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Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani December 19th 2007

I didn’t sleep very well last night. My back hurts and I don’t feel very well and I am so tired. But here I am, it is 7.26am and none of the Falangs (white people apart from Locky) are up yet and I feel horrible. I was sandwiched between two girls last nite with very little space to move. Usually I can sleep anywhere; I am surprised that I couldn’t. I am sitting on the balcony and I can see mum playing with Louie (our adopted dog) and I can see 2 coconut husks my parents cleaned for me so I can have my very own horse hooves (Monty Python, Holy Grain). But yes, I still think it’s good to be here. Most people here go to bed @ about 8 so we Falangs are stuck ... read more
My 2nd cousin Ket
Dad and the new hammock
Leathal Mosquitos

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani December 18th 2007

We have finally made it to the village! Not much has changed, I am sitting downstairs @ the newly purchased bamboo (mai pai in Thai) table setting with bloody midges flying all around me. It’s good to see Ma and Pa again and see the rest of the family. Dad has big plans for the bathroom, which he and Locky are planning to build. I am really tired due to the lack of sleep but it’s too hot even to try and get some sleep. It’s so quiet it’s unbelievable. Going from Bangkok to here, all you can hear here are the birds and some bugs chirping . But there has been a lot of catching up. I have filled dad in about the Melbourne trip and showed him photos. I’m sorry, I love this quietness, ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani October 25th 2007

i have finally arrived back in thailand, from pakxe in laos, this morning. about to take a 12 hour overnight train from here in the city of ubon ratchathani, in north east thailand, to bangkok. i went straight to the station to book the ticket when i arrived here. they only had 1ST CLASS AIR CON SLEEPER left, which is still only about 14 GB pounds, so just had to take that! spent 5 days in southern laos, id been to the north twice before, but never to the south, so it was somewhere new. savannakhet was extremely laid back, spent 2 nights there. no much to do apart from wander around. lao people are very friendly, will say hello to you in the street and, unlike certain other countries, it is not a pre ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani August 15th 2007

Mei Ling's Arrival I met my sister Mei Ling in Bangkok, she'll be travelling with me for 2 months through the more remote areas of Thailand, Laos, then into Vietnam. Paolo has less than a month before his flight to Nepal so he's visiting the key destinations in Cambodia and Vietnam. After 5 months, it was awesome to have Mei Ling around, teaching her key backpacker survival skills (like collecting rolls of toilet paper when they're free), and having someone to carry my winter clothes for me. After Mei Ling purchased an entirely new summer wardrobe, we headed to Korat in NE Thailand. Korat The bus dropped us off in front of 'The Mall', an air-conditioned mall with Western restaurants and a high ratio of Western men married to Thai women half their age. After exploring ... read more
Mei Ling's first of MANY purchases
The Mall - Korat
Phimai Ruins

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani July 16th 2007

Photos!! Asia » Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani By KaitlinJuly 16th 2007Photos from May, June and July!... read more

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani February 12th 2007

Day 256, 11th February Nam Thaeng - Pha Taem National Park - Khong Jiam Somehow I can’t imagine life not on-the-road. It’s a scary thought to think of the end of this journey. The most asked question from non-travellers in the last 8 months has been, “Aren’t you scared”? The answer has always been a resounding “NO”! They have obviously meant cycling and free-camping in developing countries. But now, the answer to that question is “Yes”, “I am scared of the prospect of being sitting at a desk all day doing a shitty job for the rest of my life”! Where do I go from Singapore? That, as a matter of fact, is one of the great adventures of life, not actually knowing what life will throw at you. A lot of what happens is chance ... read more
Twited Roots
What the F......  !
Cave Paintings

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani November 10th 2006

This flight we have 5crews,there are purser who is very nice,and the rest r very nice as well made this flight great.we took off from hotel since10.30 in the morning,first we thought that we had no time,so we planned to go to a museum in downtown located not very far from where we stay,but after asking a local driver,we changed our minds.The weather was damn hot!!!!!!!!!anyway,we were still happy and the driver were very nice and polite.The problem is i didnt know or had a plan before then i was not prepared,i brought high-heels shoes with me,hahahahha.people kept watching on my shoes,becoz it was a bit tough en route.You will see as in the pictures.... read more
like a mushroom,huh?
With Kim(cutie sister)
the painting in Phataem

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani September 19th 2006

Hello! Hope everybody is enjoying freshers week...or enjoying waiting for freshers! I really dont know where i should start as its been nearly 2 weeks!! Friday was the retirement party. We had our picture taken 1000000000000000000 times, my double chin has now disappeared from smiling so much. The Thai's are like 'white person lets have a photo with them' The school photographer had taken our picture earlier in the week for our introduction board and he gave us it to have a look and he had AIRBRUSHED my skin and hair so i looked like a doll..a psychotic doll! I have had another photo taken as i thought it would freak the students out. We met up with andy and allan (volunteers from det-udom) at the party which was the chance to speak fast english ... read more
Me with lady boy!
Me playing ladders
Near the boarder with Laos

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani September 6th 2006

Where to begin..Em and I are now living in our own house! We moved into our house on Sunday after our host decided it would be easier for us to live in the house instead of the hosts as it is right next to the school. We were both really glad we didnt have to stay another night with our 'Thai mum' as she was driving us craaazy! Her English was really bad, which I could cope with, but all she kept saying was 'Mum loves you...Mum loves her beautiful daughters...Mum misses her daughters' I think she actually thought she had adopted us! In Thailand for some bizarre reason Thai people refer to themselves in the third person. Nobody ever says 'I' apparently its meant to bring people closer but after a while its just annoying. ... read more
Making cocktails
First day at work
Sleeper train

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani September 1st 2006

Hello again! Im sitting in the public library computer room(its right next to my house)...and theres a monk just behind me! Ubon Ratchathani is fab much nicer than Bangkok. Our first day here was mad, the train was 2 hours late getting in and when we got off all the hosts went crazy taking millions of photos. Em and I's hosts is called Ajharn Chiansa she speaks English really well so communicating hasnt been too difficult. On the first day we went straight out for breakfast and then they took us to visit our accomodation which is really nice! It isn't as big as we thought as we can only use the downstairs and we are sharing a bedroom - but we have too bathrooms and there is still plenty room for the other volunteers to ... read more
wat dudes
Thai scouts

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