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January 30th 2020
Published: January 30th 2020
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Another relaxing day in Toronto. I bet you’re sick of hearing that! We went to an all-day breakfast cafe for brunch called Sunset Grill, a brekkie chain across Canada. Adam got a Greek omelette (just for you, Mum) and I got bacon pancakes (just for you, Grandpa). One thing I’ve noticed about Canada is that everything is so cheap for SO MUCH FOOD! The bacon pancakes was $11CAD (so $15AUD) and it came with bacon, pancakes, eggs, potatoes, and coffee. That is so much for $15, I couldn’t even eat it all!

We then went to find Adam a good barbershop because his hair is getting a bit long. He was only interested in one place, that did some NBA player’s hair, so we headed there and unfortunately it was closed. We’ll go tomorrow.

We then walked around for a while (again, I bet you’re sick of hearing that) and found a nice park area around the court house. There was a really interesting statue outside, it was of the Scales of Justice and held a lion on one end and a lamb on the other, yet both sides were weighed equal. It reads “Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination”. We stood there for a while and thought about it, and then continued on. Or, before we continued on, a man came up to us and asked what we thought.
“So,” he said, “do you think it’s true?”
“Well,” I said, “I think that’s definitely how it should be”
“Yeah,” he said, “but do you think it’s true?”
“I think”, said Adam, “that it should be custom in every city, and it’s fair, but I don’t think it’s true for every city”.

The man then winked and told us to have a good day. I can only assume that’s a good sign?

We eventually found ourselves across town and headed into a mall, where we found a cinema. We looked at the board just to see what was on, and Knives Out (which we’d been wanting to see for a while) was about to start, so we got tickets. Actually, we (accidentally) got VIP tickets, so when we got up to the theatre there was a nice bar and restaurant there for us too. We waited at the bar for a while to order some wine, but the line was just way too long so we decided we could do without the alcohol.

And what a great movie!!! It was brilliant, and we kept bringing up different points of the plot all afternoon. Although, I’m not a fan of Daniel Craig’s southern accent. Am I the only one? I couldn’t tell if he was British trying to be Southern or the other way round. Maybe I just don’t know what I southern accent really sounds like, but I thought it was not too great. Anyway, after the movie we trekked back to the apartment. I’d love to say it was a beautiful walk, but Toronto has decreased back down to the negatives so we were mostly just rugged up and shuffling.

We had some Canadian beers at home watching TV and then headed out for dinner at 8pm. We didn’t stay out for too long though, it was super cold tonight. Despite being super cold I did get some ice cream at a place called Sweet Jesus. Like I said, everywhere has ridiculously interesting names. Tomorrow is our last full day in Toronto, so I think we’re going to head to bed early (ish) so that we can make the most of our last day in Canada before heading back to the USA. See ya!


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