Day 24- Super Bowl Sunday

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February 4th 2020
Published: February 4th 2020
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Had a nicely packed day today! Not too many different activities but everything took quite a while to complete.

We started off with some health, getting an egg white and vegetable breakfast wrap on our way to the American Museum of Natural History. First of all, what a beautiful building. Second of all, what an amazing museum!! We spent two hours in there, I think that’s the longest either of us have ever spent in a museum let alone enjoyed every part of it. We saw all the animals from different regions, Asian history, African history, South American history, the space centre, the dinosaurs (which were my personal favourite) and read all about the debate happening on whether or not the statue out the front of the museum should be destroyed or not. It has a strong and negative racial meaning, and a lot of people want it destroyed because of this, but a lot of people say it’s a demonstration of how far society has come since the statue was first implemented. In any case, it reminds me of Night at the Museum, which I’ll admit was a strong reason for heading there in the first place!

Afterwards we walked back to the hotel through Central Park, and took a long time doing so. It’s so pretty! And SO big. We stopped to take pictures of every bridge, horse carriage, squirrel, and pond that we found, and then some. We then had to do a few boring travel things, like finding an ATM that would take our cards and trying to find our way back to an area that we knew.

Our main plan for the rest of the day was the Super Bowl. Because I’m only 20 and therefore still underage in the States, we knew we’d have a hard time finding a bar to watch the game in, so I looked online for a while and eventually found a “kid-friendly pub”. After the museum, Central Park and lunch, we had about an hour to kill before the game, so we played cards in the hotel for a while.

We left at 6 to get to the bar by 6:15 to watch the game at 6:30, with the thought that other people would have been at bars much much earlier not even occurring to us. Of course, when we got there it was completely full. They said they had room for two more, but it was a $50 minimum EACH for the night. That’s $75aud. So of course, we left. We walked along for a while debating what to do until we found a bar that was relatively not too busy, so we figured we’d give it a go. Immediately they asked for ID, so unfortunately that was a bust.

We decided we’d just have to watch it back at the hotel, so I went to get some chips while Adam went to get beer, and we met back up at 7. Still plenty of time to watch the game. Until we realised we couldn’t find it on any of the channels. The hotel only has free to air, and every website we looked up told us we could only watch it on Fox or some other random tv streamers. At this point, who even cares? We switched off the tv and played cards for the rest of the night, and I think we enjoyed this way more than we would have enjoyed watching the game. At about 11pm we went down to the pizza place for some 99 cent slices, and it was still just as good as last time.

All together, a lovely, chilled out day!


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