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March 12th 2020
Published: March 21st 2020
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blog 03-12-20 Enjoying Picacho Peak

This morning I rose to a very strange sight, bright light. It wasn't quite sun up yet but it sure was clear. There were clouds hanging over the peak begging for pictures so I scrambled out of bed, threw on my sweatshirt and shoes, grabbed my camera and ran out the door. You have to look at the pictures, I can't describe it. The one shot looks like a waterfall coming over the "saddle".

It was finally coffee time and I enjoyed my cup outside for the 2nd time since I've been here. The weather was glorious and the birds were so happy having had rain the night before and sun this morning they just sang their heads off. I snapped away excited about the new light and the different dementions it brought. Also the moon was out, although only 3/4 full and setting already but I go a picture of a cactus and the moon. When I learned it would be a full moon while I was there I could't wait to take a picture of the full moon rising over the desert with a Sagaro in the foreground. Because of all the clouds and rain I had to settle for a partial moon setting and a Sagaro saying good-bye.

I took several trails that I hadn't before and the desert put on a show for me with it's new moisture. I can hear Jim saying "you've seen one cactus, you've seen them all" but I sure don't think that's true. There are the same kind of cactus all over the park but they are arranged differently and the light hits them at different angles and the terrain changes.

The big red hill behind my camper has intrigued me so I took a walk around at it's base and found washes with different flowers near them and a very different plant, moss. It was on the very sheltered side of a rock at the base of the mt. and looked like someone dribbled green paint down the rock's side. Had to take a close up and found the moss actually had fairly long "hairs".

There were several kinds of licken too, white, orange, mustard, green and a greenish yellow. One poor Saguaro had the saddest appearance, he must be the favorite of all the woodpeckers.

While walking around we ran into Watson's fan club, at least part of it. There is a picture with the 3 kids who have been on the road for 3 yrs in an Airstream trailer with mom and dad. They loved to come and play with Watson and of course he was just thrilled.

As the afternoon wore on the clouds rolled in again so we went inside for a short rest. When I went out again the sun was setting and the clouds had parted enough to give me an "Oh God" shot.

What a great way to end my stay here, beautiful place.

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