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Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Saen May 26th 2018

Chiang Rai: Toi chon di thang nay ve Thai lan muc dich chanh la o day bat dau mua mang cut va toi rat thich an mang cut. Day la lan thu 3 toi di Thai Lan vao thang 5 de an mang cut va lan thu 6 toi den Thai Lan. Tuy nhien lan nay toi den thang mien bac Thai Lan, Chiang Mai toi cho la xu so cua mang cut, toi o den day mot lan nhung khong vao mua mang cut. Va mu dich thu 2 toi den Thailan la toi muon den vung Golden Triangle noi giap nhau cua 3 quoc gia Thai Lan , Laos, va Burma de biet them ve vung nay la noi noi tieng la buon ban A Phien nhieu nhat the gioi. Thai Lan la mot ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Saen February 25th 2014

סאוואדי קה (שלום בתאילנדית) לכולם לא התעצלנו והבאנו לטיול סרט על גאנדי ושני ספרים על הודו, ועכשיו אנחנו יודעים מה גאנדי עשה בשביל הודו וקצת על מה שהולך בהודו בימינו. הממשל פה מושחת עד העצם, הבן-אדם הפשוט בקושי מקבל הזדמנויות לשיפור חייו, העשירים - מאד עשירים והעניים- מאד עניים, אז איך אפשר לצפות מהאנשים לא להרוויח כמה שיותר על גבם של התיירים?! אלו היו כמה מילים על הודו, ועכשיו בחזרה אלינו שמונה ימים בילינו בצפון הודו - ברישיקש. משהוא מאד מוזר קורה פה ברישיקש. יש כאן המון מטיילי... read more
יום אחרון בבית קפה שלנו ברישיקש :(
מקדש בצאנג מאי - אחד מיני רבים

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Saen December 9th 2013

The city of Chiang Mai is surrounded by the remnants of a old wall and moat. It's around 700K from Bangkok, and while this might conjure up images of stepping into a bygone era, it is far from this. Thailand is very much a 21st century country, there appears to be a burgeoning middle class, the roads are in good shape and the rickety buildings of forty years are few and far between. Ribbon development has run amok in Thailand, with buildings that run either side of the main highways and link towns together. Back to Chiang Mai, myself and Malcolm are staying in a guest house recommended by Lonely Planet, it's costing us $20 per night and it has an en-suite . The courtyard area where we take our morning breakfast is a little oasis, ... read more
Elephants and Mahouts
White Temple
Dynamic Duo Eating Worms

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Saen September 5th 2013

Ciang Saen is a small, sleepy town in the far north of Thailand. Its main attraction is that it sits on the Mekong river at the point where the river divides Thailand from Laos, with sweeping views over the river to the Laotian sandbar (locals can cross the border freely, but tourists have to go to Sop Ruak). The river is busy all day with trawlers, ferries and cargo boats and I saw men fishing with huge nets affixed to canes which they sweep in the water. Watching the sunset, which gives the entire river a pink hue, was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen on this trip. In the past Chiang Saen was of strategic importance and was a battle site when the borders between Burma and Thailand were being disputed a ... read more
Old city wall and moat
Boats on the Laos side of the river
View across the river to Laos

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Saen December 28th 2012

Chiang Rai (Thailand) to Luang Prabang (Laos): 20 Dec - 27th Dec Our vision (as many of you know) was to cycle from Bhutan (where we were), to Australia (where Mel's bro Martin is). But there were a few problems... 1. It seemed like an awfully long way. 2. Crossing into Burma by land is not possible (legally). 3. Avoiding Burma, we'd have had to go over mountain passes into Tibet, in the middle of winter, which would be closed because of the weather (brrrrr). So... we made a new and improved vision. This new vision cuts out the tricky bits above, and has seen us set off from Northern Thailand. With this vision in mind, to head South on our Southerly bike ride, we spent the first 4 days cycling Northwards. In brief: Thailand: A ... read more
Stage 1 - Chaing Rai to Luang Prabang
Rural Rest
Mel on Top of the Clouds

