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Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani December 30th 2007

Yes, I lost my first lip balm the other day in Ubon, lucky I have a few back up, haha. I don’t like this at all. Only 2 days of the year left… So my cousin Noom came home last night. He’s still the same, shy but he has hair! It used to always be shaved military style. We all thought he was studying to be a doctor at uni but we found out yesterday that he’s doing Pharmacy and it take 6 year (imagine that phung?!) and to be a doctor here its 8 years! Apparently uni degrees take longer here. A few other cousins are coming home so New Years will be interesting… We are going to Khueng Nai 2day to get last minute stuff and so we younger ones can go on the ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani December 29th 2007

Yes that is the name of the song that Sophia likes at the moment by The Hives on their CD The Black and White Album. Just got an sms from Phil he tells me it’s really hot back home. Haha, well you guys have insulation, fans and air conditioners. We have two roof fans and that’s it but it’s about 30-sum thing here and its ok but it’s been really cold at night. Today is another lazy day. I was really bored this morning. To the point where I was going to call someone back home. Elycia was my first victim but I realised she was working so I lost all-purpose in my boring mission. More construction on the bathroom, today it’s the roof. … Hmm 1pm here, I should do sum thing productive!! But all ... read more
The bathroom
My 2nd cousin
My 2nd cousins

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani December 28th 2007

So we left the Mekong River @ 10.30 and took the scenic route back to Ubon. We had lunch in town, interneted, then went to Tesco to stock up on food and because @ New Years EVERYthing will be closed for a few days. We also found out that Tesco doesn’t sell alcohol till after 5… Some random Thai chick came up yo us because she is learning English but she was very shy. We then went back t Barn Ae. Goong my cousin also came home from Bangkok for New Years and she has definitely changed. She’s prettier than she used to be. I also got the worlds longest sms from Mark and chatted to jess who was a bit out of sorts, I suppose just tired. Anyway off to bed, Adios Sophia ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani December 26th 2007

Yes it is Boxing Day in AUS and exactly 3 years ago in this exact place there was a tsunami on the west coast of Thailand. We just happened to be at the eastern most point of Thailand! Haha. I remember because we were at the restaurant next door this ‘resort’ (it consists of 8 cabins and they call it a resort!?) and these 2 Frenchies came up to us panicking and told us there was a tsunami the an AUS couple came by and told us the same thing. We Didn’t realise the extent till we went back to the ‘resort’ and turned the TV on, although it was in Thai, it was very scary as we were here for the aftermath, the country was in disarray, it was HUGE here. My mum even refused ... read more
Eastern most point in thailand
Entry into Laos

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani December 25th 2007

Nooo! My Singapore Airline drink mixer thing that I kept just broke in half!! Anyway, I’d like to thank the following people who woke me up between 4 and 4.30 this morning Mark Jess Elycia And apart from the fact that Ariel had some how rolled over to my bed and taken control of half of it, I had a pretty dodgy sleep… So while you guys are eating your Christmas lunches and dinners (apart from Phung) and opening presents, I am here. But I have the best present, I think, a paid trip overseas, I can't complain. Off to Ubon today and for the night, we will meet up with Big John (and I MEAN big), dad’s friend who has come with us on the last two trips. … So what did I do today? ... read more
The Boat
The View

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani December 24th 2007

Actually, it was the day before Christmas and nobody gave a stuff because it was just another day. So update. I still have the cold and I still have some stomach thing going on. Why am I still sick damn it! Blaa… And to correct you, I watched 8 episodes of greys yesterday and Kristina watched 11, haha. … I am still in a bad mood. I mean really bad. I don’t want to talk about it. So what did I do today? We walked to the big Buddha, which is being built right near the village, I took some happy snaps. When it is done, it will be coated in gold, it will be interesting to see wat it looks like. Adios Sophia ... read more
The Big Buddha
The Bathroom
My Aunty

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani December 23rd 2007

Just got a message from Mark my friend (?) haha he will know what I mean. I have realised these blogs are boring. Well do you find them boring? I feel like I’m just writing rubbish, haha well you can read my rubbish then. Full steam ahead for the construction on the bathroom today! … My head feels like it weighs a thousand tonnes, if that’s possible… Jeez I sound like a never-ending complaining machine don’t I? I have a cold. Yes I know, a cold you say? Weird I know but I can’t stop sneezing and my nose won’t stop running and my head is so heavy. I feel like rubbish and it’s SO bloody hot here. I’m all sticky and dirty, blaa… Shower time… … Ok I am back. Haha mum is checking the ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani December 22nd 2007

It’s really weird. I’m usually up quite early here unlike back home, what is wrong with me!! 7am in the morning!? That’s crazy! But today we went into Ubon Ratchitani, which is 34km away, and we took a Song Tel in (it’s similar or a bit Ute with seat and a roof in the back). It take about and hour or so to get there. So we went to the Internet café and I chatted to mark and Andrew on skype for a while which was good (haha Ariel is on the phone leaning on a coconut tree, not a wise idea, haha). But we had pizza for lunch, white man food! Haha. Thai food all the time gets a bit repetitive… Dad is crying (hypothetically) because I don’t talk about him in here, haha. But ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani December 21st 2007

Today we got up @ 5.30am because it was Temple Day. Mum and Dad donated 10,009 baht (about $350AUS) to the village temple. We gave food to the monks and there was Buddhist prayer. It’s quite spiritual, I’ve never thought of myself to be religious and no offence to any Christians but its never really interested me but Buddhism for me is different its peaceful. I got given and new bracelet from the head monk, Christians were a cross, I’ll wear my bracelet but its not just for the sake of it it’s a spiritual accepting of the religion and more so the respect for the man who gave it to me. My grandfather gave me my other bracelet and I wear it for respect. Typical Thai’s though! Mum said we would leave @ 6 but ... read more
Walking to the Temple
Dad handing over the money

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani December 20th 2007

Woohoo! I slept really well last night! Yay! Apart from Dad snoring in the other room every now and then and it being a little cold, I can’t believe I slept well. Because they are not like regular beds, they are really thin mattresses (no springs) on the ground (and not foam). But all I have to say is yay! Construction on the bathroom today. … Yes, hospital. Let me start from the beginning. I’ve been feeling sick lately but nothing unusual for me. So this morning we went to Khueng Nai to go to the hardware Store to get stuff for the bathroom, I took some non-prescription drugs (I have been too lazy to get new prescription stuff…) and I started getting worse so I sat down and everyone left to look at stuff so ... read more
Bathroon Construction
Mum, Kristina on Hammock and Bathroon Construction

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