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I make no apologies about writing about things that annoy me so if that includes you, meh!
I make no apologies about being somewhat cynical.
I make no apologies about the use of the word peckerhead.
I make no apologies about throwing in an element of humour at peckerheads' expense(s?).

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District September 23rd 2022

Day 14 Georgia. Fri 23rd Sep Calling the cops and chronicles on our last day in Georgia Another late start on our last day here as, AGAIN, we didn’t set alarms. We walked down to Meidan Square to order a Bolt as it’s a bit of a maze where our guesthouse is. Who should we see on the square but our rip-off taxi driver from the other day. He pretended not to remember us but Claire was straight in there, soon accompanied by me. He used the usual excuses then offered to take us somewhere for free, then offered to take us to the airport for free tomorrow, then offered us 50 lari back…. He had rippped us off for about 130 lari and obviously knew he was in the wrong. Claire went to call the ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District September 22nd 2022

Day 13 Georgia. Thurs 22nd Sep A cable car, a Bolt and the Georgian Banksy in Georgia We have done our last trip so no alarms today!! I was awake for 8:30 but Claire managed to sleep for about an hour longer. This must be what it’s like for other people who do ‘normal’ holidays….??? I just felt lazy to be honest. The rest didn’t last long though. We were soon walking up (of course ‘up’) to the Holy Trinity cathedral which is the best religious place we have visited here. Lots of clunkers walking really slowly towards it as usual just to ruin your photos but I guess having a couple of clunkers in shot gives some scale to the size of the building. With a walkway reminiscent of the Taj Mahal leading up to ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi September 21st 2022

Day 12 Georgia. Weds 21st Sep Dressing up for nuns in Soviet Chiatura, Georgia Today’s trip was supposed to be yesterday and then tomorrow and was now today. After not getting home until nearly midnight last night (and then still having to upload blogs), the important thing was an early start today. So 7am it was. Off to our usual office of Gamarjoba tours (the best) booked through Get Your Guide. Today’s guide has been Sally who has been great, full of excitement with interestings stories and always willing to listen and join in conversations. Our fellow travellers were a Dutch couple who have perfect English of course. Conversation was good and, as usual, we told the truth about our cruel and evil government. We do like to spread the truth but people abroad are sensible ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Vardzia September 20th 2022

Day 11 Georgia. Tuesday 20th Sep Caves, stealing from monks and spring water in Georgia Back to normality today and a 7am alarm. I forgot to mention yesterday how crazy things were on our holiday day in that we didn’t even set an alarm! Imagine being on holiday and not setting an alarm….crazy right? Today we set off to meet at a metro station where some really good progress had been made on the area outside. Someone waving an orange flag directed us to the office again but there was no free tea or coffee today. After the obligatory group photo we did get given a free bottle of water. Oh and the trip is again booked with Get Your Guide. They whatsapped me last night to ask us to swap our last two trips around ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District September 19th 2022

Day 10 Georgia. Monday 19th Sep Getting ripped off on our day off There’s usually something that goes wrong on our holidays whether it be delayed flights, luggage going missing, me getting ill, being overcharged….simething. We had no trips booked today so Claire declared it a national holiday, for the two of us anyway. I was promised some relaxation time so this really was a special day! The first plan was to visit the ethnographic museum which is a bit out of town. We’d been to something similar in Romania and enjoyed it. Getting a bus involved getting another travel card and putting enough money on it for each of us for a bus, then working out the bus and where to get off…. It looked a bit complicated so it seemed worth it to pay ... read more

Asia » Armenia » North » Alaverdi September 18th 2022

Day 9 Georgia and Armenia. Sunday 18th Sept. All churched out in Armenia I can’t remember why I ended up booking a private tour for today’s trip to Armenia, maybe it wasn’t much more expensive than a group tour, maybe only a private tour was available or maybe I just couldn’t be bothered to mix with other people every day. Who knows! Either way Irakli, our guide for the day, was on time this morning and we were soon heading to the border. We passed some washing powder shops on the way where Armenians stock up as it is so much cheaper here. We also heard stories of mixing between Georgians, Armenians and Azerbijanis. Apparently the latter not drinking is a problem…..and their not eating pork….. Not sure how he’s going to take to having a ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Northern Georgia September 17th 2022

Day 8 Georgia. Saturday 17th Sept. Mountains and Rivers and a Smelly Pool. Another lie-in till 7 today. I’d say Claire is spoiling me but I booked all the trips!! Best move on eh. We met our guide Gorba and our driver at Europe Square as well as our fellow travellers for the day; a Pole, an English, a Russian and an Indian guy who has lived in Uk but now lives in Berlin. Multicultural or what! Our ride for the day was a 4x4 Mitsubishi and definitely the coolest car at every stop we have made. Gorba has regaled us with interesting stories and facts all day and has been really good. Our driver has been somwhere between Too Fast Too Furious and Mr Sedate from yesterday. I haven’t prayed but it’s been on my ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Kakheti September 16th 2022

Day 7 Georgia. Friday 16th Sept. Going off road with bats and monks in Georgia A veritable lie in until 7am this morning but I was still awake before the alarm went off. We then wandered down to Europe Square to meet our guide and driver for the day. An 8-seater normal-looking car was waiting for us and we were going off-road so I presumed we were changing to another vehicle later. But no, the car has been adapted and so the six intrepid tourists piled in. Today we were joined by a German couple, a chap from Italy and a chappess from Switzerland. There are lots of solo travellers here which reflects how safe the country is. We headed off out of Tiblisi and stopped after a while, at 9am, for our last toilet stop ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi September 15th 2022

Day 6 Georgia. Thursday 15th Sept Death-defying canyon and caves trip in Georgia Our second trip of the holiday was booked via Viator. Departure time was 7am so we allowed ourselves a hefty 5 1/2 hours sleep to prepare. Claire’s snoring had woken me in the night and I woke up to see her balancing her pillow on her head. She cannot explain why and was back on top of he pillow by this morning. I have contacted the circus and asked if they need a pillow-balancer but haven’t had a reply as yet. The walk to our meeting point this morning wasn’t as far as yesterday but Google maps took me up some steps that I hadn’t needed to climb so Claire was happy. The contrast between yesterday’s trip and yesterday is chalk and cheese. ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Mtskheta September 14th 2022

Day 5 Georgia. Wednesday 14th Sept. Getting out and about in Georgia for the first time. When we go on holiday we usually travel around and don’t stay in one place, but this time is different . Our base remains in Tiblisi while I have booked a few day trips so we can get out and see more things. Today was the first of those trips and I booked it through Doing so many things would be really difficult using public transport, particularly fitting all the below in in one day. Plus you wouldn’t learn as much. We set alarms for the first time on this trip and headed to our meeting point which was a metro station only one steep hill away. Oh and an underpass as Claire was worrying I wouldn’t be climbing ... read more

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