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Saen August 21st 2012

We waren op weg om de 'Golden Triangle' te bezoeken. Één van de vele toeristische attracties hier maar een must om te doen in Noord-Thailand! We deden de laatste ochtend nog eerst een wandeling doorheen de ruïnes in Chiang Saen. We liepen de verkeerde richting uit en kwamen een uur later dan gepland terug in ons hotelletje. We weten de naam niet meer van het hotel in Chiang Saen want het was een Thais hotel. De eigenaars (die van het kapperssalon) vonden het heel speciaal dat er Westerse toeristen de weg naar hun spiksplinternieuw hotel gevonden hadden en daar nog es wilden verblijven ook. De meeste Thai verblijven er langer dan een maand (ze doen hier dan seizoenswerk). Het hotel is basic en goedkoop. Een rustige straat en geen ontbijt, maar best ook, want het ontbijt ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Saen August 16th 2012

Een groot uur busrit vanuit Chiang Rai busstation naar Chiang Saen. Chiang Saen is vooral bekend vanwege de kleine dorpjes rondom zoals de Hilltribe Karen people. De Longneck people dus (de vrouwen met de Lange Nekken). We besloten wijselijk deze stam niet op te zoeken. Waarom? Omdat op deze toeristische manier de gruwelijke foltering van de vrouw in stand gehouden wordt. Het is niet de nek die langer word (wat veel mensen denken) maar het is de borst en de rug die platter gedrukt worden. Je ziet dan ook in diverse museums en foto's rondom de stad dat de vrouw bijna geen borst heeft. Ook hebben ze een erg misvormde rug want ze staan naar voren gebogen en drukken hun longen heel erg tegen hun ingewanden. Ze hebben minder ribben dan een gewoon mens. Deze gruwelijke ... read more
the way how to smoke opium/de manier om opium te roken

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Saen April 2nd 2012

NOTE: SOMETHING HAPPENED WITH UPLOAD PICTURES ON THIS ONE ... SO I'LL DO THAT WHEN GOT ACCESS AGAIN (M OFF TO NORTH OF LAOS NOW ...) Every town, every village has its own center and i continuously look for places to stay just conveniently far enough to be out of the crowd, so Gin's Place it was ... owned by Gin, a thai lawyer who loves american westerns and is more of a poet and artist when you meet him than someone who you would expect to practice law ... and run by Lucy, his business oriented wife. But more about them later ... i ended up only 8km from the center of the Golden Triangle, which is a little island in the shape of an old ax in the middle of the Mekong where Birma ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Saen March 22nd 2012

NOTE: ALL PICTURES ARE MIXED UP SO MY 'EDITED' PICTURE STORY DOES NOT EXIST IN NEXT FEW BLOGS ... M LEAVING LUANG PRABANG TODAY AND WILL NOT BE ONLINE FOR A WHILE (HAD TROUBLE ALSO HERE IN LP, HOWEVER THAT DOESN'T MEAN YA CAN'T ENJOY THEM ... Not only is Chiang Saen is one of the oldest towns of Thailand with a rich royal and religious history it's also less than 10km away from SopRuak, which is a tourist trap for those who want to be at the center of the Golden Triangle ... and the rest of the text fell away ... oh well, just the mixed up pictures then ... enjoy... read more
the golden temple
Picture 009
ganesh offerings ...

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Saen June 26th 2010

Grilled frog stewed with betel leaves, galangal flower and aromatic wood This is a very different and delicious North Thai recipe for frog. Serves 4, memorably The meat: Two whole plump barbequed frogs, with skin on. They look and smell grim. Never fear. Don’t be a ‘doubting Thomas’ like I was ;-) The veg: Hung wai - the white things in the bowl that look like a cross between palm heart and bamboo. They have a painful prickly covered stem as their defence mechanism. Like an apprentice cactus. Betel leaves - “bai chorpoo” (Pepper leaf) Kaffir lime leaf Thai Eggplant - apple and pea egg plant - as used in Thai curries Pak tam leung - a type of creeping morning glory (sounds rude, doesn’t it?) Ja-kaan - aromatic wood. Dok kha - galangal flower Cilantro ... read more
Frog and ingredients
Galangal flower & cha om
adding the greens

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