LucyFlorence's Guestbook

20th April 2022

NICELY WRITTEN! You seem very enthusiastic about everything!
25th January 2022

First time from Canberra
We can tell you’re making the most of every moment. Keep it up! All that delicious food might convince me to become a vegan. We did have a tofu stir fry last night! Lots of love from the auld folk.
4th February 2020

Luce, you sound like you are having the best time. Love these blogs they make us laugh so much! We can hear you in them. Love you pud xoxo
22nd January 2020

See ya loser
Wonderful blog Luce. God love the beard!
22nd January 2020

See ya loser
Wonderful blog Luce. God love the beard!
21st January 2020

Brilliant Banff
Oh Lucy, your hotel is a fairytale. I’ve just been drooling. Loved your description of your first day on the slopes. Adam was lucky not to have fallen off during his swift descent. Just showed Grandpa the conversation at the Biscuit B place. He thinks you write really well. Why would that be a surprise??? Love N
20th January 2020

Thank goodness for the vegetables!
Sorry not to have done this sooner - lost the connection somehow. Thanks Lucy for your wonderful details. It’s like being there. Sorry you didn’t think too much about SF though. Loved the b....substitution! You’re writing up a storm keep it up. Love N & G
16th January 2020

Best selling blog
Just read your wonderful stories aloud to the Bribie holidayers. The person who actually laughed out loud the LOUDEST was Grandma! I swear hahahahahaha
13th January 2020

I'm loving reading this blog. I'll have to try Biscuit Bitch next week! I wasn't aware it existed. Funnily enough, I had grits this morning for breakfast. The trick is lots of butter and salt and to mix fried egg into them. It's a shame about Macy's closing down. I got a great winter coat there last year for 1/2 price. Have fun and enjoy Vancouver!
17th July 2018

Seriously? No wine glasses? Did you realy look everywhere or did you have a Max look?
13th July 2018

The dedication
You crack me up Luce! No wonder you are my favourite niece! Thanks for the nod to Kenj and I. Im pretty happy that it was a Bellini that you used for our drink! So fancy
11th July 2018

Hail to our granddaughter
Have been loving your blog, Lucy, but your first day in Paris Really Takes the Gateau! Your description of Notre Dame will stay in the memory. It’s incense by the way. Lucky you visiting the Musee D’Orsay. Keep it up. Hope Trudi recovers. Love Nana and Grandpa
4th July 2018

food purchases
Nobody cares about the wholemeal sandwiches and fruit salads ! all we want is to live our lives through you Luc so give us ALL the indulgent, decadent, delectable things you are eating and doing !
27th June 2018

Your mum passed on some photos and all I can say is that you’re a classic !! Looking very cool.

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