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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai March 22nd 2018

Woolly says – We’d spent a day travelling, Chiang Mai railways station was a delight, from the floral arrangements and statues to the way in which they announced the time with lots of dings and dongs and a few verses of the national anthem. Our seats might not have been the comfiest but the views more than made up for that as we chugged past paddy fields and into the jungle where the biggest bamboo trees (or are they bushes?) stood towering high above the tree tops. A lady in pink wandered up and down the carriages offering us food and drinks on an hourly basis, all included in the price of our tickets! I have never eaten so much! We had to ban him from the trolley in the end fearing that other ... read more
The Inner City
Wat Sri Chum
Wat Sorasakwas

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai January 18th 2018

C’est reparti pour un quart de tour de planète, Thailande et Myanmaragain. Vol assuré par Jet Airways, compagnie indienne (Salut la compagnie !), je vais manger indien. A l’escale de Mumbai (Bombay), c’est le bordel à l’indienne, il est minuit et demi, il fait 29° dehors, ça doit ramollir le ciboulot des fonctionnaires chargés du transit et de la sécurité. Les britanniques ont imprimé la rigueur dans l’esprit des administratifs locaux. La rigueur, en Inde, est synonyme d’excès de zèle autoritaire. Et cet excès de zèle, qu’ils mènent avec un sérieux interplanétaire, conduit inévitablement à l’allongement des files, à la bousculade des sacs, laptops, ceintures dénouées et autres objets qu’on demande aux voyageurs de bien vouloir déposer sur le tapis de l’IRM à bagages. Les français du vol pour Bangkok angoissent un peu car le temps ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai November 12th 2017

Today can only be described as "a long day on the bus." Our day began at 5:30 am, well for some that is. We did not get a wake up call, so I slept til 5:50. It would have been OK except for the fact we had to have our suitcases out the door by 6 AM. So I was in a bit of a bind to comply and still make sure I was fully packed. Unfortunately I failed in my quest. In my rush to get ready, I forgot underware, so today I went commando! I know TMI Our sole goal today was to travel, and travel we did. We had to drive 285 miles which would have taken 6 hours had we been allowed to drive straight through. The bus driver is allowed only ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai October 26th 2017

Très court article car pas grand chose à dire mais j'essaie quand même d'écrire un article par endroit ! Nous sommes arrivés à Sukothai lorsque le marché nocturne s'installait. Nous avons goûté de nombreuses spécialités à différents étals. Le lendemain, j'étais malade et je suis restée à l'auberge de jeunesse toute la journée tandis que Shaun est parti faire un tour de vélo dans la vieille ville. Le lendemain, nous sommes partis pour Chiang Mai - un long voyage de plus de 6 heures en bus. ... read more
Bouddha assis
Bouddha debout

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai January 5th 2017

It took seven hours on the bus to get from Bangkok to Sukhothai. In reality it wasnt a bad journey but we were quite pleased to get there. At the bus staton all the foreigners were squeezed onto a local bus rather like a mini cattle truck. Luckily our hotel was the first stop and soon we were freshening up in our room ready to investigate the nightlife! We were staying in New Sukhothaui, some 11km from the ruins of the ancient capital. It is by no means a large town, nor is there really a lot to do within the town itself. To get to our hotel we had to walk through the market and thankfully the pungent smell from the fish sellers didn't drift too far down the road. There are a handful of ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai December 4th 2015

Geo: 17.013, 99.7497Or at least a drizzle. It rained this morning just before we left but it was sunny all day. Of course I forgot my sunscreen so now I'm a bit red.Sukothai is the oldest capital, or should I say ex capital, of the country so what you can see here are old ruins of tempels. In the central zone they are still in a not too bad shape but we also went to the North zone where hardly anything is left. A pity cause one of the temples must have been big and beautiful.We also discovered they have owls in Thailand. How? We've been geocaching, looked in a hollow tree and woke one up. Most caches were hidden near all the different ruins and tempels and made a good guide.... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai December 3rd 2015

Geo: 17.013, 99.7497This morning we weren't awoken by birds like all the other mornings so far but by the sound of thunder and rain. The birds only came when it stopped raining.Been on the road for most of the day. Left the hotel a bit after 10 to the bus station where we took the 11.30 bus to Sukothai. 1st Class bus but still 30 minutes late. But we got a bottle of water, a sandwich and a free noodle soup at our first stop. The bus wasn't that luxurious, there was only one stand of the seat, all the way back and Thierry couldn't switch off the airco.Around 6pm we finally arrived at the Sukothai bus terminal, got a tuk tuk to our hotel and now time to unwind... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai November 15th 2015

So it’s riding day 7. The weather today was HOT and my ass is really starting to hurt. Oh, and did I mention that I had extremely spicy food last night and I ate dried squid from a street vendor? I did all I could today just to stay upright on my bike. Ah… what a morning. สวัสดี S̄wạs̄dī - Hello from the beautiful, ancient city of Sukhothai, Thailand! After breakfast, we left the city of Nan and rode through more winding mountainous roads along the Nan River until reaching the Sirikit Dam Reservoir. In order to shave about an hour and a half off our ride today, we boarded a wooden ferry and took the motorcycles across the reservoir. After crossing the reservoir, we continued riding for about another two hours until reaching the Sirikit ... read more
Group phot at the Ancient Sukhothai Historical Park
Take a close Look - Ancient Hidden Ruin at Sukhothai Historical Park

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai April 29th 2015

Allowing myself a lay in and an easy start to the day i then walked round to the bus station to catch a bus to sukhathai. Getting on a locals bus with the locals ( also sharing it with 2 men from Belgium who insisted on chatting away to me in a mixture of Dutch and Thai - neither of which i understood! But quite sweet all the same.) I arrived just over an hour later to get on what seemed like a waiting Tuk Tuk ( i was the only tourist) to take me to my hotel. After changing to the hotel next door, one with a hot shower - that worked! And after unpacking and having a chat with the nice lady owner i walked down to the main street to catch another bus ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai April 3rd 2015

First days in Sukhothai. So different from the traffic and noise of Bangkok and the tourism in Chiang Mai. I have yet to take the bus to the old city ruins and temples (probably in the afternoon, since right now there is the sunny hell going on outside:) Don't get me wrong, I really like it here). There are much less people speaking English, but everyone is really nice and trying to help. I' m gonna rent a motorbike tomorrow for the trip, so wish me luck not to forget that they're riding on the left side. (Might get interesting otherwise.) Oh, and found a laundry as well - things are getting better! (And it's not washed in Ganga river anymore - hello Varanasi:). So keep reading, I'll update soon!... read more

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