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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland July 8th 2018

Headed off to Peebles today, finally the reason for the trip! The whole family is staying at Peebles Hydro hotel for the weekend to celebrate Trudi’s grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, with a big dinner party on Saturday night. Because of this dinner party we’ve had to bring some nice clothes, but after hearing what everyone else was wearing we weren’t sure if we’d be underdressed. So this morning we headed out to John Lewis to find Bec a new dress (trudi and I decided to just wear what we’d brought). We found one that was perfect for her, and then hurried home so we could be out of the air bnb by the right time. To tell this next part I need to backtrack to Sunday when we checked in. The host had asked us what ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland July 6th 2018

Today we (me and T, B and T, and J and K) ventured out of Edinburgh to Linlithgow to see Trudi’s paternal grandparents. It was only a 20 minute train trip (another tiny detail about the UK that I would love to have in Australia- they put tables on the four seater sections on their trains! It’s a tiny detail but think about how many games of poker you could play with a table on the train). Linlithgow was lovely. We were met at the station by Trudi’s grandparents, Aunty and cousins, and then went for a long walk around Linlithgow Loch. It was nice to hear about the town’s history, like the fact that because the mascot is a black dog everyone born in Linlithgow is known as a Black Bitch. Not too classy, but ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland July 6th 2018

Had a big day today to make up for yesterday afternoon! Although we only left the house at 11:30am, had to let everyone recover. Trudi and I headed straight to Princes street to do some shopping, mainly for Trudi to find some togs for the weekend party in Peebles. We then went to Edinburgh Castle where we spent about an hour and a half, mainly looking at the prisons. It was really cool to see where they kept all the prisoners, and they actually had pretty good living conditions as far as prisons in the 1700s go. They had a toilet in their cell, and got a pint of beer every day with their dinner. They were also given 6 pence allowance a day, sounds like an alright life for a criminal! We had to have ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland July 6th 2018

Had a big but relaxing day today! We went to the elephant house (all lower case intended) for breakfast, the cafe where J.K. Rowling spent a lot of time writing Harry Potter. The cafe itself was cute but everything else was a bit sub-par. I chose the cheapest thing on the menu (Scottish pancakes, which was $11) and when it arrived it was literally two small thin pancakes slapped on a plate with maple syrup drizzled no where near it. I regretted getting food at all but I shrugged it off- that is until we were leaving and I looked into the kitchen on the way out. The “chefs” were opening packets of thin, stacked pancakes and chucking them in the microwave! But what can you do. At least the coffee wasn’t burnt. After that Trudi ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands » Glencoe July 4th 2018

Today we went on a 12 hour Loch Ness and the Highlands tour! The tour was set to be from 8am-8pm, the longest bus day tour in Europe, but we ended up arriving back in Edinburgh at 9:30pm. Among other places, we visited Ben Nevis, Glen Coe, Fort Augustus (where we hung out with the Loch Ness monster) and Fort William. We travelled 600km, but it didn’t feel like it because we had a hilarious tour guide (one thing I’ve noticed about Scottish people is they’ve all got the best sense of humour). Here’s a few things we learnt from him- 1- The kilt is called a kilt because the last person who called it a skirt was killed 2- it’s fine to put a bit of water in your whiskey, but under no circumstances should ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland July 2nd 2018

Another very relaxing day, the first day in Edinburgh! We headed off at 9am and walked around for a while, and eventually hit a shopping centre called Cameron Tull (very similar to Toombul shopping centre). We went to Sainsbury’s to pick up some groceries for the Airbnb we’ll be staying at for the week, just some extra stuff on top of all the bags of food Trudi’s mum has been kind enough to order online for us (Thanks Rach!). I still can’t believe they sell alcohol in the supermarkets so I went to have a look in that aisle, and found a bottle of Sainsbury’s vodka for about $17- I couldn’t resist. Standing in line for the checkout I felt like the most unsophisticated person- everyone around me was buying organic pastas and fresh meats etc ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 1st 2018

Had a very relaxed last day in London. Trude and I went out to breakfast with Bec and Taylor to a cute little place called Haberdashery, where my smashed avo on toast came with a shot glass full of carrot juice. I had a chai latte as well which came with a small pot of honey on the side, which I’ve never experienced before. After breakfast we went to a bookshop, where I picked up a cute souvenir book called “Very British Problems”. It basically is full of mini-dilemmas that apparently most British people experience, such as “when you realise you’re walking at the same pace as a stranger and thus hurling yourself into the nearest shop window”, and other situations like that. On the way home we kept an eye out for celebrities, as apparently ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London June 30th 2018

Slept in again today but this time it was accidental. Trudi and I left the house at around 10:30 but we still managed to fit in a lot of sights and a lot of walking! We caught the tube to Embankment station and from there went across the Thames and walked for ages to Shakespeare’s Globe. Unfortunately we got there at 12:30 and tours finished at 12, so the only way we could have gotten in was to go see Hamlet at 2pm. I love Shakespeare, but I don’t think I could actually sit through an entire one of his plays. Plus we didn’t want to waste the day waiting so we decided to just check out the gift shop and then continue on with our day. From the Globe we walked all the way down ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London June 29th 2018

Slept in a little bit this morning as our plan for the day was to go to the Camden Markets, which opened at 10am. We got there at around 11 and I was blown away- it’s the cutest and most interesting, not to mention the biggest, market I have ever been in. It took us about two hours to get through it all (and we’re pretty sure we missed some of it) and in that time we bought some fudge, souvenirs, and “Real-Life fruit earrings”. These are earrings made out of dehydrated fruit dipped in glue or acrylic or something to coat it. I got Orange, and Trudi and Bec both got Kiwi Fruit and Blood Orange. For lunch we stepped out of the Markets to find a traditional English pub, and the closest on Google ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Highgate June 28th 2018

Had a big shopping day today! By big I mean we went into many, many stores but didn’t actually end up buying much. I’m a bit hesitant to buy anything that I could find in Australia, considering it would probably be a lot cheaper back home. We left the house at 9am and headed straight to Regent Street once we got off the tube. Immediately we found an adorable tea shop, with the most incredible flavours. Their hot chocolate section was super interesting, with flavours like “Blueberry Cheesecake White Hot Chocolate” and “Key Lime Pie Hot Chocolate”. Trudi ended up getting a Mumbai Spice white hot choc powder and I walked away with just a plain white hot choc power. We stopped into Zara (where I did actually buy a top), Anthropologie, Liberty, Boots, Urban Outfitters, ... read more

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