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North America » United States » New Mexico » Artesia February 18th 2020

blog 02-18-20 Artesia Lynne and I left the campground at 10 am and Watson got to come along with us. The day was cool and cloudy so we thought going to discover a town about 40 miles south that was known for it's art and sculptures was a really good idea. We passed several old farms, some still in operation, and wound our way along a 2 lane country road through towns like Dexter, Lake Arthur and Hagerman. There were a few cottonwood trees here and there but mostly just desert scrub and only a few scattered birds. We got into Artesia and discovered it was an oil town complete with an old derrick and a refinery, and lots of white pickup trucks all motoring about. Our first stop was the library, an unusual building with ... read more
the Library sculpture
just to show how huge it is, that's Lynne

North America » United States » New Mexico » Roswell February 17th 2020

blog 02-17-20 Lunch and Museums in Roswell We had a nice slow start to the day with the second cup of coffee enjoyed in the sun outside. This is the first time on my southern trip that it was warm and nice enough to be in the open air, delightful! I left about 11am to meet Lynne in Roswell for lunch at a Mexican restaurant that had 4 1/2 stars and lots of enthusiastic reviews. The menu was extensive and they had a buffet too so choosing what to eat was not an easy decision. Lynne had a port dish that she said was the best she had ever eaten, keeping in mind she lives in the southwest most of the time. I had an equally enjoyable meal with shredded beef, my favorite but not always ... read more
this is the plaque that gives the information about Robert Goddard. He developed liquid rocker fuel and tested it here is Roswell. The Goddard Space Flight Center is named after him.
Her is his statue and test tower and rocket
the test tower

North America » United States » New Mexico » Roswell February 16th 2020

blog 02-16-20 Snow Geese We had a lovely slow start to the day with nothing planned til later. The sun was out and the temps were warming up nicely so after breakfast Watson and I took a really long walk around camp and over to the bird blinds. There are 3 ponds across the street and the park service has build a lovely boardwalk connecting the parking lot to all 3 ponds each having it's own bird blind. They are very simple structures but serve the purpose of concealing people to the sciddish birds and providing shade for the observer. I have seen coots, round, black ducks, there but nothing else but I have heard sandhill cranes back there from my camper. The cranes are not water birds, preferring dry open ground but the water provides ... read more
the right group
some taking flight

North America » United States » New Mexico » Roswell February 16th 2020

blog 02-16-20 Bottomless Lakes State Park, NM I can't believe it's almost a week since my last report. I have been doing a lot of driving then sight seeing so I'm tired at the end of the day. It took 3 days in all to cross Texas. I followed rt 380 most of the way and it was an interesting 2 lane, 70 to 75 mph speed limit, straight highway traveling through small towns USA. There might be as many as 2 traffic lights through town, super wide streets and old local stone buildings dating back to early 1800s. One town had a metal smith living there and each street sign had a work of art on the corner pole with the name of the street. Picture We stayed one night in Post, TX in a ... read more
old stone courthouse
5 mile straight stretch
huge metal sculpture

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth February 10th 2020

blog 02-10-20 Longhorn Parade As predicted the weather was the X factor in plans today. Yesterday the forecast was for rain in the morning and semi-clearing for the afternoon. So my trip to Ft Worth was planned for the afternoon until I got up and it wasn't raining. Again checked the forecast and the rain would be heavy in the afternoon but not starting until about 1 pm. There are 2 Longhorn parades a day, one at 11:30 and the other at 4. So I quickly dressed, walked the dog and layered my clothes, grabbed my gear and off I went. The trip into town was fairly effortless, the route taking me through some farm land then mostly industrial, huge grain storage towers, rail cars and lots of trucks on all kinds of construction jobs. This ... read more
one of our cowboys
my favorite

North America » United States » Texas » Bridgeport February 9th 2020

blog 02-09-20 Travel Days I left Carrabella and the Gulf of Mexico about 9:30 and headed west then north then west again. The area I covered had been severely damaged in 2018 by hurricane Michael that made landfall as a category 5 hurricane, making a direct hit on Mexico Beach. That area still hasn't recovered and as I headed inland the damage was profound. There were miles of pine trees just snapped off about 15ft from the base, houses, if still standing, had blue tarp roofs, and many trees especially along interstate 10 were just uprooted. The maintenance man at Ho Hum Campground where I was staying told me that after the storm there was nothing at the campground but wires and pipes sticking out at every angle. It took a yr for the to put ... read more
grouchy Watson
there is a wire blowing in the wind
St.George Island light house

North America » United States » Florida » Carrabelle February 6th 2020

Blog 02-06-20 Searching for the Birds For 2 mornings the sunrises have been gorgeous. I have to get up at 6:15 am to see the vibrant reds and yellows then the skies dull a little until the sun actually appears. The actual sunrise is 7:20 am so for this magic hour I am outside enjoying the ever changing drama. Sometimes the birds fly by or actually land and add their part to each picture. Pictures Tuesday I went to Okcloknee River State Park that is about 15 miles up the road to view all the birds that frequent most state parks. I took Watson so we could walk around the park and he wouldn't be cooped up in the camper. I didn't see one bird! I did see a really neat launching ramp for kayaks, you ... read more
great blue in the morning glow

North America » United States » Florida » Carrabelle February 3rd 2020

blog 02-03-20 Wakulla Springs The weather forecast is bleak later in the week so now is the time to get to the places I wanted to visit. Wakulla Springs has been inhabited by humans for nearly 15,000 yrs starting with Paleo-Indian times. The spring is a first magnitude spring with a flow of 200-300 Million gallons per day and forms the Wakulla River. It was once so clear that glass bottom boats were a regular attraction but now the waters are too cloudy to see more than 20 ft. below. The water flows from a cave connected to the FL aquifer system and 190 ft into that cave mastodon bones have been seen. The spring was purchased by Edward Bell in 1934 and developed as an attraction focusing on the preservation of wildlife and surrounding habitat. ... read more
Wakulla Springs Lodge
tour boat and river
camellia on a bush outside the lodge

North America » United States » Florida » Carrabelle February 2nd 2020

blog 02-02-20 Happy Groundhog Day A lot has happened since my last blog so I will try to give the Readers Digest version. I wrapped up my stay at Thousand Trails with my girlies, had a wonderful visit from my Indianapolis cousins Dave and Nancy Mallon, went back to Camping World to have the carburetor replaced in my generator and headed west. I have included a portrait of my friends and their dogs, assorted pictures from TT and some pictures from my current campground. When I left TT to go to Lake City and generator repairs I was going to spend the night in the parking lot at Walmart but at 1 pm there was a crowd already and a very busy store so I called the campground that I would be going to the next ... read more
Sandhill Cranes just wander through the campground
such a beautiful head
red-shoulder hawk

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont January 29th 2020

blog 01-29-20 Spacex rocket Ginnie and I went to the lake at 9 this morning so we could witness the launch of the latest spacex mission to deliver satellites into orbit. There was a cloud bank in the east right where the rocket would launch and it ended up blocking our view of the event. Darn-it! I did take a few pictures of birds while we were there and we enjoyed the pretty lake. I walked Watson over to Kim's house to see if her dogs could come over to play in our yard. Kim did come over but the dogs just sniffed around and barked at passerbys, no playing. At 2 pm we all went to Outback Steak House and had a delicious early dinner. This is the last day of my stay here that ... read more
crescent moon and palm tree
radiant Venus
moon and Venus

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