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North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan April 17th 2022

I was up early again and headed out to another spot I like in Brooklyn for some more pictures back towards Lower Manhattan, where there are the remains of an old wooden pier in the foreground. It is obviously a popular spot as there were some other photographers there with me. I headed back to the hotel and, unlike after the earlier visit to Brooklyn, the trains were still quiet. It is Easter Sunday and it seems to be the one day (that I know of at least - I've not been here for Thanksgiving or Christmas) that "the city that never sleeps" partially sleeps. The Easter Sunday highlight is the Easter Bonnet Parade from St Patrick's Cathedral. We were not completely sure to expect as parade to us is a line of themed floats moving ... read more
Easter Dog
Marching Band
Lower Manhattan

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan April 16th 2022

I was, again, awake extremely early, but I couldn't face heading anywhere too far away, so I just popped out to the nearby Times Square for some early morning photographs . It's surprisingly difficult to get decent pictures of, given how bright the screens are. I gave it up as a bad job once I had been asked for money once too many times. Given the time in the morning, it was surprisingly busy. My daughter is a Starbucks fan so we went there for coffees and then (sadly) to McDonalds for some breakfast. The lady supervising the seating area was not impressed when we tried to get past with our Starbucks coffees. We then walked along Park Lane to look around some shops, including a browse in Tiffany's (I was justifiably concerned) and the very ... read more
Apple Store
Tiffany & Co.

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan April 15th 2022

Despite being exhausted from our late arrival, I was awake very, very early, due to still being five hours ahead on UK time. Furthermore, we like to sleep with the window open for some fresh air, which was a mistake due to New Yorkers' obsession with using their car horns - even in the early hours of the morning. I decided to get up and head to a place in Brooklyn called Dumbo, which is an area between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. The name is apparently short for "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass". It is one of my favourite photography locations for early morning (or evening) pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge and the skyline of Lower Manhattan. Whilst inhibited by the lack of sleep, I needed to get my head around the complicated train ... read more
New York Subway
Welcome to Brooklyn
Brooklyn Bridge

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan July 30th 2021

Check out my prior blog entryfor more information my decision to resume limited and cautious travel, and why we chose New York. We planned to spend only 2.5 days at our destination because we weren't comfortable leaving our elderly cat alone for too long. Looking at hotel prices, I found a surprisingly reasonable rate at the Holiday Inn near Wall Street. The hotels that cater to business travelers must really be hurting with business travel not trending upwards anytime soon. Since we were staying in Lower Manhattan, we decided to focus our activities in that area. For the entirety of our trip, we never ventured north of 31st St except in transit to and from LaGuardia Airport. My first pandemic flight was a little nerve wracking. We flew via Charlotte both ways, and we paid a ... read more
Rooftop Bar

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan July 28th 2021

La regla general es que, después de 10 años en la ciudad, se le considera oficialmente neoyorquino. Personalmente, me consideraba a mí mismo de una manera antes de ese período de tiempo (y todavía lo hago a pesar de que ya no vivo allí). Sé que puede parecer una tontería, pero cuando me mudé al distrito financiero de Nueva York, la ciudad y yo tuvimos un vínculo instantáneo. Hay mucho que amar en Nueva York, sin contar las ratas, los olores y el costo. Pero, sinceramente, ¡todo lo demás es fantástico! Pasé nueve de mis 11 años en la ciudad que nunca duerme viviendo en el Distrito Financiero, o Fidi, como se llama estos días. Yo era un residente de este vecindario cuando no muchos querían serlo. Avance rápido nueve años, ahora es una de las ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan April 17th 2020

For those of you who must travel right now, it must be a daunting experience. Fortunately, planes are not full, airports nearly empty, and most of the people you encounter are wearing a mask. I could foresee problems with rental cars, luggage carts, airline armrests, and sick travel related staff and other travelers. How many times have you traveled with somebody coughing and sneezing on the entire length of the flight? And your rental car could be a incubator for the virus, and myriad other things. So, what can you do, besides cancel or postpone your trip? First, I would wear a MASK!!!! Second, change your clothes often. I am guilty of wearing a light jacket several times before washing. Thank goodness for warmer weather. Third, some eyewear is also recommended. This could be reading glasses, ... read more
Dangerous rental car
Poop aid

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 16th 2020

Our trip to NYC in February was a quick long weekend and we were on the move the entire time. I am pretty sure we had walked 40 miles or more of the city that weekend. There is just so much to see! Sunday morning we wanted to go south so we took the subway at Penn Station down to lower Manhattan, coming out of the Franklin Street Station in the Tribeca neighborhood. From there we walked south. We walked through Tribeca to Battery Park City, and spent time just taking in the 9/11 Memorial. I feel as if a part of me stayed there. I feel the fragility of our world and I know it makes me more aware of the surroundings of the world we live in today. Freedom isn't free. We must always ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 7th 2020

Started off the day with an early lunch at “must-try” USA fast food chain Shake Shack! It was probably the nicest fast food I’ve ever had, but it was still fast food, so not the classiest. Shoutout to the man who took my order for spelling my name as Luissy, provided a lot of entertainment during our lunch! Our first stop for the day was the Flatiron building. It was a bit of a walk, but we passed Madison Square Garden and Penn Station along the way, so it was cool to tick them off the list. The flatiron building is really cool, an architectural phenomena, and it was really interesting to look at. Would probably have been better without all the scaffolding but what can ya do! We sat in Madison Square Park for a ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 7th 2020

Began our day today at Fresh from Hell- a tiny, hole in the wall health food cafe in Hell’s Kitchen. Adam got an açai bowl and I got vegetable soup and half a brie & pear sandwich, and we felt MUCH better after today’s lunch than yesterday’s. We then strolled through Central Park (AGAIN, it’s so hard to resist this place) and explored the east side of the park this time, until we got to The Met! Now, I’ll admit, my main motivation for going to The Met was to take a picture on the steps outside just like in Gossip Girl (I watched it when I was about 16, okay, don’t judge me), but when we got there curiosity got the better of us, so we bought tickets. And I’m really glad we did! It’s ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan February 7th 2020

Well, our last day in NYC ended up being a little late to the punch. We forgot to set alarms last night and accidentally slept in until midday (it’s these damn hotel curtains, they block out so much light!) but we left at 1pm, I promise!! Across the street from the hotel is Subway, and Adam was craving some beyond meat so we headed there straight away. While he got his food (I wasn’t hungry yet, and food here is so expensive I didn’t want to waste money when I didn’t need it- again, not stingy!), I planned out the day. Last night we actually did decided to go to the Empire State Building today, but when we left the hotel we discovered that all of the tall buildings were covered in fog from the waist ... read more

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