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February 1st 2020
Published: February 1st 2020
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Actually not too much to report for our last day in Toronto. We were busy all day, but for some reason there just isn’t much detail!

We started off the day with some healthy brown rice and vegetable bowls for brunch, and I think I could physically feel my body healing itself and cleansing me of all the toxins consumed in the past few weeks (although I think it will take a little more than one bowl of vegetables).

We then headed to get Adam’s hair cut, and while I waited I got another maple cold brew and walked around the centre. It took a WHILE. I had to text him a few times to make sure they hadn’t kidnapped him or something. Eventually he came out, and we headed to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

And honestly, I think I’m quite falling for the NHL! I’ve never been super into sports, I’ll watch the tennis and the state of origin etc but I’ve never had a signature sport that I follow religiously (like Adam with basketball). But I really enjoy watching ice hockey!! The amount of skill it must take to play hockey WHILST ice skating? Incredible. I mean, I would never actually play it myself (I would like to keep my teeth, thank you very much). But I’m quite happy that other people play it. The hall of fame was cool, even if it was mostly just a Wayne Gretzky shrine. We stayed for a while, but eventually had to go back to the apartments to get some washing done.

We spent the afternoon washing, drying, washing and drying until finally going back out for dinner at 8pm. Speaking of Wayne Gretzky, we actually went out to his restaurant for dinner! No idea why a hockey player decided to start up a restaurant, but they served little hockey sticks in all the cocktails so I am not complaining. After dinner we headed home to pack and sleep for an early wake up.

Since it’s my last Canada post, and there wasn’t terribly much to write about today, I’ve made a list of things that I noticed/liked about this wonderful country.

1. Almost every single restaurant/cafe we visited served Beyond Meat (meat made from plants instead of animals) which has made it super easy for Adam to continue his vegetarian diet whilst still enjoying burgers etc
2. I constantly saw people giving cash or food to the homeless. It’s really nice to see, instead of in other cities where everyone just walks straight past and ignores them.
3. A woman in a coffee shop got up from her seat to go to the bathroom and asked a stranger at another table to watch her stuff. And he said OF COURSE. How did she know he wasn’t going to steal it? How did he immediately say yes without a second thought? The rumours are true, Canadians are just so nice.
4. If you do that awkward “oops-which-way-are-you-going-dance” with a stranger when you’re about to bump into them, they laugh! Instead of scowling like I’ve seen in other places! I love it!
5. Canada Dry (ginger ale) is the best soft drink in the entire world and you can’t change my mind
6. One thing I don’t like is that because they speak both English and French, both translations are on literally everything, which just makes things hard to read. Even rice packets. Especially knowing some French (I won’t claim to be fluent, but I was able to navigate my way through France without a translator, just sayin’), I kept mixing the sentences together and getting confused. Just pick a language, I don’t care if it’s not English, but please pick ONE. ONLY.

I’m sure there’s plenty more interesting things I noticed about the Canadian public but I just can’t think of them right now. I’ll tell you all in person if I think of any.

All in all, I have loved our time in Canada. It’s a beautiful country with wonderful people and a vibrant culture. And the exchange rate is good. Tomorrow we’re headed to New York for a full week- absolutely cannot wait.


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