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North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Downtown February 12th 2020

Arrived in Los Angeles today! We left our NYC hotel at around 8:30am and headed to the subway. My only complaint about the subway is that there aren’t any elevators, which would totally be fine except that it was extremely difficult to get our now very heavy suitcases down the very narrow and steep stairs. But we made it, and spent the next hour on two trains to get to JFK. Check in and bag drop were super easy and quick, and we had about an hour to kill around the airport until our flight. We were the last boarding group to be called, and even then the line was ridiculously long, so we decided to wait until it was shorter and be the last people on the plane, which is a very different experience to ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 7th 2020

Well, our last day in NYC ended up being a little late to the punch. We forgot to set alarms last night and accidentally slept in until midday (it’s these damn hotel curtains, they block out so much light!) but we left at 1pm, I promise!! Across the street from the hotel is Subway, and Adam was craving some beyond meat so we headed there straight away. While he got his food (I wasn’t hungry yet, and food here is so expensive I didn’t want to waste money when I didn’t need it- again, not stingy!), I planned out the day. Last night we actually did decided to go to the Empire State Building today, but when we left the hotel we discovered that all of the tall buildings were covered in fog from the waist ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 7th 2020

Began our day today at Fresh from Hell- a tiny, hole in the wall health food cafe in Hell’s Kitchen. Adam got an açai bowl and I got vegetable soup and half a brie & pear sandwich, and we felt MUCH better after today’s lunch than yesterday’s. We then strolled through Central Park (AGAIN, it’s so hard to resist this place) and explored the east side of the park this time, until we got to The Met! Now, I’ll admit, my main motivation for going to The Met was to take a picture on the steps outside just like in Gossip Girl (I watched it when I was about 16, okay, don’t judge me), but when we got there curiosity got the better of us, so we bought tickets. And I’m really glad we did! It’s ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 7th 2020

Started off the day with an early lunch at “must-try” USA fast food chain Shake Shack! It was probably the nicest fast food I’ve ever had, but it was still fast food, so not the classiest. Shoutout to the man who took my order for spelling my name as Luissy, provided a lot of entertainment during our lunch! Our first stop for the day was the Flatiron building. It was a bit of a walk, but we passed Madison Square Garden and Penn Station along the way, so it was cool to tick them off the list. The flatiron building is really cool, an architectural phenomena, and it was really interesting to look at. Would probably have been better without all the scaffolding but what can ya do! We sat in Madison Square Park for a ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Brooklyn February 4th 2020

Today we were out for 11 consecutive hours. That is the longest day out we’ve had this whole trip without coming home for a little stop! Which to be honest is a little embarrassing but let’s move past that. The original plan was to spend the whole day over in Brooklyn, because we were watching the Nets vs Suns game at night, however Adam pointed out to me that whilst Brooklyn is cool, he didn’t think we’d find enough to do to take up the whole day. But before I get to that, breakfast. We went to a Fresh & Co (or something along those lines) for our first meal of the day, and it was kind of like a subway but also had prepackaged sandwiches and salads if you didn’t want to create your own. ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 4th 2020

Had a nicely packed day today! Not too many different activities but everything took quite a while to complete. We started off with some health, getting an egg white and vegetable breakfast wrap on our way to the American Museum of Natural History. First of all, what a beautiful building. Second of all, what an amazing museum!! We spent two hours in there, I think that’s the longest either of us have ever spent in a museum let alone enjoyed every part of it. We saw all the animals from different regions, Asian history, African history, South American history, the space centre, the dinosaurs (which were my personal favourite) and read all about the debate happening on whether or not the statue out the front of the museum should be destroyed or not. It has a ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 3rd 2020

Had a mostly shopping day today! We figured we’d wait until the weekdays to do all the touristy things because we thought they might be busier on the weekends (might be flawed logic but oh well) but we managed to get in quite a few things. Obviously we headed to Macy’s first. It’s so much bigger than I thought! I had been told it was massive, but I was definitely not expecting to get lost a few times. While huge and overwhelming, and the stock they have is unbelievable, we didn’t really buy much. Which I was a little disappointed about because I desperately need new clothes, but no matter. On the very top level we saw the Santaland display but being February it wasn’t in operation, so I’ll just have to come back at Christmas ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 1st 2020

Had an awesome day today! Or really, the second part was awesome, and the first bit was a little stressful. I’ll start with the first bit. So, we’ve noticed that when we get to the airports at the recommended time we sit around for ages and ages not doing anything, so today we decided to get to the airport only an hour and a half before the flight (realising on the way that it’s technically international so in hindsight maybe two hours would have been better). We got the train from Union Station, the third biggest station in North America (according to the CN Tower guide) but it was super confusing. The station for the airport is different and therefore has different ticketing, and without realising this we bought tickets from the regular area before following ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto February 1st 2020

Actually not too much to report for our last day in Toronto. We were busy all day, but for some reason there just isn’t much detail! We started off the day with some healthy brown rice and vegetable bowls for brunch, and I think I could physically feel my body healing itself and cleansing me of all the toxins consumed in the past few weeks (although I think it will take a little more than one bowl of vegetables). We then headed to get Adam’s hair cut, and while I waited I got another maple cold brew and walked around the centre. It took a WHILE. I had to text him a few times to make sure they hadn’t kidnapped him or something. Eventually he came out, and we headed to the Hockey Hall of Fame. ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 30th 2020

Another relaxing day in Toronto. I bet you’re sick of hearing that! We went to an all-day breakfast cafe for brunch called Sunset Grill, a brekkie chain across Canada. Adam got a Greek omelette (just for you, Mum) and I got bacon pancakes (just for you, Grandpa). One thing I’ve noticed about Canada is that everything is so cheap for SO MUCH FOOD! The bacon pancakes was $11CAD (so $15AUD) and it came with bacon, pancakes, eggs, potatoes, and coffee. That is so much for $15, I couldn’t even eat it all! We then went to find Adam a good barbershop because his hair is getting a bit long. He was only interested in one place, that did some NBA player’s hair, so we headed there and unfortunately it was closed. We’ll go tomorrow. We then ... read more

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