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4th August 2020
comet neowise

Comet Neowise
Discovered in March 2020 and will not return they say for 6,800 years and you saw it and got a great photo of it. Brilliant in spades! And I had not seen any news of it in Sydney until I read your blog just now. I'll head outside and search the sky and you never know. Serendipity is my second name and sometimes luck favours the brave. Fingers crossed!!! And how lucky are you also to score the house for 6 months...yep...fortune favours those that step out. Best wishes to you.
7th August 2020
comet neowise

Thanks for your interest Dancing Dave. I tried for several weeks to get a picture of this comet but being low on the horizon it posed a challenge. Finally from a high desert vantage point I was able to see it. Unfortunately it was monsoon season so dodging storms was another challenge. One picture was reddish as a result of nearby lightning. You might want to check out Spaceweather.com to see what's happening in the skies. Good luck, Kathy
30th July 2020

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15th July 2020

Does not look crowded
I'm glad you found some purchases to help feed the economy. Glad you are feeling better. A beautiful part of the country.
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4th April 2020
day 3, a few more buds open

Your RV travels and freedom of movement sounds especially wonderful during these days of corona virus 'lock down.' I really like your photos of native wildflowers and especially the flowering cactus.
6th April 2020
day 3, a few more buds open

I was posting a week late so I wasn't on the road after lockdown. Staying put for at least a month, not a good idea to travel now
26th March 2020

I enter your website regularly almost every day. You have some great articles. I Love Your Suggestions. Thanks.
28th March 2020

Glad you are enjoying the blog. Patagonia Lake State Park is south of Tucson about an hour. Just north of Nogales
13th March 2020

We love Saguaro National!
We visited the park this past November and it was gorgeous. We had two beautiful weeks if sun which was awesome for us and brought out all the snakes and lizards for us to see. Very cool! The kids were estatic to see something sunning itself on a rock around every corner. Can't wait to go back! -Adena, B, Cora, Gray, and Mara Beck.
25th February 2020

boo I missed you
Kathy, I have been following for so long and missed you in my hometown...would have definitely joined you for lunch at Joe Ts ...glad you enjoyed the stockyards
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30th March 2019

Wow! What amazing blog I really want to visit there. Thanks for sharing.
24th February 2019

Why am I not with you?
Not so bad going to Puerto Rico either
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21st February 2019

I've been there
I think I was there with you also. Oh I miss coming this year. I'll try for New Mexico
11th February 2019

blog time
Just wanted to let you know how I enjoy your trips thru your blogs. It's good that you keep everyone posted on your travels ,along with your great pictures. Be well and keep them coming!
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9th February 2019

Beach Day
Hi! Really enjoyed your pictures, especially the unrise. Look forward to your blog.
From Blog: Beach Day
24th February 2018

Watson pic
That is the best pic of him yet
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28th October 2017
finally got a good picture of a petrified tree

I have a picture of my husband on this log. You're right it pales after GC.
19th October 2017

HI Kathy ... catching up on your blog ... as always very entertaining and informative ... and pics are always fabulous David and I drove from Texas to Lake Tahoe last year ... to make a round trip we went into California for a bit down to Vegas hwy... we were also quite surprised by the inspection ... I asked David if we made a wrong turn and went to Canada or something. We have never experienced something like that in our travels ... weird for sure
18th October 2017

The canyons
Loved Zion. You are looking up from the bottom. At Bryce you are on the same level and at the Grand Canyon you are at the top looking down. All worth seeing. Loved your pictures!
12th October 2017

Enjoyed the pictures. We have some from our trip that are of the same scenes. Brought back memories!
12th October 2017

The succulent along the golf course is called "ice plant".
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4th October 2017

Dan and I attended the Gilroy garlic festival while we were visiting Jen in year. You are close to her. Well further south I believe, but we took 680 to get to her house. She is about an hour east of San Francisco.
28th September 2017

Bend OR
Did you drive through the lava fields on the way to Bend? As I remember it was on 26.
28th September 2017

Bend OR
Did you drive through the lava fields on the way to Bend? As I remember it was on 26.
13th September 2017

Wrong Dates
It looks like you put "September" instead of "August" for a couple of the blogs entered at the beginning of September.
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