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Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani January 31st 2011

Arriving back in Thailand provoked mixed feelings, mainly because we were leaving the beautiful and chilled Laos for the more developed Thailand. We stayed a night in Ubon Ratchathani as a stop off point before we headed South and where we had to catch the train to Bangkok. We tried to get a train as soon as we arrived but all the sleeping carriages were full and after spending all day travelling we didn’t fancy a night of no sleep so we opted for a night in a pretty shit guesthouse. The room was full of mozzies and as we were putting the mozzie net up the bed slightly collapsed on me but we managed to fix it. We got settled under the net we had bought some treats after not having any for a month ... read more
Pakse waiting room, Laos
Jam sarnys!
Erecting the net!

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani April 17th 2010

Found a rectangle flower, near the border to Loas.... read more
cliff drawing 55

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani April 8th 2010

We traveled to Ubon last week. Visited PhaTaem National Park, with cliff paintings. The big fish is of the giant catfish of the Mekong river. It was very HOT and dry this year.... read more
PhaTaem NP 2
PhaTaem NP 3
BanPhai 1

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani July 18th 2008

It has been over two weeks now since I have been in Thailand, a magical place that continues to astound me. It seems that every time I see something most stunning, we encounter something even more breathtaking. The accommodations and generosity shown towards us is outdone in every new place we go. The most enriching experiences are becoming more unique, and the most flavorful dishes are becoming more alive all the while unlikely opportunities are proven possible time and time again. I will do my best to some up the past week spent outside Bangkok. 7/11 On Friday we took a two hour train ride to the city of Kanchanaburi. We Spent the evening relaxing at our riverfront motel. Our bungalow lay directly on the water giving us an incredible view of the mountains. 7/12 The ... read more
Riverside Bungalow
Death Railroad Cemetery
Death Railroad monument

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani April 17th 2008

Date of visit: December 18-22nd 2007. Introduction: For the research of this graduate project, I have chosen to visit four destinations within Thailand that I think will provide me with the data I need for my project. The first destination is Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. For this profile destination I will introduce Ubon Ratchathani as a province and as a destination. I will also show some typical 3-4 days packaged tour information to the destinations local cinema. Usually you will not find any because most tour operators operate on a fixed schedule and they would want to take advantage of natural resources as the main attraction to the destination. Traveling privately is different from taking part with a tour group. Private traveling gives more freedom to explore potential areas that are ... read more
Pha Taem National Park
Sao Cha-Liang
Delivering profitable value

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani February 2nd 2008

Well, moments ago I was with Riki. Now I am not. TRULY solo. Although I DO have a cell phone she is loaning me for emergencies, I actually have no more built in company. What an adventure! Of course the usual apprehension and a little sadness ensue...but actually I'm doing ok. Feeling connected to all of you as I write. True explorers and adventurers of course didn't have these luxuries, like computers/internet, and cell phones, even phones at all. But, we do what we can to see the beautiful places that cover this fascinating undulating vibrating planet without damaging it too much or leaving huge footprints. We ate at "Risotto", the first Italian restaraunt that I have patronized since being in Thailand. For the most part have been eating as much local food as possible, trying ... read more
Soon to be baby birds
Me and Ooleung
An Example of the Older Wooden Houses of Ubon

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani January 4th 2008

So we left Barn Ae today. Well we did @ 4.30pm. For most of the day we packed and cleaned up. K and I also went to Khueng Nai as I thought I had to enrol but I don’t have to till Tuesday. But it was sad to leave (I know after all of my complaining of boredom??) knowing that this maybe the last time I will see my grandparents (Grandpa is an amazing 92! And my grandma is 87 I think…). But now we are revisiting the overnight train ride, 11 hours, but this time it's to Bangkok. I’m actually tired so I hope I get at least a little sleep. Jeez the a/c is on full blast ad it’s very cold. Also, I hate the top bunks, they’re next to the lights on the ... read more
My nanna!
my grandparents

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani January 3rd 2008

Yay they are gone. Woohoo! Jeez, last night I got all these sms’s that were sent to me on New Years night. They all came in one go and I even got 7 sms’s from sum French unknown number!? Weird… So today K and I went to Ubon and interneted. I chatted to phung, which was nice, and tried to catch up on my blogs and all the emails that im behind on, I hope they were more interesting but afraidly they are not . We then went to Robinson’s (equivalent to Myers in AUS) and we then went to Swenson’s. I ate so much ice cream!!! The thing that I ordered was SO huge but I had to eat it, I couldn’t let it waste, haha. So I didn’t bother eating lunch… We then went ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani January 2nd 2008

Yes, I should’ve worn socks last night, my feet were so cold and therefore I didn’t sleep very well. Jim said wen he got up @ 6 this morning it was 10degrees! Wen I was bothered to get out of bed it was 16degrees, so its pretty cold and I have limited warm clothes… I was sick last night. I swear I’m getting sick too much, must be what I’m eating. I’ve also realised I complain too much. Jess I think you’re partly to blame because we always have a habit of complaining together. So wen I get back we can have a complaining session about how often of got sick on this trip and other stuff, haha. … I just spoke to Phil and Jess, it was nice, and I just wish I had more ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani January 1st 2008

Happy birthday dad… Ah! It is so windy here it is crazy, coconuts are falling down left, right and centre and it’s really COLD. So I made it to midnight last night! Well kinda… I chatted to Mark for a while @ 11.30 but was so tired I went straight to bed afterwards but the fireworks were really loud so technically I was still awake, but in bed…haha. The only people that were successfully still up @ midnight were Dad and Big John. So this morning we got up @ 6.30am for Buddhist prayer and food donation to the monks and new years. There were 5 monks and were gave food donations to each of them (they give ti to the homeless and charities and schools). It was a nice way to start the New Year. ... read more
Normal photo of us
Monk Ceremony
Buddhist Prayer

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