After finishing high school, I was lucky to spend 7 weeks in the city of Oxford, UK. I started flying for Helvetic Airways the following september for 15 months before getting up in the moutains in Engelberg, central Switzerland, where I worked in the Angels Lodge as Breakfast and Reception coordinator. The past five months were full of new experiences like travelling and volunteering for EXPO Milan or The international folklore festival (Fribourg, Switzerland). I have just started two weeks ago to study at the High school of Managment and tourism.

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Basel June 20th 2015

After an early bird wake-up at 3 :38 in the morning, we reach the first shuttle to the airport, leaving at 5. 25 minutes later, we were eating a croissant and a apple pie with our really last pieces. We even had to use one Euro to be able to pay the breakfast, as we didn’t really count well. Our easyjet flight EZS1038 back to Basel left at 8h05. Our cultural walk, lead us between thousand years of culture, of all religions. We learned to know turkish people, that are such kind and welcoming people! I fell in love with that country. Later, in Augst 2015, I had the chance to be a guide during the Folklorical Encouteers in Fribourg, for the turkish dancing group. I could make real new friends and I will from now ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split June 19th 2015

First the first time in one month of travelling, we didn’t set any wake-up. We deserved sleep. I would recommend to stay a day or two in Split, but no more. We didn’t really know what was left to see, or if there was something left to be discovered. Split is nice and beautiful and if you like swimming in the sea and bath sunning, that is fine. As we are not really bath sunning people and, what is more, as I already say, as our budget was quite restricted, we had to keep on doing free things, free activities. We couldn’t even go in restaurant for diner. We keep on crisps and water. The thing is, all the beaches are made of stone. No sand to be seen at all. There were some crabs as ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Tucepi June 18th 2015

The old town of Split, is called Diocletian’s palace, like the name of a roman emperor. Actually the whole town is built inside the palace. It is a huge labyrinth of small streets. One of the doors opens on to the promenade in front of the sea and another door opens into the modern city. We couldn’t go up to the top of the cathedral, because of our very restricted budget (for the last three days of the trip), but we found a cheaper and cool solution instead. Walk up to the top of Marjan hill, to get a panoramic view over the city, the sea and the mountains. It is not that long, and totally worth the fifteen minutes’ walk and all the steps. Of course there is a little “café”. But the natural side ... read more
Along the seaside - promenade

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split June 17th 2015

After having bought some croissants at the nearest “pekara”, we made our way back to the train station, right next to the “autobuska Stanica”. We had chosen the company “Eurolines” (which I totally recommend) and were due to leave at 10 pm. A strange thing happened at the border; we showed our documents, like everyone else, so that the policeman could check them. But it turned out to be different for us. We got special treatment. Without even opening my red paper with the little white cross, the guy had a quick look at my boyfriend’s identity card and just gave us both passes back, without any other control, while every single passenger had to wait for his papers to be checked and given back! Croatian Seaside Landscapes are beautiful. After the huge storm in Sarajevo ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo June 16th 2015

Sarajevo comes etymologically from « Saray » which means « palace » in the Turkish language that was spoken in the Ottoman Empire. After a restful night, we bought our breakfast at the local “Konzum” and went back to the exhibition to listen to the guided tour, which was really worth it, to get a good general view about the dark side of history of Bosnia-Herzegovina. We also had a glance at the “Sacré-Coeur” church, located right next to the exhibition. In front of it, the Pope Jean-Paul II in stone is standing, to remind the population of his visit. This city is incredible and stays in your mind for at least one reason: you can find a catholic cathedral, an orthodox church, a mosque and a synagogue. All of them in the same city, earlier ... read more
renovated City-hall

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo June 15th 2015

Having heard that going by train from Mostar to Sarajevo was magical, we decided to try it and booked it for 7 in the morning. Well-known for its landscapes all along and its slowness, the carriages were not as modern as in Switzerland, but still quite comfortable. It was beautiful indeed! Once arrived in Sarajevo, about two and half hours later, we went towards the city centre, where we started looking for the hostel. The guy from the tourist office could luckily help us in finding out where the hostel hid. On the door, a small paper was hanging saying “call me”. The owner told us check-in time was later and we should wait. Annoyed, irritated even, we went into a café with our huge backpacks, not wanting to visit the city with them on our ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Pocitelj June 14th 2015

Having arranged the receiving of the car at 9 at the tourism office that rented us the car, we wanted to first purchase some food for the expedition. A bit stressed as we realised it was Sunday, they luckily had their food-store open on Sundays. I filled in the contract form, still being less than 21. What a surprise when Morgen showed up with a fourth person, in the name of Sami, 32 from Bristol, that he had met the night before at his hostel. The guy from the office had his birthday the night before and as a big fan of Bayern-Münich, someone had made him a huge “bayern-münich”-cake, with their logo. Against all expectations, we could find Kravice Waterfalls quite easily, following the office’s guy’s instructions. From Mostar, you follow the street direction Medugorje ... read more
derwish house in Blagaj
old building we climbed in Mostar

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar June 13th 2015

We could see the limits of google translate on the next morning when we showed off for breakfast at 8.30 and we met our host, panicked, saying she’d understood 9.30. Anyway, we walked then up to the “Hercegovacka Gracanica”, an orthodox church, from were you could see all over Trebinje and a bit further. Our host then offered to drive us up to the “autobuska stanica”, what we accepted with pleasure, measuring the hugeness and weight of our bags. The same taxi driver wanted to deal with us, without any success. The bus finally arrived, an hour later than scheduled (which is more than normal there). That is when we met Morgan, also carrying his house on his back. We told him after a while we wanted to visit Kravice waterfalls and planned to go together ... read more
View over Trebinje
Mostar's old Bridge
A street in Mostar, late afternoon

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Trebinje June 12th 2015

After breakfast, our next destination was situated in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We took a bus, the only bus we had seen. The itinerary went by Podgorica, actually stopping in every small village, to check if eventually someone would want to get in and join us. Well, we passed by lake Shkodra and the settings were beautiful but we still lost a day in that bus. We finally arrived at 3.30pm in Trebinje. We should maybe have gone to Herceg Novi and from there take a bus. Maybe you should try that. We searched for the bus timetable, as we were already leaving to Mostar the next day. This was not without difficulty. Someone tried to help us, trying to talk with the only guy at the station, without success despite the fact that we were talking ... read more
An orthodox Church
The old bridge by sunset
Beautiful sunset on the way back to the B&B

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor June 11th 2015

We had tasted delicious home-made Montenegrin cakes made by Stanka, as every morning. Then, as arranged, at 9, the taxi drive us was waiting for us in front of the house. What a view! They said you could see up to Italy’s coast but despite the beautiful and clear wetter, we did not have this chance. We could marvel at every Montenegrins’ summit and lake Shkoder, the mouth of Kotor and the Adriatic. Far away, the Durmitor were standing very proud. Stunning ! Totally worth the drive.(Or the 7-hours hike) Petar II Njegos mausoleum, the supreme bishop, is perched at 1660m high, which makes it to the second highest summit of Lovcen Parc. He was an admired poet and had chosen to repose there once dead, because he felt very linked to this place. His ashes ... read more
Njegos' Mausoleum at the top of Montenegro
The statue

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