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I make no apologies about writing about things that annoy me so if that includes you, meh!
I make no apologies about being somewhat cynical.
I make no apologies about the use of the word peckerhead.
I make no apologies about throwing in an element of humour at peckerheads' expense(s?).

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg May 13th 2019

2:30am Saturday morning. The alarm goes off. I can finally get up and admit that I am having no sleep. I’ll sleep in the car on the way to the airport I think. That didn’t happen. I never thought I’d sleep on the plane and I was right. We’re flying Ryanair, I’m 6’ 3”. It’s not going to happen. I’d have to go a week without sleep to even nap on most planes never mind a Ryanair one with all their announcements about scratch cards (that I’ve never seen anyone buy) etc and the minimalist leg room. Three of us arrive in Hamburg. Dave is joining us by train. Don’t ask. We’re in Hamburg before he has left Manchester. We get off the plane, Suzanne gets on the bus, the doors close. Now there are two ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City September 22nd 2018

Tanzania day 14 Lost in Stone town, my name is Taxi and a summary of Tanzania and Zanzibar Homeward bound today so it’s time for the usual conversations after we’ve visited somewhere. Things like could we/would we live here, would we come back and would our cat Cosmo like it? We wouldn’t live on Zanzibar; the attitude to women is far too oppressive and we like holding hands when we are out and being able to give each other a hug. Simple things but in a sexist society they are things that can get you hurt. The only reason we would come back would be to revisit Cheetah’s Rock or, even better, work there. We have enjoyed it here but seen nothing else that would make us rush back-we still have lots of places to see ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City September 21st 2018

Tanzania day 13 Three adventures in one day including giant tortoises on Changuu, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa. We had a bit of a shock this morning when some hot water came out of the shower. It didn’t last long but we have called the relevant authorities and the Garden Lodge will hopefully be dealt with accordingly. Claire was so disturbed she threw the toilet roll into the toilet. We failed to sleep though to a 7am alarm despite staying up late last night writing about what an exciting day we had yesterday. There was no noise-we have seen no other guests where we are-but we were both awake by 6:30. After breakfast up on the roof, this time even better as they had avacado, it was time for another trip. Today was our rest day and before ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City September 20th 2018

Tanzania day 12 Big cats at Cheetah’s Rock, stroking cheetahs and feeding monkeys. Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa Crikey, day 12 already and we had a lie in planned. No alarms set. See what happens. We both woke up before 6:30. Brilliant. Despite the allure of a hot tap in the shower it was a total deception as we both had cold showers again. There was actually a shower curtain though so we didn’t soak the loo while we were in there. Cue for a song here....join in....there was no mirror in the bathroom.....either so shaving was interesting again but I’ve had a go. Breakfast was on the roof and was the best in Tanzania yet. After my initial fears that all we would get would be eggy bread we haven’t had it since. We then took a ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City September 19th 2018

Tanzania day 11 Sunset in Zanzibar and the happiest drummer in the world Nothing is ever simple for us. When I booked the flights from Dar es Salaam to Kilimanjaro and then from Arusha to Zanazibar I hadn’t known that the Gombe safari company had booked us flights to cover the first leg. I couldn’t get to even cancel just one of our booked flights let alone get any money back so we just thought we’d take the one back down. After we got here I remembered once having a flight cancelled because I hadn’t taken the first part so I contacted the airline. They messaged me saying our second flight had been suspended as we hadn’t taken the first one even though I had told them we wouldn’t be taking it and it wasn’t actually ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha September 18th 2018

Tanzania day 10 Making our own coffee at a cultural tourism project in Arusha, Tanzania, Africa Coffee!!! Today was about coffee!! The world’s finest drink and we were going to learn all about it. I had found a company through Lonely Planet and then through the internet that does coffee tours and so we dicided to stay in Arusha an extra day. I wasn’t exactly sure what a coffee and villages tour entailed but I knew I’d be getting some coffee, meeting local people and giving something back to the community. There are many cultural tourism programmes in Tanzania so Tengeru is just one of them. Each of them have to give at least 65% of their income to the local community so having tourists come is important. We were told today that Tengeru has set ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area September 17th 2018

Tanzania day 9 Ngorongoro completes the Big Five with a live sex show If the Ngorongoro crater was in Stoke they would have filled it in by now and then run out of money and left it as waste ground. Thankfully councils are more forward thinking in Tanzania and this jaw-dropping spectacle is there still. This collapsed volcano should surely be one of the natural wonders of the world just for the amount of animals and species it holds. Most animals here don’t leave because they don’t need to. The cat food has grass and water and the cats have, well, plenty of cat food. We rose at 5am not having had another elephant in the camp...or had our tent flattened by one... Coffee was ready and then breakfast ready for our 6am 6:11. Not ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park September 17th 2018

Tanzania day 8 Serengeti morning safari, invading elephants and a view of Ngorongoro from our tent. Up at 5:15, yay! Still dark and there are still sounds of zebra and hyena. When we went to the toilets just before sleep last night my head torch refelected in a pair of eyes that were at about the right height of a hyena. When we vacate the hut we eat in we have to shut the door to keep the hyenas out. We haven’t seen hyena in the Serengeti. Edyta really wants to see hyenas. First none-catfood thing we see as dawn breaks across the Serengeti, yep hyena. Two of them bounding around. Great start. We got up early as this is when the predators may still be hunting but Bori headed off to a place where there ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park September 15th 2018

Tanzania day 7 Safari so goody in the Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa Have you ever had one of those dreams where you’re camping in the middle of the Serengeti and there are loads of strange animal noises outside your tent. And it’s 4am and you need a wee. And the toilets are quite a walk away and you’ve been told not to go on your own. And then there’s a lion in the toilets. And then Prince Harry turns up at breakfast. ??? No? Well up until the last two parts, that was actually true last night and the last two bits were probably brought on by the stress and pain of needing a wee in this situation. When I finally got to go it was amazing. And then you look round and there’s a herd of ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park September 14th 2018

Tanzania day 6 Sunrise to sunset, threatened by Maasai and big cats in the Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa To the Serengeti today....eventually! Come on guys, get a move on! The sunrise was meh again-see yesterday’s blog-and breakfast was due at 7:30. We met two new companions Mark and Uri (I think) who are from Hungary and tried and tried to upload previous blogs but to not much avail. Homestly, it’s like being on Vodafone it’s that bad! We were told we would be leaving at 9am which is really late for a start but we didn’t get on our way until 9:30. The best time for game viewing means getting there before sunrise as the big cats are still active. Setting off an a really long journey at 9:30 is frustrating as you just want to be ... read more

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