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Europe » Denmark » Region Sj√¶lland July 11th 2009

The conductor woke me in Sweden. I was the last guy on board!! He was like were here! Oh man i was still drunk!! Ok i said here we go. Got my things surprisinly didnt even forget anything and looked around for my American buddy. I got off the train and I couldnt see him at first. Put my stuff down and there he was wandering around not knowing what was going on. I yelled at him hey wheres your stuff. He was like HEY oh shit I dont know. Im out of it. HAHAAHa he said he was dreaming as he was walking around and was talking to a friend from back home. Somehow I got him out of it and he grabbed his stuff off the train. He came back and was like THANK ... read more
out of er

Europe » Germany July 10th 2009

Woke up to make breakfast in Berlin at around 9am. It was a bright shining beautiful day and I was hoping for better luck today. Not the longest sleep in the world but I had to check out at 10 am just like all the other places. They always need to get in there to clean or whatever. First I had a shower which was quite nice. Everyone else was sleeping in the room. There was actually another guy below me who must have come in pretty darn late after me. Got downstairs in good time and the buffet looked amazing. All kinds of food around. It was somewhat simple but lavish by continental standards!!! There was Croissants, 2 kinds of cheese and two different kinds of meats, coffee, tea, fruit and cakes and things. I ... read more
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Europe » Czech Republic July 9th 2009

Woke up in the morning and there was someone moving above me!!!! I looked around and all my stuff was on the floor in front of me. When the hell did this happen. I must have been long passed out. HAHAHa i felt pretty bad she had to get my stuff off the bed before she could even sleep! It was around 9ish packed up my stuff to be in time for the 10am check out. If you didnt check out on time they had this written threat that you had to sign that said you had to pay for two days or something crazy like that if you didnt check out on time. I had a BIG city to see in just one day and I wasnt planning on staying another night! Said goodbye to ... read more
sidewalk how wicked is that
city line
beggining of bridge

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 8th 2009

Two months officially. Wow doesnt feel like its been that long at all. This past month has FLOWn by. Especially in Denmark working away. That was probably the best experience for me so far. 15 Countries. Not bad at all. Woke up a bit early suprisingly fresh by the hordes of other people around. My train was due in at 640 so I had to make sure I was prepared for the worst like last time. Again no info on the board about Prague. OR Praha they call it. No one around either to ask about this. SO I went around and eventually found someone. The told me yes its track 2A but I had no idea where that was. The sign didnt say Praha on it when I did find it. Turns out it was ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb July 7th 2009

Woke up suddenly and it was 830!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa i totally missed that alarm at 515am. Didnt even hear it at all. OH well i slept in a bit more and planned to catch the next train at 230. The girl guides had even got up and out of the room. The Swiss guys must have been out hella late because I didnt see them untill the morning passed out of it. Got up and took my time knowing that the train wasnt untill 230. I had to be out of the hostel at 10 though and it was getting pretty close to that now. The guys finally got up and said they were staying another night. I was like ahhh hopefully thats ok I stay here for a bit longer. They were like ohhhhh yah im ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 6th 2009

Woke up in my seat kind of sore and tired!! Try sitting in a seat for 12 hours and tell me what ya think. Very warm in Hungary.There was one other guy who was Hungarian in my cabin who spoke a bit of English. I asked him about the Baths and where to get internet. He told me a few things about Hungary which was pretty helpful.He told me about the mall where I could get 100% wireless he said. That was a good sign. There was a lady checking tickets as you left the station as well??? Kinda odd. I did some research on Budapest on the train with not much else to do and nowhere to plug the old laptop in as well. Second class cruiser. There is almost never a plug in a ... read more
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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 5th 2009

Woke up in the morning and everyone was bouncing around making noise! They all wanted to be up two hours before we got off the train for some damn reasonl. I rolled over and tried to keep sleeping. It never really worked that well. Finally got up and got organized and trying to remember street names so it would be easy to find my way around Munich. I didnt really get too far with this whole thing but I had the book handy to refresh the memory. Got out of the station and guessed which way to go cause it said go East and I had no indication of east without my handy compass!!!! Anyways I got lucky this time and picked the right way. Figured this out sooner or later and made my way into ... read more
satans church

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 4th 2009

Woke up on the train.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 4th 2009

Ahhh the hangy wasnt soooo bad today!! Slept in till 830ish and the first thing i thought about was my stomach. I was ready for breakfast for sure. I think the buffet would be well worth it today. Especially at a third the price!! One thing I didnt even realize was that we were in a different time zone in Finland. We were an hour ahead of schedule that way, in my mind anyways!! I got myself dressed while all the others were still sleeping, Even Mr Russian who had been sleeping his lazy ass all night!! Got to the buffet and it was packed as expected. I actually found a window seat amazingly enough put my stuff down and grabbed some coffee. Mikko was planning on showing up sooner or later so I saved him ... read more
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Europe » Finland July 3rd 2009

Woke up in the morning suprisingly fresh. Got into the station and had no idea of where to go or what to do. I looked at the schedule and I could have taken a train in 10 mins back to the lakes but I wasnt interested after 13 hrs. I wanted to explore the city. Got out on the road and tried to locate where exactly I was so I could make my way to some of the sights. Couldnt figure it out at all!! No one was out either. Things were open which was convient though. I kept walking straight down what I thought was a main road which I could not pronounce!! One thing that stood out was the architecture was AMAZING. Almost every building was different and unique. Sculptures everywhere as well.Got to ... read more
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