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North America » United States » Arizona » Eloy March 11th 2020

blog 03-11-20 Saguaro National Park Again after checking the weather it seemed that the best time to visit Saguaro Nat'l Park was this morning. I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking at the park and Watson was coming with me today. So we packed up water, camera and lenses and headed south to Tucson. I was in the park for some time before I came to the visitors center where we stopped and I got my passport book stamped. There was going to be a guided tour in a few minutes so we joined up and started to learn about the desert plants and animals when Watson suddenly barked and disturbed the peace so we left and did our own tour. I followed a 7 mile loop dirt road that wound around a section ... read more
a new wildflower
across the valley

North America » United States » Arizona » Eloy March 10th 2020

blog 03-10-20 Casa Grande Ruins The weather continues to be a factor in my decision making for activities each day and when to do it. The morning today was beautiful with sun and blue skies with temps in the low 70s. I took some pictures around the campground and the birds were active so I could get some shots of them. Everything looks different in the sun so I was happy to get some sun shots. Pictures Rain was predicted for the afternoon so I walked Watson because I was leaving him home. He had a crowd around him again because of all the kids in the park. This week is spring break for most of AZ schools so everyone is out and about and enjoying the warm weather and beautiful scenery. I left the campground ... read more
berry bush
beautiful giant
Gila woodpecker

North America » United States » Arizona » Eloy March 9th 2020

Blog 03-09-20 Deming to Picacho Peak After having rained all day Sunday, Monday morning dawned bright and sunny. Sure was a good thing because I was heading to Arizona today and there was still some packing to do. It didn't take too long to get things in order and by 9:30 we were off. I took a back road to the next entrance ramp 17 miles down the road, fueled up, and headed west on rt 10. The sun was bright, the air fresh and the flowers were blooming and I was happy to be on the road again. I had been in Deming for 18 days and I needed to see new sights, and that I did. As so often the case in the west the terrain changes around every corner and the drive can ... read more
emergency signs
coming fog or dust

North America » United States » New Mexico » Columbus March 7th 2020

blog 03-07-20 Cabalgata Biacional Fiesta de Amistad I planned to get up early so I'd be able to get to Columbus, NM in time for the parade. Columbus is 30 miles south of Deming and less then 2 miles from Mexico. I had been to Poncho Villa State Park last week to visit Lynne and posted information about the raid that took place there in the early 1900s, the only time the US was invaded in it's history. General Pershing was commander and after the attack he raided Mexico in search of Poncho but was unable to find him. The celebration today was to commemorate the raid and express camaraderie between the US and Mexico. There must have been 75 or more riders in the parade who started in Mexico and rode into Columbus with a ... read more
Poncho re-en actor
Poncho and General Pershing

North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming March 5th 2020

blog 02-05-2020 Catching Up I am including many pictures in this blog to catch up on my activities for the past several days. Some of the pictures are from Rockhound State Park and will be labeled so. I spent time collecting pictures of the different birds in the compground. Some of them are residents, some are just passing through. They sing most of the day and give me so much enjoyment. The Bedire's Thrasher is building a nest in the yucca bush/tree next to my camper and coming and going at all times along with a pair of sparrows that are nesting too. They seem to be cooperating with each other so I guess it's an apartment yucca. The doves are all over and feed mostly on the ground. They do fly around a lot and ... read more
bird's nest in a cactus
blooming desert

North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming March 1st 2020

Blog 03-02-20 Megan's visit I have been enjoying the campground and the surrounding area, hiking and exploring. Saturday night Megan arrived having landed in El Paso, TX and renting a car and driving to Deming. She is here to work in Las Cruses for a week and flew in early to spend Sunday with me. We had fun talking til we were falling asleep so we had to wait for tomorrow to continue. We had a full day planned so we got up fairly early, had oatmeal pancakes for breakfast then headed to Rockhound State Park to walk in the desert. Since Megan drove in after dark so she was excited to see the area and discover what it had. It was about a 20 min drive to the park and we parked and headed up ... read more
view from Rockhound sp
fish hook cactus
Happy camper

North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming February 28th 2020

blog 02-28-20 Beep Beep This blog encompasses 2 days, they just all run together after a while. While having coffee outside I noticed a roadrunner doing his thing in the gardens. I quickly grabbed the telephoto lens and went to see if I could catch him. They are wily little devils and very fast and I was lucky enough to catch a fast shot. I had my clogs on and when I got back I walked on the rug and stuck to it. The bottom of my shoes were covered with little mines, the stickers that were getting into Watson's feet. I had to pull out at least 40 from the shoes and several from the rug, we walk bare foot on it. It ended up being a bird photo day. Thought I'd show you what ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming February 25th 2020

blog 02-25-20 Palomas The horizon was red behind the mountains and the sky was a blue black, promising to be a beautiful day. I had to wait 2 hours before the sun was up and did it's magic, but it happened. It was warm against the camper for a little while until the wind started. This is definitely wind country. Watson and I took a walk around the park til it was time to get ready for the outing of the day. Tuesdays the Ranch makes a trip to Mexico to do all kinds of things but the best part is the lunch at the Pink Store. Some people have dental work done in Palomas, some get their medications there, then there is always the barber and hair dresser. We all meet in the Pink Store, ... read more
Lynne and the Mariachi player

North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming February 24th 2020

Blog 02-24-20 Relax in the Sun Finally a sunny day! My camper is positioned with the sun on my door and the wind coming from the opposite direction so I could be sheltered from the harsh cool breeze. It was delightful sitting outside basking in the morning sun. I had to clean my car. Here is a before picture of how terrible it is. Last year when I went through Texas in a construction area it was raining and the mud splattered the car so badly I could hardly open the door, not so bad this time but almost. I went into town and found a do it yourself car wash with one bay open left so in I went. 15 min later I drove out with a sparkling beauty. Oh, it's so nice. What do ... read more
my really big campsite
looking toward Rockhound State park
from the park looking back toward Deming

North America » United States » New Mexico » Deming February 22nd 2020

blog 02-22-20 Home I left Roswell in a freezing fog not knowing if this was a good move. The gloomy weather of the last 2 days has gotten to me so I would do anything to find the sun. The temp was hovering between 32 and 33 but just 50 miles west the temps were warmer and the sun was shinning. As I drove a little higher in elevation the trees and shrubs were ice coated and there were icicles hanging from the road signs. Oh dear, did I make a mistake... I slowed and watched for bridges but the ground was not yet frozen so I soldered on. Through the mountain pass there was snow on the hillsides but the fog had lifted so I felt safer. The other side of the mountain the sun ... read more
the snow in the mt pass, 6300 ft.
white sands in the distance
part of the Organ Mts west side of the valley, going up

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