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February 12th 2020
Published: February 12th 2020
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Arrived in Los Angeles today! We left our NYC hotel at around 8:30am and headed to the subway. My only complaint about the subway is that there aren’t any elevators, which would totally be fine except that it was extremely difficult to get our now very heavy suitcases down the very narrow and steep stairs. But we made it, and spent the next hour on two trains to get to JFK. Check in and bag drop were super easy and quick, and we had about an hour to kill around the airport until our flight.

We were the last boarding group to be called, and even then the line was ridiculously long, so we decided to wait until it was shorter and be the last people on the plane, which is a very different experience to normal! We didn’t need to squeeze past people or get up to do the seat shuffle, it was great. The flight was about 6 hours long, and we had a very smooth transition from plane to baggage claim to Uber. The taxi/Uber process at LAX is really interesting, you have to get a shuttle bus (or walk, we walked) across a few roads to get to a pick up zone, where you order an Uber but they’re already lined up so you just pick one.

The Uber took about 45 minutes and during that time I wrote/edited/published the last three blogs (apologies for the lateness of those, by the way) and then we were finally at the apartment!! It’s really nice. The bathroom light automatically comes on when you walk in and turns off when you leave. Doesn’t take much to impress me, I know.

We got settled in and then headed out to find some food. I had bought a mini turkey wrap yesterday to have for breakfast at the hotel, and Adam got something small at the airport, but there was no food on the plane so we were super hungry. We ended up finding Chipotle, which is basically Zambrero’s on a larger scale. It was so good, and a big, healthy burrito was exactly what we needed. But then we were super full, so we went for a walk around downtown LA to feel better.

To be honest, we weren’t sure whether we were going to like LA. I had heard a lot of friends say that it wasn’t as great as it seems, but I have to say I’m kind of in love. It’s so refreshing to be in a city that has trees, real trees, instead of just miles of concrete like New York and Toronto. There’s grass everywhere, palm trees EVERYWHERE, and the pathways are nice and wide and there aren’t billions of people out and about at the one time. It’s also a normal temperature- I can finally put away my huge coat!

We want to get back into a normal sleep routine (no more waking up close to midday) and since we’d had a huge meal at 5pm we were back at the apartment for good at about 7. We found out that there’s a pool on one of the levels, so we went to check the water temperature to see if we wanted to go in (way too cold) and it turns out there’s a lovely hot spa down there as well! So we ran back up, got our togs that we had packed just in case any of our Airbnb’s had a pool, and spent an hour or so just sitting in the hot water, looking out at the Los Angeles skyline. Well, looking out at other buildings, but skyline sounded better.

We only have a few days here in LA, so we’re going to try to make the most of it!


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