season. Good to hear that Claire recovered well and wasn't sick for the whole boat trip. Relaxing on holiday... sounds like a good plan to me :)
7th September 2017

Seetha is gorgeous
So amazing that you hung out with an elephant for a while. I wonder why that guy would book a day activity based on elephants, when he doesn't seem that taken with elephants? Although, even though I love elephants, 'hold and sniff elephant poo' isn't something that's high on my travel wish list :)
4th September 2017

Sneaky transit stops
You're the second person I know who did this (just read Claire's blog) :) How lucky that the plane was still in Male and you didn't have to buy another ticket! The Elephant Freedom Project sounds intriguing... Ill have to look it up
4th September 2017

I've decided...
Not to count it as another country visited. Someone else got off as well but only made it to the bottom of the steps before realising. We've had a grand day at the Elephant Freedom Project...I'll write about it later!
9th May 2016

Quite agree with you!
We once had a horrendous encounter with these golfing types when I won a free holiday to the Algarve. They were almost without exception, male groups who'd been allowed to leave their wives at homes for a week. One can only imagine how delighted the "women" as they were called, must have been to let them go. They all wear silly trousers and put a "y" at the end of their names - you'd have been Wadey - and make complete prats of themselves in restaurants, I was ecstatic when the week was over!
9th May 2016

The 'women'....
Their wives are apparently in Fuetarventura or however you spell it....or so they said....but I'm not convinced they're married....

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