Day 27- The Met and The Cookie Dough

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February 7th 2020
Published: February 7th 2020
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Began our day today at Fresh from Hell- a tiny, hole in the wall health food cafe in Hell’s Kitchen. Adam got an açai bowl and I got vegetable soup and half a brie & pear sandwich, and we felt MUCH better after today’s lunch than yesterday’s.

We then strolled through Central Park (AGAIN, it’s so hard to resist this place) and explored the east side of the park this time, until we got to The Met! Now, I’ll admit, my main motivation for going to The Met was to take a picture on the steps outside just like in Gossip Girl (I watched it when I was about 16, okay, don’t judge me), but when we got there curiosity got the better of us, so we bought tickets.

And I’m really glad we did! It’s full of beautiful galleries. I enjoyed all of them, and we stayed the longest in the Greek and Roman statue areas, but my favourite was the modern galleries (that were mostly Picasso and Braque, but plenty of other wonderful artists!). We also saw some original Fabergé eggs, which immediately brought me back to my childhood watching Anastasia with Mama (the early version).

We stayed for an hour or so and then left to explore the rest of the Upper East Side. It’s so much cleaner than the rest of New York which was very refreshing. We went to Starbucks to calculate our next move, and we decided to get the subway down to lower Manhattan. There’s a store that serves edible cookie dough in the same way that gelato places serve ice cream (comes in a cone, cup or takeaway tub), and ever since it opened I have been dying to go there. My friend and I would always talk about how amazing this place must be, and when we were younger we said if we ever went to New York we’d definitely try it. So, before this trip I made a promise to her that we’d go, so off we went.

And it was bad!!! It wasn’t good at all! I was so disappointed, and Adam was too because I’d talked it up so much. We sat in Washington Square Park and ate as much as we could bare, but ultimately it just wasn’t for us.

At this point it was about 5pm, and we weren’t sure exactly what to do next, until we gazed into the sky and saw the Empire State Building off in the distance. Of course!! The Empire State Building!! It was a long walk towards it, and when we got there we found out it was $70aud to go up. Now, neither of us are particularly stingy, but we were a bit thrown off by the CN Tower being such a let down for the price, so we decided to sleep on it.

We somehow wound up back at Macy’s where we got some little bits and bobs, and then went out for an early dinner. We were back home by 8pm, and asleep by 10 (I’m sure it’s no surprise to everyone that I’m writing this a few days after it happened, my apologies). Only one more day left in New York, then onto our last city for the trip!


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