Posh togs and the ship bore July 16th 2019

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July 16th 2019
Published: July 20th 2019
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Cruise day 2

Posh togs and the ship bore July 16th 2019

Despite being warned that the clocks were going forward an hour we expected our Apple watches and iPhones to do their usual thing. But there’s no internet....so no automatic updating....so we walked through the lounge where we were due to see the talk on our first destination, Andalsnes and everyone was already there....over an hour early... Aah. Quick breakfast (really good!) and we sneaked back into the talk which by now was standing room only. Luckily we hadn’t missed much.

Our devices are now the right time.

Next up was a talk on Ice: Frozen Landscapes and Polar Seas where we sat at the front as Claire had left her glasses in the cabin. It was a bit warm in there and the speaker wasn’t exactly rousing but it was full of intersting stuff that I’ve forgotten already.

Next to the gym for some time on a cross trainer before it was time for lunch. With some more super food including some seafood that my Dad would cross oceans for it was another cracking meal. You could order from the menu or use the buffet which is a nice way to do things.

After over 30 minutes reading and blogging in our new favourite spot it was back to the lounge for a talk on the Northern Lights. Still very warm in there ond lots of people were nodding off despite the talk being very good and interesting.

Until our evening meal we spent a lot of time.....gulp....relaxing.... We’re not quite sure we did it right but we sat on deck, read books, wrote blogs and people watched. That’s relaxing right?

Obviously we went for walks round the ship as well but generally I think we can safely say that we relaxed. On one of our trips we met some whale watchers who had seen four minke whales today (not Wales eh Mr Thicky Trump) and some harbour porpoises. They invited us to join them and told us it would be really good when we get close to Svalbard. This was our first real conversation with another passenger. I’m not sure we have anything in common with anyone else on board!

This part is called: Dressing for Dinner.

Formal evenings. Black tie. Ladies may like to look elegant in cocktail dresses.

Or, as Claire put it ‘getting dressed up just so they’ll give me my dinner.’

I mean does anyone seriously enjoy or feel even slighly comfortable in ridiculous clothes trying not to spill soup down yourself? I had a tie on but most men had dickie bows which shows you who we’re dealing with here. What level of stupidity is all this nonsense? I only have one suit so eating had to be done incredibly carefully despite the discomfort of wearing a tie.

And what extra did we get for putting ourselves through this? Four fancy chocolates... between us... They were very nice but flippin eck.

You do not have to go to the black tie dinner but you do if you want the full five course experience as the alternative is a buffet. I like the food in the restaurant and have already had one buffet today so posh togs it was. Only two more to go.....

The couple who didn’t speak last night had enough Cava inside them (we overheard them telling the waiter) to not only speak to each other but even laugh tonight. And they were all done in time to make it to the quiz so all is good until the hangovers.

On the next table is a chap and two couples. He is the sort with an opinion on everything but who knows nothing and wants everyone to hear it....and we did.... Claire offered to punch him and suggested maybe asking to move tables but hopefully it was just the red wine (again, he told the waiter) making him louder tonight. Thankfully we aren’t sat at a table with him as I think we would have abandoned ship by now!

Part of the reason people dress up is for the Meet the Captain experience where you can actually have your picture taken with him! Imagine! You can’t shake hands though due to the strict hygiene rules but imagine having your picture with THE captain!! I’d be the envy of...erm....no-one...

After dinner we rushed back to our cabin to get our uncomfortable clothes off and see what excitement is in store for us tomorrow. The good news is it’s not black tie again!!


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