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Africa » Tanzania » North January 24th 2016

Cruise on through these of KARUCO. More photos while connection is good.... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North January 24th 2016

For those of you eager for photos: Connection is momentarily good (!) so I will upload as many as I can. Enjoy.... read more
ETI Funded Tanks
Water Harvesting

Africa » Tanzania » West January 24th 2016

First morning in Kayanga. Early church for our team. All from different time zones but all awake during the three hour service. It is a joy to be part of the music and to see so many women involved in the service. None of our team knew what the Swahili sermon was saying but Brighton was good at translating. We were introduced and spoke at the service, saw old friends and received gifts from the auction (maize, mangos). After a rest we headed to a tour of KARUCO. What a highlight! KARUCO Updates: Water pump and water flowing at KARUCO. (Internet is spotty so pics later.) 4 beautiful water tanks built with piping from each building except Administration. Water harvesting system and security all established. A new girls dorm funded by a European partner. A new ... read more
Walter & Jan
Church Auction

Africa » Tanzania » North January 24th 2016

Magnus, Per-Ove and Per-Ole, our team from Sweden, arrived around 5:00am at the Boma. After sleeping in, a great breakfast and loading our bags - our team met our trusty driver, Ben Kayemba at noon and departed for Mutukula (the border). We enjoyed our usual stop at the equator and then an enormous lunch. We were fueled for the next leg. (I think Magnus ordered too much pizza but no one was too sorry about it. i had never ordered pizza in Africa and was very happy with the delicious, fresh veggies. A treat.) We met Brighton at the border late afternoon, introduced him to the Swedish team and headed to Kayanga. It was so good to see his face and broad smile. When ETI teams are on the ground we rely on Brighton for many ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe January 22nd 2016

Woo Hoo! Not sophisticated, but certainly heartfelt. We made it! 24 hours of travel with a full day tomorrow. Entebbe is 80 degrees and a welcome sight for this team. Welcomes, hubbub, circles instead of lines and friendly faces everywhere. Customs, baggage and then our driver picked us up promptly and brought us to The Boma. We were greeted by four young men who carried bags, asked about flights, welcomed us and wished us Happy New Year. Davis checked us into our rooms at this small, friendly, well kept, serene place in Entebbe. Looking forward to a shower and a good night's sleep - on an actual bed. Stick with us as we get into the meat of our visit and see what unfolds in KARAGWE 2016.... read more
We Have Arrived

Europe » Netherlands January 22nd 2016

What a great flight. 'My' row had so few people in it that we all got to lie down. Two meals and one movie later we are safely in Amsterdam and semi-refreshed. Chris Johnstone (UMN) travels so much that we are enjoying the perk of lounge life here. I don't want to get spoiled or entitled but am sure appreciating the soft chairs and quiet ambiance. And really nice coffee. We leave in a few hours for Kigali. I am participating in my home church's 21 day program in a concerted effort to shine light on the differences between what we gravitate to in life and what is real. Through the readings I am sensitized even more than usual to global disparities and our role in that. Sharing resources, teaching people to fish, being open to ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis January 21st 2016

We're off! The 'two from Minnesota' are headed to Karagwe. Bags checked, playlists loaded, and farewells made. And don't forget the chapstick. We begin the lengthy trip that always unfolds in predictable and unexpected ways. We tend to meet good-hearted folks on the plane: some who work in Europe or beyond; others visiting family or embarking on a long-planned trip. For me and ETI, this is always a rich time to get to know our travel partner(s) and go over our hopes and goals for the trip. I know you have all memorized the goals of the ETI trip but here they are again for your review: The Educate Tanzania Inc (ETI) team will: · assess progress and articulate plan for KARUCO opening in 10.2016" · collect baseline data for KARUCO impact study. · assess progress ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis January 18th 2016

Join us virtually – as ETI and UMN head to Karagwe, Tanzania January 21 – 31, 2016 Jan 21 - DEP to Tanzania (via Amsterdam & Uganda) Jan 22 - ARR - Entebbe, Uganda Jan 23 - ARR - Kayanga, Tanzania Jan 24 - Church & Planning Jan 25 - Jan 29 - ETI/KAD Summit; ETI/UMN Baseline Data Collection REAS Agricultural Team from Sweden joins us in Karagwe Jan 30 - DEP Entebbe, Uganda Jan 31 - ARR MSP Jan Hansen (ETI) and Chris Johnstone (UMN) will do their best to blog and keep the ETI family informed of the latest adventures en route to and in Karagwe. And depending upon connection capabilities we may even be able to upload photos. If you have been following us for a while, you know that at tim ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Chaska December 17th 2015

Educate Tanzania At a Glance. Take a look and be part of the story!... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Bukoba August 22nd 2015

Karagwe University College's Coordinator, Dr. Katabaro sent ETI the first brochure for the university (KARUCO). In an area where Internet is spotty and where it took me four hours to upload a photo the last time I was there (2015), this brochure is quite an accomplishment. The story is being told globally of this small band of people in a remote area of Africa who have partnered with others around the world to make a profound difference to the local Tanzanian community. "Transformation" (an overused but appropriate word) is visible due to the efforts of Karagwe Diocese (KAD) and the men and women in Karagwe committed to making KARUCO happen. Take a look at the first brochure from KARUCO! Take me to the Educate Tanzania website: read more
KARUCO Brochure
KARUCO Groundbreaking

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