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I make no apologies about writing about things that annoy me so if that includes you, meh!
I make no apologies about being somewhat cynical.
I make no apologies about the use of the word peckerhead.
I make no apologies about throwing in an element of humour at peckerheads' expense(s?).

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger July 31st 2019

Cruise day 16 & 17 Last sea day, a cruise summary and arriving back in blustery Blighty 30th-31st July 2019 Breakfast and then walk a mile. Deck 7 is 1/5 of a mile in perimeter so we plodded circuits round there. The front end is a bit windy today and it was a bit of a challenge to battle through the headwinds. Sitting out on deck after was a bit chillier than recently but then we were heading down the North Sea. The Neptune Lounge is where the talks are and where people fall asleep as it’s so warm in there. We haven’t been in there since the second day, partly due to the falling alseep problem and partly because there have been better things to do. At 11am today though, the executive chef of the ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger July 29th 2019

Cruise day 15 Stavanger, blagging and lots more traipsing July 29th 2019 Today was our final stop off of the cruise as we visited one of the most expensive cities in the world, Stavanger. First mission was to walk to a huge monument which has three 10 metre swords symbolising the unification of Norway. The temperature was hot, very hot, but I had a silly hat on and it took us just over an hour of walking to get there. There were some HUGE houses on the way, most of wooden construction somewhat reminiscent of San Francisco. The monument was impressive, the cost of the bus back not so. Just over a 10 minute ride for over £5.50 each. Then I had a very small tub of frozen yohgurt which said it was just under £2....until ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway July 28th 2019

Cruise day 13 & 14 Trollfjord, sunshine, time lapse and sea 27th-28th July 2019 The day began with the ship going into Trollfjord which is a stunning sight and we navigated slowly into it (no doubt with a pilot steering, not the so-called captain!). Apparently only Fred Olsen ships are allowed in there now and apparently even the glorious weather was courtesy of Fred too. The fjord is a dead end so the ship had to turn with the help of two tenders circling to make sure the depth was okay. It was quite a manoeuvre in a comparatively small space. It gave us more time to take in the amazing views as we craned our necks to take in the cliffs soaring above us. Birds flew past for those that are that way inclined, a ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø July 26th 2019

Cruise day 12 Tromso, cable cars, seals, lots of walking and very expensive drinks in a rock bar 26th July 2019 Over £15 for a beer and a coke!! Okay so the rock bar was pretty cool with dishes named after the Ramones, The Clash, Motorhead and Dead Kennedys for example, but I’m glad Claire had offered to pay! There were posters of many great bands as well as framed records etc but the music they were playing was dreadful!! I have no idea what it was but if I ever hear it again it will be too soon. Prior to that we had done some walking around Tromso. The time before that we came here it was Winter so everywhere was covered in snow. This time the sun has been out and Claire is glad ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway July 25th 2019

Cruise day 11 Whales, whales everywhere and British night 25th July 2019 With no alarm set we still made it in time for breakfast and were joined by Andy and Mo. I really am surprised how many super people there are on this cruise so honourable mentions also to Richard, Sonya, Cathy, Pat, Clive, Veronica, Trevor and the Orca gang. There are more but, sorry, I don’t know your names! Our tribe are great and have really helped make the cruise so special. Today has been a sea day as we head to Tromso and we have seen many whales and, the highlight, a dolphin leaping compeletely out of the water. I’ve seen a fin whale, a blue whale and many humpback whales so it’s been pretty special. We haven’t always sat or stood outside as ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway July 24th 2019

Cruise day 10 Pyramiden, a blue fox, a smurf factory and possibly the best guide in the world July 24th 2019 Today we saw the most northernmost piano and drum kit in the world, the latter of which Robert Plant had a bash on just three weeks ago. And they weren’t the highlights of the day! Imagine a day that good that the most northernmost piano and drum kits aren’t the highlights....go on....try.... You can’t can you? Exactly. So, after breakfast our tour gathered in the Neptune Lounge before being shepherded downstairs to our tender. The weather was warm (for here!) but it was quite nippy on the boat so I went mad and zipped my coat up. Crazy days. Not too far away was Pyramiden, named after the pyramid shaped mountain behind it. It was ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Longyearbyen July 23rd 2019

Cruise day 9 Longyearben and Svalbard July 23rd 2019 It’s been a long wait but today we finally set foot on Svalbard which is as far north as you can go without being on an expedition. The town of Longyearben is the northernmost permanent settlement with over 1000 residents on the planet. We’ve been waiting a while and spent some money to get here! We had booked a private tour to get the most out of our day and were a bit worried when the guy we had been in contact with told us he had left the company. We were going ashore earlier than anticipated so Claire messaged him and luckily got a reply giving us our guide’s name. The shuttlebus into town took ages to set off and just a few minutes to arrive ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway July 22nd 2019

Cruise day 8 Getting humpbacked out with the ocra gang and our tribe 22nd July 2019 The plan was to get up early but when you don’t set an alarm there’s always a chance that you will oversleep. And we did. Luckily one of the restaurants carries on doing breakfast until late although it’s only a buffet one so you can’t order kedgeree for example. There was plenty of smoked salmon though so it’s all good. The rest of the day has pretty much been spent whale watching and mostly outside. The weather, not surprisingly, has got colder and a bit rainy at times but we have seen lots of whales. Two pods of humpbacks have gone past, maybe a minke, as well as some fin whales with a distant blow possibly being a blue whale. ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Honningsvag July 21st 2019

Cruise day 7 North Cape exploring, giant crabs and reindeer hearts July 21st 2019 We ventured ashore again today as we had arrived in Honnigsvag. There had been a few Fred Olsen tours but none we really fancied. Claire had looked on Tripadvisor and found a company called Blue Puffin which sounded like something more our style....and they had good reviews. After breakfast we got off the ship and had a wander until our guide turned up. It turned out there were only four of us and we were in a minibus which was great and so much better than a big coach. This meant we could stop when we want to get photos and go to more places as well, giving it more of a personal touch. We got lots of information on life here ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway July 20th 2019

Cruise day 6 Deck quoits, whales and the midnight sun cruising in Norway July 20th 2019 After staying up until after 2:30am we had a bit of a lie-in this morning and I even passed up on a late breakfast, opting for an early lunch instead. Prior to that we sat out in the sun (I had my hat on Mum) writing blogs and enjoying the views. We are still sailing down the fjords so we have views on both sides. Later.... It’s strange how you do very little all day but are never bored and are left wondering how you would ever fit in attending the dinner service. Suddenly two hours out of your day seems like such a waste, particularly when the food is good at the buffet anyway. And you get coffee. We ... read more

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