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North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 14th 2019

Well here we are! Anne-Sophie (my nutrition student peer) and I are in Toronto Pearson Airport for a layover, awaiting our overnight flight to Brussels. I'm not sure the whole experience has struck me as tangible and real yet. I hardly slept last night in anticipation. I had to call in reinforcements for what I am tilting The Great Packing Crisis of 2019. I have a sinking feeling that I am forgetting something, and that I will discover it at the most inopportune time. This is my first overseas travel experience and I am unimaginably excited and anxious, in the best and worst ways. My stomach has been practicing gymnastics at my expense in anticipation for the travel and the culture shock. I am sure that after these next three months have passed I will reflect ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 7th 2019

Our flight from Lisbon to Toronto yesterday was happily uneventful: no delays, no hassle, no turbulence! The flights take a northerly trajectory across the Arctic Circle, hence the relatively short flying time of seven and a half hours. Since Toronto is five hours behind Portugal (six hours behind Spain) we landed just an hour and a half after departure from Lisbon. I watched two good films to pass the time, Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Bornand then enjoyed watching the sun setting as we flew down towards Toronto on a SW heading, from our seats on the right-hand side of the plane. High above Lake Ontario, we were spellbound by the beauty of vibrant slashes of orange, gold and red, set against an almost translucent blue heaven, whilst below us lie ... read more
Decided against a trip out to Toronto Islands on this lovely old vessel; it was still only 6 degrees mid-morning!!!
Down by the harbour on a misty Tuesday morning. CN tower in the background.
Saint Lawrence Market

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto February 19th 2019

Toronto – A Multicultural Treasure, Canada February 2019 Welcome to Toronto, the most multiculturally diverse city on the planet, where more than 180 languages are spoken on a daily basis. A popular adage describes the city as "New York City run by the Swiss," and it's true—you can find world-class theater, underground tunnels, shopping and restaurants, the sidewalks are clean and the people are friendly. It's estimated that over half of Toronto's residents were born outside Canada and despite its complex makeup, Torontonians generally get along extremely well. When the weather is fine, Toronto is a blast: a vibrant, big-time city abuzz with activity. Some of the world's finest restaurants are found here, alongside happening bars and clubs and eclectic festivals. Yes, winter in Toronto can be a real drag, with things getting messy on ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto February 2nd 2019

Long filled day catching up on work and organizing the family for our departure. Said our goodbyes to the baby, Cleo that is, and took a final trip to Boston Pizza to visit Julia at work before we left. Going to miss her :) We arrived safely at the airport, had a quick check-in but realized once thru security that I had Sean's phone in my bag. OMG, panic set in.... knew it was too good to be true. Kids waited for me as I returned to the departures and hoped Sean didn't drive too far before he realized he didn't have his phone. Thankfully, he was there waiting, hoping I too had made the discovery! Reunited again, and I got another quick goodbye :) (Lucky me) before setting off to the gate again. Well, almost ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 1st 2018

Those of you, like me, who like to take the train once in a while, should be pleased to hear about this: From The Points Guy: Amtrak’s Great Dome Car will soon be back on the track. The already amazing views of Amtrak’s rail routes are just getting better. This fall, Amtrak is temporarily bringing back its 1955 Great Dome Car. Its top deck is enveloped by windows that peel up to the roof of the car for an airy, scenic ride that’s perfect for viewing the season’s change. The car will only run on certain routes between August 11 through November 2, so if you plan to travel on Amtrak to one of the destinations it will be attached to, you might want to snag a seat on the upper deck of the car. Keep ... read more
Vistadome on the way to Machu
Amtrak dome car

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 22nd 2018

At the airport checked in with no problems. I do a bit of shuffling with her luggage as we were 10 pounds over. Do you or take you to Iceland and still one and a half he goes over but he let us go through anyway. So I ended up checking his carry-on because it was too heavy and we are off to our Nexus gates. Security was not busy at all. We can undergo the ferry lounge where we may have indulged in one too OK three or four glasses of wine. Had. Rice with butter chicken not bad :) We sat and watched the planes come in, gave thanks for the life we have, our children, family and grandchild and wished we could have brought Mazu. Ok we miss him a little already! The ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 2nd 2018

„...I got your smile, that‘s all that matters“ Kanada: Das lang erwartete Grande Finale dieser Reise. Nach Sommer, Sonne, Strand und Lebenslust wartete Toronto darauf entdeckt zu werden. In meinem Kopf spielte sich einiges ab, zwischen Wolkenkratzern, hektischem Stadtleben, Fastfood-Großketten, Straßenmärkten und Kultur-Events. Doch wie schon so oft wurde ich überrascht; es folgten sehr entspannte, glühend heiße Sommertage - am Strand! - quasi eine Fortsetzung meines Kapitels in Mexico. Nur diesmal auf Englisch.Gute kanadische Musik zu diesem Blog: Xavier Rudd und Hey Rosetta! Zum Einstieg ein kleiner Schwank aus Downtown Toronto: Ich war in einem kleinen Vintage Shop auf der Qu... read more
Mary's Nachbarschaft in Toronto
Toronto's Skyline
Toronto Downtown

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 28th 2018

It finally appears that I am taking a long awaited trans Canadian rail trip. The rail portion of this trip begins in Toronto, and ends three nights later in Vancouver, BC. I flew yesterday to Toronto from home to start the trip slightly late. Sixteen hours, to be accurate. Yes, originally 10 pm last night, but now 230pm Wednesday. On the back end in Vancouver, I will get there at 2am, stay the night, then fly back home on Sunday. VIA Rail Canada was established in 1977. The basic route we are taking is Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Jasper, Kamloops, and finally, Vancouver. The distance is 4466 kilometers (2775 miles), 4 nights, and 3 days. I shall be housed in a "Sleeper Plus" berth for one person. Meals are included. There is a bon voyage champagne ... read more
The rear observation car
Night lights on the VIA
Winnipeg at dusk

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 28th 2018

Meal time on the train has never been more than mostly average. After all, the food is basically loaded onto the train already cooked, and heated prior to serving. Usually, the best meal is a steak or a hamburger. It was even worse on the Trans Siberian Railway, where the meals are simply awful, and food has not been refrigerated!!!! So, this trip on the VIA Canadian is, by all indications, a step up. A BIG step up, according to these food bloggers. I will wait and give you a better report when I get to Vancouver. Here goes on the bloggers: From Food Guy Montreal: In short: the food was excellent. I don’t know many trains, buses, boats, or airplanes where you can get duck confit eggs benedict for brunch, shrimps and scallops with a ... read more
The bar
Some of the food

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 23rd 2018

Just about every blog I have read about this trip says that VIA is NOT Amtrak. Thank goodness. I took my last long distance Amtrak journey last January, the Coast Starlight, from San Diego to Seattle. Why is VIA different? Most bloggers say that the staff is happy to be there, or at least, really good at faking it, right Elaine? They are friendly, just as if you are in Canada! But on the downside, the Canadian share track with freight and guess who gets priority? Just like Amtrak, freight comes first, after all, it pays the baggage, so to speak. Some delays have been up to ten hours, which I find difficult to believe or endure. But it is reasonable to gain a little time back, since some VIA Canadian stops are rather long. If ... read more
My seat, in a single room
Lounge car at rear of train
Small but comfy bed

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