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January 28th 2016
Published: January 28th 2016
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Almost hard to believe it is our last day in Kayanga. We leave tomorrow morning and travel to Uganda to fly out on Saturday. I thought it would be a rich experience to travel with the evaluation team to the village and help collect data. I may not be able to upload the photos just now - power has been out in Kayanga and surrounding villages for the last 24 hours. I will take advantage of the generator at the Kayanga Internet Cafe and hope for the best. Thanks for following along.

The eval team left around 9:30am with Chris Johnstone (team lead from UMN), Enoch, Assa, Vincent and Brighton Katabaro. Turned out the village chief did not communicate the research plan to his village so we headed to the clinic to see if people were there. We ended up with 54 participants who were at the clinic getting vaccinations for their children. Bright colors, lots of children playing, women chatting and eager to help. Groups of men also showed up and it was extremely interesting to connect. Everyone else had a 'real job' such as interpreting the items, translating in Swahili or working with the group that did not know how to read or write. My job was to have each person write their name and contact info on our registration sheet. The whole evaluation process took about 3 hours. Dr. Katabaro did an amazing job as he gently wrote the responses to items while protecting each person's dignity. We generally close an event like this with a 'thank you lunch' but in lieu of that, KAD gave each participant 5,000 Tsh (about $2.00). As subsistence farm families, this was a welcome surprise.

You and I might climb the walls if we didn't have power at home but here it is a common situation. Just the same I am going to cut this short and take advantage of connection from the Kayanga Internet Cafe generator.


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