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March 7th 2020
Published: March 8th 2020
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blog 03-07-20 Cabalgata Biacional Fiesta de Amistad

I planned to get up early so I'd be able to get to Columbus, NM in time for the parade. Columbus is 30 miles south of Deming and less then 2 miles from Mexico. I had been to Poncho Villa State Park last week to visit Lynne and posted information about the raid that took place there in the early 1900s, the only time the US was invaded in it's history. General Pershing was commander and after the attack he raided Mexico in search of Poncho but was unable to find him.

The celebration today was to commemorate the raid and express camaraderie between the US and Mexico. There must have been 75 or more riders in the parade who started in Mexico and rode into Columbus with a police escort. The flags were waving at the head of the column representing US, Mexico and NM and there was much gaiety by all.

The group moved to the open area behind some stores where there was a blessing and some speeches and of course many photos, even from the participants.

I wondered around to see what I might have for lunch but all of the menus were in Spanish so I was a little reluctant to order anything because most of the food is very spicy. I found an English speaking fellow and ordered a beef taco, I could add my own hot stuff, perfect.

There were venders selling anything you could imagine but nothing appealed to me so I escaped with a healthy wallet. I wondered around talking to people and enjoying their celebrating the day. I found a group of cowboys really enjoying themselves, one fellow was standing on his saddle, which was on his horse, singing his head off. He was pretty good too.

It was a real fun time but I decided to head home and let Watson out of the camper. He was happy to see me. We took a walk and talked to some campers and visited the dog park, Watson's favorite.

A nap overtook me until it was time to find a good sunset spot. I headed west toward some hills in the distance but nothing struck me. As the sun set I had to find a quick place to pull over and capture another remarkable sky fire. There were gathering clouds for a promised storm tomorrow and clouds almost always make a sunset and the magic happened tonight. Pictures

I want to take a picture of the almost full moon rising tomorrow night over the Florida, Flor-E-da, Mountains but who knows if the storm will be gone by then or not.

Stopped at Wally World to get needed supplies for the coming week. I am leaving for AZ on Monday and don't know how close I will be to a store or phone reception for that matter. You may not hear from me for several days.

Definitely time for new adventures.

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