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Raised in a close, Minnesota farm family who took travel adventures all over the U.S. and Canada, I was introduced to community and global causes. I maintained a global focus with my husband and as a professor who helped build learning centers around the world. I resigned my university position and am President/CEO of a Minnesota-based nonprofit building KARUCO-Karagwe University College- in Tanzania. Our partners too are globally minded and intent on bettering their lives and economic condition. This blog will help tell the story.

Take me to the Educate Tanzania website:www.educatetanzania.org

Africa » Tanzania » North » Bukoba August 22nd 2015

Karagwe University College's Coordinator, Dr. Katabaro sent ETI the first brochure for the university (KARUCO). In an area where Internet is spotty and where it took me four hours to upload a photo the last time I was there (2015), this brochure is quite an accomplishment. The story is being told globally of this small band of people in a remote area of Africa who have partnered with others around the world to make a profound difference to the local Tanzanian community. "Transformation" (an overused but appropriate word) is visible due to the efforts of Karagwe Diocese (KAD) and the men and women in Karagwe committed to making KARUCO happen. Take a look at the first brochure from KARUCO! Take me to the Educate Tanzania website: www.educatetanzania.org... read more
KARUCO Brochure
KARUCO Groundbreaking

North America » United States » Minnesota » Eden Prairie August 9th 2015

http://educatetanzania.org/2015/08/running-for-victory-5k-boosts-eti/ What is a little 5K (all uphill) on a beautiful Sunday morning in August? It’s everything to the young woman in Karagwe, Tanzania who will benefit from race funds and won’t have to walk 4 miles each day to fetch water from the nearest source. Instead she can attend KARUCO – Karagwe University College and learn how to develop an agribusiness and apply what she learns at the university. So “Asante sana” (thank you very much) to the 100+ runners who showed up August 9th at Staring Lake for traveling to Staring Lake Park in Eden Prairie and “Running for Victory". Particpants helped ETI raise over $3,000. to provide piping and water treatment for the 4 (200,000) liter water storage tanks. The tanks are part of KARUC... read more
Beautiful Staring Lake Park Run
Room for Everyone
On the Trail

RUN with Us!! Help bring water to Karagwe. http://victorylcms.org/victory5k/... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Chaska July 1st 2015

Freedom is important. And the links between poverty and lack of freedom are well known. For example, it is difficult to feel free when your family is hungry, needs water or medicine and your entire waking hours are spent getting these things. For many of you reading this from a chair in the developed world, this is probably an unknown. However, this is the day-to-day, moment-by-moment lack of freedom among the families of subsistence farmers in Karagwe, Tanzania. Our Tanzanian partner – Dr. Benson K. Bagonza – and his management team are changing that. Dr. Bagonza, Bishop, Karagwe Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania and KARUCO Founder – has called for a vanguard approach to “development”. In fact, Dr. Bagonza challenges the use of the word development and instead, outlines a crosscutting plan using ... read more
Dr. Bagonza's book

Join the ETI family at its next event in Minnesota! Victory Lutheran Church has chosen Educate Tanzania to be the recipient of all proceeds from the "Running for Victory" 5K (run, walk or virtual). All monies will be used to support the water harvesting program in Karagwe, Tanzania. Once the harvesting system is in place, the university will be able to collect and store rain water and be set to open in October 2016. Once open, the water storage system will provide for daily uses such as cooking and cleaning, and will allow students to focus on their studies in agribusiness instead of fetching water for daily needs. Please register today as we're "Running for Victory". All registrations accepted - RUN / WALK / VIRTUAL!... read more

Africa » Tanzania » West June 1st 2015

KARUCO Needs Water! Educate Tanzania is working feverishly to provide a water harvesting system so that KARUCO will have enough water to open in October 2016. Here is what we know: 1. KARUCO needs 5 (200,000 liter) water storage tanks. 2. These 5 tanks will store enough water for KARUCO to open in October 2016. 3. These 5 tanks must be built by September, 2015 in order to capture enough rain. 4. We must start NOW to construct the tanks and the water harvesting system. 5. ETI donors have funded 4 of the 5 tanks! (The 5th Annual Fundraiser raised $42,000. for this purpose!) 6. Tank 5 will be funded by Tanzanian and European Partners. 7. Water harvest will begin in September, 2015. 8. With the water harvesting system, KARUCO will have enough water to open ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Chaska May 1st 2015

For many of us, it's not that far. 1900 Hazeltine Drive / Chaska, MN / USA. For most, the location is not an 8 and 1/2 hour airplane ride to a layover spot and then another 8 and 1/2 hour airplane ride to the nearest airport, and then another 8 hour Land Rover ride to the real destination. (I'm thinking Minneapolis to Karagwe in this case.) In fact, 1900 Hazeltine Drive is right here in the "Metro" - third ring suburb just outside of the Twin Cities - just on the margins of the beautiful Minneapolis/St. Paul urban lake region and smack dab in the middle of the Chaska, Chan, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Victoria suburban lake region. Those of you in Minnesota - You can easily join us. Those of you in Tanzania - please join ... read more
Dr. Katabaro 'Teaches' ETI

I have always loved Washington DC. As a young girl I recall Dad and Mom bringing us to Niagara, New York and D.C. after travel through Canada. I remember marveling at the monuments (they were bigger then). This photo blog is devoted to ETI's most recent visit to the Nation's Capitol - Washington D.C. It was rather ironic that we did this tour on "National Walking Day"! Click on "Additional Photos Below" and see a bit of our monumental visit. Take me to the Educate Tanzania website: www.educatetanzania.org... read more
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument
Washington Monument

Thanks for following along on the blog. If this is your first time - Educate Tanzania is a Minnesota-based NGO that partnered with the Karagwe Diocese in Tanzania to build an agricultural university on 1000 acres. No small task. This blog documents five trips to Tanzania and a few 'in-betweens' to other places. Our latest adventure brought us to Washington DC to participate in the USAID/ASHA conference. Jan (ETI) and Sarah (Cohn Consulting) traveled to our Nation's capitol to glean all they could to write a winning application for $276,000. to construct the 'next' four buildings and enable KARUCO (Karagwe University College) to open in October 2016. It was energizing. Other projects around the world are inspiring. But competition is fierce and we have our job cut out for us. Among other things, ETI needs to ... read more
Tanzanian Embassy
Ambassador Liberata Mulamula Meets With ETI
Sarah Cohn, Jan Hansen and Ambassador Liberata Mulamula

ETI heads to Washington DC March 29 – April 2 to meet with USAID/ASHA staff and attend the Annual ASHA Conference. Along with 150 others, Jan Hansen (ETI) and Sarah Cohn (Cohn Consulting) will attend sessions about food security in developing countries, construction of successful schools, grant writing, democratic values, International partnerships and more. While here, Jan will visit the Embassy and request a visit with Ambassador Liberata Mulamula who has shown high levels of support for the KARUCO project. ETI’s main goal is to refine its grant proposal asking USAID/ASHA for $276,000 to construct the next four buildings at KARUCO. Sarah is spearheading the grant writing while Jan provides information, links to partnerships and edits. The grant is due on April 24th and ETI will know by Fall, 2015 if we are selected. Competition is ... read more
Monuments of DC

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