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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Chester May 13th 2009

Well i never made it to Carnarefon. Maybe Simons tardiness is wearing off on me, hopefully not! HAHHA today I stayed in while the guys left first. I wanted to do some writing and call the OVARY!!! That i did and i kinda fucked up because it was still hella early but Mikey answered and he loves getting up early anyways hahaha (dont ya mikey). So talked with him for a bit which was nice, caught up to speed which didnt take too long! Had some cereal because i couldn't do another grease breaky. Then i headed down to the train station and got myself a ticket to Chester. The train wasn't due for like 20 mins so i went off exploring, not wasting a minute of my precious time. Found a nice art gallery in ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Liverpool May 13th 2009

Well i must say i lucked out in meeting Simon. Its gonna ruin coach surfing for me cause no one is gonna be able to compare!!! Anyway... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Liverpool May 12th 2009

Well another beauty day in England I must give this country good luck or something cause i was expecting rain! Today i woke up on the floor sore and tired!!! I gave stu the blow up bed last night cause the poor bastard had been sleeping in a field on the Isle of Man for 3 months!!! Might have forgot to put that in haha what a character. He did smell a bit foul just cause i dont think he has washed his clothes once since he left...ugh! Anyway we woke up hella late around 12 and then went for another greasy breaky only this time we had to walk cause Simon was getting his car fixed and it was a two seater anyway. After that huge breaky Stu and I headed down to Liverpool again ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cheshire » Wirral May 11th 2009

Another beautiful day =) I slept on Simons wonderful ready bed which is like a blow up with a sleeping bag attached. Woke up and chilled for a bit while Simon woke up, checked my email and what not. Then it was a big deal to get in a huge greasy breakfast so off we went. We needed to find a parking spot on a hill becuase of his starter motor. It was kinda funny took a couple extra mins but ha no worries. Walked over to this tiny cafe and ordered breakfast, and breakfast was breakfast eh no choices or nothing it was small med or large. Simon got the small which was kind of disappointing but nevertheless i ordered the large!!. The only real surprise on the plate was something called black pudding which ... read more
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Today started just grand. Woke up around 10am and had a long ass shower. Nice showers but only thing was that my roomie the African lad from Nigeria also wanted a shower at the same time which gave me like no water pressure but i wasnt complaining. HA i guess i am now but its crazy cause it was only two of us and there were like 8 showers oh well. So i got up and had some tea and toast cause that was the only thing free in the whole place haha. I spent sometime on the net looking up Coronation st to try and visit and some emailing. My plan today was to watch the match which was actually a Derby pronounced darby with the two nice ladies from the night before (Claire and ... read more
dickhead hooligan
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire May 9th 2009

WEll I cant believe... read more

Well I have my plane ticket purchased. I will be leaving on May 8th from Vancouver BC, to Manchester England arriving at 730am on May9th. Ahhh Air Transat im gonna have to get drunk to forget what airline im on yaaaaa for duty free booooze. hahaha i have my first night in Manchester booked as well at Hatters Hostel so should be fun United is playing City so hopefully i can check that out if i find a cheap ticket hahahaha i have no chance. Gotta get all my insurance and shots taken care of and buy another ticket so i can get through customs in Britain otherwise they will send my ass back to Canada....oh yah and global free loaders is a wicked site i have talked to a couple ppl in Blackpool and Edinburough ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Victoria February 16th 2009

Well I have decided to start off in Europe before the tourist mayhem begins!! Plus the weather should be getting better and better. My only concern is when to go to India and Aussie and New Zealand!!!... read more

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