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North America » United States » Minnesota » Chaska February 24th 2016

The ETI Karagwe Team 2016 has been back in the U.S. for the past three weeks. We've had time to reflect on the trip, which as usual, was eventful, productive and downright fun. We were ‘gone’ January 21 – 31 and traveled for the purpose of getting progress reports on Karagwe University College and starting the baseline data collection so in future years we can measure KARUCO's impact on local economies and on the social roles of women. WATER Many of you already saw photos that showed the water harvesting system designed by the ETI Team 2015 (thank you Christopher and John) - pipes from each building on the KARUCO campus and (4) 200,000 liter (53,000 gal) water storage tanks. You probably also saw the photo of the water from the well that was drilled in ... read more
The Summit

North America » United States » Minnesota January 31st 2016

The ETI Team arrived MSP shortly after noon. So grateful to have had the opportunity to go and even more grateful to be home. In the weeks to come we will follow up with a summary blog and some photos. Thank you for joining Chris Johnstone, Magnus Fredricson, Per-Ove Persson, Per-Ole Enander and me for KARAGWE 2016!... read more
Now I'm Home

Europe » Netherlands January 31st 2016

KARAGWE 2016: Amsterdam- "Half Way" Home The flight from Entebbe was delayed slightly due to a 'hot brake'. Evidently we waited for it to cool - it did- we departed and made up time in the air. Chris used his diamond status to help me improve my seat on KLM - thank you! The main thing is we arrived safely in Amsterdam and are 'half way' home. We will hang out in the Schiphol KLM lounge and catch our next flight in a few hours. ...Getting there...... read more
Didn't See
KLM Lounge

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe January 30th 2016

Travel to and from Tanzania and the schedule in between is generally packed with activity, social events, reconnections and strategizing. The team and I generally leave pretty tired - ready to decompress and relax. I am fairly sure the same is true for our hosts. But this time ETI needed to stay overnight in Entebbe, Uganda since we wanted to travel here with our Swedish team who flew out at 4-something this morning (ouch) while we fly out midnight tonight. That means we have had a day to relax, check email, keep you entertained with blog posts and decompress. Fabulous. Chris Johnstone and I walked to Lake Victoria although were offered rides by most passing vans and certainly all motorcycles. It's 84 degrees so we worked up a good sweat as we stretched our legs. The ... read more
Chris Johnstone
Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe January 29th 2016

I am writing from The Boma Hotel at Entebbe. I can hardly believe there is BBC on TV, Internet, electricity, water in our room, lighting that makes the room feel cozy, and a bubble bath. We left Kayanga with our Swedish partners, crossed the border around noon and met Ben, our driver on the Uganda side. We had a marvelous day - recalling memories of the week and marveling at the lack of electricity, water, and infrastructure and the abundance of smiles, kindness and hope. It has been a phenomenal trip. We said goodbye to our Tanzanian partners who carry on to build KARUCO. We also said goodbye to our wonderful Swedish friends- Magnus, Per-Ole and Per-Ove. We miss them already. More tomorrow. ... read more
At the Boma

Africa » Tanzania » North January 28th 2016

Almost hard to believe it is our last day in Kayanga. We leave tomorrow morning and travel to Uganda to fly out on Saturday. I thought it would be a rich experience to travel with the evaluation team to the village and help collect data. I may not be able to upload the photos just now - power has been out in Kayanga and surrounding villages for the last 24 hours. I will take advantage of the generator at the Kayanga Internet Cafe and hope for the best. Thanks for following along. The eval team left around 9:30am with Chris Johnstone (team lead from UMN), Enoch, Assa, Vincent and Brighton Katabaro. Turned out the village chief did not communicate the research plan to his village so we headed to the clinic to see if people were ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North January 27th 2016

Karagwe 2016 Guest Blog by Chris Johnstone, ETI Karagwe Team 2016: Evaluation Team Lead ********** My colleague @IsaacBolger recently sent me a blogpost outlining how seductive it is for young (or any aged) westerners to believe they can swoop into other lands and solve problems. In my years doing this work I’ve heard (and most likely uttered) the phrase "if we can just…” to start a sentence that ends with a relatively simplistic solution to a context that may or may not even be a problem. If a problem exists, it is likely not solvable with an “if we can just” sentence. This week we did some community-based work to see where asked people about their current situation in rel... read more
Taking 'The Survey'
Dr. Chris Johnstone

Africa » Tanzania » North January 27th 2016

Great Summit 2016. Each year ETI and KAD meet to renew partnerships and get progress updates. KAD invited a Swedish team this year so Magnus and Per Ove (specialists in rural agriculture) joined us. Highlights: - Water harvesting system is inspected and fully operational. To date 280,000 liters have been collected. February rains bring hope for more. - Borehole was named 'The Miracle'. Pump and flowing water are still amazing to most. While capacity and water quality are generally known, the well cannot supply KARUCO on its own. There are plans to dig 4 more. - Lots of construction going on. New women's dorm being finished and men's dorm started. Labs being outfitted with sinks and equipment. Dining hall and Auditorium proposals out, Adjacent school is offering staff housing. Germany is funding 50 computers. - 40 ... read more
Dr Chris Johnstone

Africa » Tanzania » North January 26th 2016

Today's Summary of Activity - Watched unloading and stacking of firewood for the hotel. - Breakfast with the crew. - Visited my friend Jeminah at her dress shop, chose fabric and was measured for a dress. Custom-made: form fitted. Ready tomorrow. $15. - Walked about Kayanga. Went to bank. The hotel manager, Johannes, exchanged dollars to Tanzanian shillings for us. $100. = 210,000 shillings. - Data collection team went to a nearby village to collect data.. Yesterday was Nyakahanga: Today is Rugela. Data collection is headed up by Chris Johnstone from the University of Minnesota. Chris could not be kinder or more savvy at what it takes to organize and carry out evaluation. Monday's data collection went better than expected. We don't say that very often given all the challenges here. 58 people showed up to ... read more
Daily Chore

Africa » Tanzania » North » Bukoba January 25th 2016

Monday is here. Let the baseline begin! Chris Johnstone met with the evaluation team early and went over the directions and game plan for the day. Assa, Horace and Enoch will help Drs. Katabaro and Johnstone with interpretation of items. Assa, Horace and Enoch are employees of ETI's partner, KAD and will be 'instrumental' is interpreting items that have been translated into Swahili by the KAD Team. Today's village for data collection is Nyakahanga - not far from Kayanga or KARUCO. ETI is hoping for 40 villagers to participate in the data collection. But since it is our first time, we do not know what to expect. Our goal is to get a feel for conditions (economic, and in terms of social roles of men and women as well as practices that harm or sustain the ... read more
Drs Katabaro and Bagonza
Eval Team's Assa
Eval Team's Horace

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