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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai November 23rd 2009

Well i got up a little late and sat on the computer awhile. My plan was to get the first or second train but that came to an end after the computers gaze got the best of me.... read more
sitting at the back enjoying the countryside
monks view
3rd class baby

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Chanthaburi November 22nd 2009

Well here you go guys.... i know ur gonna love this!... read more
lazy bugger
herdding look out
look at those claws

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Chanthaburi November 22nd 2009

Well it was a stupid early wake up call this morning but i managed to get up!... read more
Full beer bottle being thrown
Bangkok Marathon
boat ride

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 21st 2009

Ahhh i slept with ear plugs last night. Good choice!... read more
tuk tuk map
crazy curry

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 19th 2009

Well woke up from my haze just in time to reach my free breaky @ around 945. Good thing i didnt miss the slop hahaha. It wasnt the best breakfast i had but i guess i paid for it already so why not!... read more
Khao San
my laundry from the street

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ryogoku November 18th 2009

Well it certainly was a dark and early start at just after 445 am. I hope its worth it. Last chance right might as well make it happen. SO as quiet as i could be i sent off into the dark. Trouble was i didnt have a key so i had to leave it unlocked. Hopefully they dont get pissed at me. When gay ppl get mad its not pretty haha. ... read more
Empty subway millions sleeping still
gas station with no pumps
Auction @ 530am

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku November 17th 2009

Ahhh well the bed was amazing. Better than a hotel and waaaaaaaaaay better than anything i could afford! I woke up and headed upstairs and they had french toast for me with maple syrup and everything. fist the pics so i can keep up with the drinking... read more
Shinjuku park tower
Tokyo Metropolitan Gcvt Building
aww school kids

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ueno November 16th 2009

Woke up bright and early when Kyoko woke up to go to work around 8am. Had some of my chilled coffee and read the Tokyo eyewitness book Kyoko gave me to use for the day. She also gave me keys to the house so I could pick my stuff up from her place without having to wait for her to get off work. That was pretty nice of and trusting of her. Delia was on her way to some place on the outskirts of Tokyo and said she had to kick us all out. She was walking to the train station I needed to get to later so that was just fine with me. On the way to the station we talked about how cool it was 3 different ppl from 3 different places were hanging ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa November 15th 2009

Well it wasnt a bad sleep for my first time in a Capsule. Someone woke up at around 7am which was kind of annoying but other than that it was wicked. I actually got up around 930ish getting as much sleep as I could handle. I wasnt sure when check out was but i was pretty sure it was around 10. Got up and packed all my stuff up and charged my camera battery for my adventure. I didnt have an itenerary or anything but I had a bunch of ideas for what to do. The lady came up just after 10 and said time to check outttttt. Ha i dont think too many ppl were staying at the hotel that night so she had to busy herself somehow. After i packed up I put all ... read more
Flute jamming
Asakusa market

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