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Europe » Finland July 2nd 2009

Got to Ulemea in the morning and it was something of a rude awakening. The conductor guy didnt speak any english at all but he i knew what he was trying to say. Get the hell up your getting off. I think it was around 730am. Got off and wanted to try and find a connection to Finland. Nothing was quite open yet though. Went to the bus station close to the train station thankfully. They had a few buses to Finland but I had to go to Kemi and switch if I wanted to go farther north to Rovaneimi. It didnt leave for another 40 mins so I went around town to find something for breakfast. Nothing was open at all. It was depressing felt like I was constantly battling the opening hours of shops ... read more
train station

Europe » Norway July 1st 2009

CANADA DAY!!! July 1st Got into Trondeheim and it was a beautiful morning around 7am. Checked out the board schedule and decided to take the next train east to Ostersund. I had an hour and a bit to explore. Took my bag with me not really enough time to lock it up. Went over the bridge through the harbour. Found out some history about the town. Turns out that this was Norways old capital city with Olav Tryggvasson coming here around 997 AD. Holly crap thats awhile ago. This was a special place for Norway. All of the kings and queens were crowned here at Nidaros Cathedral. Old Olav became a saint after his death. They dug him up for some reason and his hair and nails kept growing after his death. That was enough for ... read more
speed skater

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland June 30th 2009

Woke up around 7ish in the morning with the sun and wintnessed all the specatcular snow capped mountains, and lovely streams running down from them. The lot of them hooligans were now asleep. One of them even had an open can of beer in his hand for when he woke up!! I had a serious build up of wax in the morning and my ears were even hurting a small bit from the pressure in the tunnels maybe. I started getting into adventure mode now preparing myself for the stop and what I was gonna get up to. Got to the stop and hopped out with all my bags. I think I was the last one off actually. Everyone wants to be first....i have time to relax. Got out and decided to book my next train ... read more
streets of brygen

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland June 29th 2009

Last Day in Danmark!!!!! Woke up and decided I was way too tired to make it with Benny. Said goodbye to him and gave him a big hug. Svetlana would be able to drive me abit later on anyways. Svetlana had more of those pankcakes made for me in the morning. Finished up my packing and decided to donate my travel towel to the red cross. Sorry Raj!!! haha traded it for a real towel that they had spare. I also donated the straw hat not really being able to carry the massive thing around with me. Svetlana was on the phone with her family sounding like something was really wrong and saying oh no oh no. Very bad news. Her sister had skin cancer and was not willing to go to the hospital for treatment. ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland June 27th 2009

Woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 815. Svetlana was already up and running making pancakes for the army. We wanted to leave as early as possible Problem was that Vadim and Maria didnt wake up that early on vacation. They finally got up around 930 and had some breakfast. We were all in the car driving out the driveway at 945 which wasnt that bad. Had to get gas on the way down south. Took the bridge over the water leaving Sjealand behind. Got to the park around 1230 after one pit stop for a quick pee and so Benny could fill up the old pipe. WOW simply amazing how big this park was. We got to the gates and it was kinda expensive i think it was 200 for all of us Canadian. ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland June 26th 2009

RIP MICHEAL JACKSON! Woke up this morning and was greeted by Svetlana quietly working away doing chores and organizing things as she alawys likes to keep busy. I asked her if she was interested in going for a bike ride today to get some exercise and some sun as well. She was totally interested being the active aunt she is. We decided to ride to Skaelskor and check out the town before this Hounfest that I was gonna be going to with Renee and Heidi later on that night. Just a small tiny town, it errupts with energy during this weekend with booze crazed kids everywhere. Sounds like fun to me. Had my coffee and breakfast. It was only around 10 and she had to be back for work around 5 oclock. I went out and ... read more
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Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland June 25th 2009

Yeeehaaaaaaa first day to sleep my ass in. And that I did. Slept in till 950, just before Svetlana was about to wake me up. She got off work around 6 or 7 and had a meeting in Korsor so she was gonna drive me to the station which was really nice. Otherwise it was one hell of a long walk!!! She made a bit of breaky too cause the kids were here too Vadim and Maria, so she could hit two birds with one stone. But they werent about to be getting up anytime soon. They got the privilige of stealing the bed upstairs, while Benny and Svetlana took the camper outside! I was more than willing to give up my prime spot but they wouldnt budge!! I was really getting used to the whole ... read more
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Red light district

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland June 23rd 2009

Last day of work today!!! Yeha although it was a great experience I was ready to enjoy the rest of my time in Denmark. I think I made around 1200 and had a computer paid for. Today we were gonna be going to Bennies own job in the morning. Made the lunch and off we went. A bit later then he wanted to but it was ok. We got to the warehouse in Korsor which turned out to be a handicap exercise machine manufacutre. Kind of interesting. They had Benny doing all sorts of different jobs. Today we were gonna be putting up two walls for them to test machines on. They had to meet some standard in America so they had to do a bunch experimenting. They needed two different kinds of walls wood and ... read more
coffee anyone
John love

Europe » Denmark » Region Sjælland June 22nd 2009

Early to work no rest for the wicked. Back at er again. One day off thats enough. All ya need really. Ha. Tough getting up even for Benny today. He says to me I need a vacation. haha. We had to pack the van up again and get ready for this week last night so we were prepared. Made the lunch again and Benny had the coffee going. We were a couple mins behind schedule when we finally left. Got there and no worries Neils was still sitting in the van. But we started pretty much when we got there. Back on the roof to finsh up the sidding, from the existing sidding on the outside wall. Jacob wasnt there today. He was helping on another job putting in a stairwell or something. It went well ... read more
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Svetlana Insisted
Benny did his hair even

MISSING June 22nd 2009

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