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January 26th 2016
Published: January 26th 2016
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Firewood for Karagwe Hotel
Today's Summary of Activity

- Watched unloading and stacking of firewood for the hotel.

- Breakfast with the crew.

- Visited my friend Jeminah at her dress shop, chose fabric and was measured for a dress. Custom-made: form fitted. Ready tomorrow. $15.

- Walked about Kayanga. Went to bank. The hotel manager, Johannes, exchanged dollars to Tanzanian shillings for us. $100. = 210,000 shillings.

- Data collection team went to a nearby village to collect data.. Yesterday was Nyakahanga: Today is Rugela.

Data collection is headed up by Chris Johnstone from the University of Minnesota. Chris could not be kinder or more savvy at what it takes to organize and carry out evaluation. Monday's data collection went better than expected. We don't say that very often given all the challenges here.

58 people showed up to take the survey with a near gender balance. The team from Karagwe is on hand to help but were needed far less than anticipated. We look forward to KARUCO's opening and showing the impact of its focus on raising incomes for families.

Today's pics are daily life. The tremendous amount of wood burned to purify water and

Moving Wood for Use Later (boiling water and cooking food)
cook leaves the hillsides bare. People want other ways to do needed tasks but lacking clean water infrastructure, must do something and boiling is what is done.

Women carry heavy loads on their heads with enough balance and grace to make it seem like a talent competition. They fetch water and staples, care for children, and tend the fields (over 90% of families in Karagwe farm). My women friends here tell me "Life is hard here". But they have much hope for learning new ways.

Additional photos below
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Daily Chore

One of Many

In Karagwe

26th January 2016

Clean Water
We know they need an easier way to clean water, they know this; seems like a solution is needed! It's what ETI does best - provide solutions! (Get it - solutions, like water is part of a solution?!). :)
26th January 2016

Spot on and good word play to boot. Inspiring seeing your work from last year come to fruition. Asante.

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