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Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province » Borovets June 23rd 2018

Bulgaria day 8: Homeward bound, more urban exploring and a summary Last day and a few hours to kill so we decide to go for a walk around Borovets....well there are a few pokestops and Pokegyms to take as well. Our watches are also screaming at us to do more exercise as well. We did manage to do some more urban exploring but the one building we walked into (there was no door!) looked like it had someone living there despite its dilapidated state. They could either afford ski boots or had acquired them but we didn’t stay long enough to find out. We returned the key to a box near reception in the main building but I refused to even look at the receptionist after previous experiences there. Claire managed the drive back to the ... read more

Bulgaria day 7: Mountains, lakes, thunder and lightning So today was to be our day on the narrow gauge railway but we thought about spending 10 hours (a return trip) on a train going through scenery we’ve already seen....and photographed...and changed our minds. Instead we went back to the Rila Lakes idea as Claire found somewhere nearer to get to them rather than the two hour drive it looked like before. Instead we drove for less than an hour, a lot of it uphill and arrived at a car park which cost us £2.50. A little further on we paid for another trip upwards as we were to take a ski lift. Nearly forgot....on the way Pokemon Go helped us to discover something that was not signposted anywhere or mentioned in either of our guidebooks. Half ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Blagoevgrad Province » Belitsa June 21st 2018

Bulgaria day 6: A whistlestop tour with bears Neve let it be said that we are not adaptable....or we change our decide... Last night we left it too late to go to bed early for the 4am start we had planned so this morning we, wait for it, had a lie in! No alarms at all! Well we did climb a mountain yesterday so come on, give us a bit of leeway. The plan for today had been to go to a bear park and take a trip on the narrow gauge railway. Both could be close (depending on what station we board at) to each other but both are over a two hour drive. We looked at other things to do that didn’t include climbing another mountain and they are all hours away so ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province » Borovets June 20th 2018

Bulgaria day 5: Climb every mountain but don’t make hay too Yes, after walking 13 miles round Sofia yesterday we deserved a rest so we lay in until 7am! Crazy I know but, as the first cable car didn’t go until 8:30, we thought we’d go nuts. So after breakfast we headed to the gondola station. Having made some booboos on previous climbs this time we were determined to be prepared. So we had shorts and long trousers, coats, sun cream, hats and umbrellas. We even had water as well as two packs of Refreshers and a packet of Cherry Drops. We were ready for anything.....although I have to admit to being a tad envious of those that had made sandwiches.... The cable car was £6 each return, took 25 minutes and took us up just ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia June 19th 2018

Bulgaria day 4: Sofia, graffiti, a cemetery and a lost car park Today I got shouted at. I have no idea what they said. Maybe they were angy at England’s victory in the World Cup last night... But more of that anon. It keeps you reading and gives you something to look forward to. We had originally planned to visit Plovdiv and just do half a day in Sofia before we fly but, again, some idiot has stuck a mountain between us and Plovdiv so we went for the closer option. Plovdiv had also sounded more appealing but Claire found some things ‘off the beaten track’ in Sofia that sounded interesting so we headed there. We found somewhere to park by a Metro station where it was Park and Ride....and then we walked. It’s only 34 ... read more

Bulgaria Day 3: Thunder in the mountains, pyramids and monks The weather forecast said there would be nothing but thunderstorms from 10am right through the night. Quite a lot like being at home then and very like the weather we encounter on our holidays. Ce’st la vie and all that. We were going out in the car and had a bit of a drive so maybe the weather would be better.... Rila Monastery is not too far away as the crow flies but I’m not a crow and some numpty has stuck a mountain between us and our desination. I don’t know how long it took driving the long way round but it felt like forever. The roads aren’t too bad here but can be very bendy so it takes longer than you’d think to get ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia Province » Borovets June 17th 2018

Bulgaria day 1-2 Four grumps, thunder, urban exploring and bodily functions Day one wasn’t actually spent in Bulgaria but I always like to mention the getting to the airport and then the inevitable delays getting to our destination country. We managed the appalling roadworks on the M6 without too much trouble....THREE years and counting....but a wrong turn later on saw me having to drive over a bridge that my satnav didn’t know existed. And it cost me £2! Which I had to pay online when we got to the airport. At John Lennon airport we parked on the Imagine car park which fills you with wonderful imagery from the song. The grotty shed on an industrial estate left all of that to the imagination. The best and quickest security checks ever has encouraged us to fly ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø February 18th 2018

Tromso day 3img=,UserTileSmall/MeControlMediumUserTile?ck=1&ex=24&fofoff=1... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø February 17th 2018

Free salmon. A shop giving out free samples of smoked salmon. And cheese. And fruit. My favourite shop in the whole world. Tesco take note! The alarm went off at 7 so pretty much a lie-in for us on holiday. We had a tour booked for 10am and we wanted to take a leisurely walk into town. The view from our room is stunning looking over the lake with snowy mountains all around as well. Walking also gives you the chance to take in more about the local way of life and check out things like houses and stuff. What's good here is despite the snow and ice, things still keep going. Back home we only need one snowflake to fall and the schools are shut, cars are abandoned and anyone who can get their car ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Tromsø February 16th 2018

Getting to Norway and our first sighting of the Aurora Borealis One problem with charging for luggage on flights is that you try and wear as much as possible so you can minimise or eliminate the number of bags you have to pay for. If you're going somewhere cold this results in almost passing out as you swelter neath hot clothing in hot airports. I have snow boots on, thermal trousers and a thermal fleece. I think I've sweated off a few pounds already but sadly this feels like it's landed in my boots and I may end up with trenchfoot by the end of the day. Worth it to save £40 for an extra bag though! We are currently delayed at Oslo airport but only by 25 minutes (so far.....) which is pretty good for ... read more

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