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Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani February 6th 2019

We have woken early ready for breakfast before our bus trip across the border. We have exactly the right amount of cash for fried eggs, bread and a drink at the cafe. The rest of our cash has been spent at the supermarket stocking up on drinks and munchies since kip will be useless once we exit Laos. All packed, we check out, only to find our breakfast restaurant, along with just about every other restaurant in the street, is firmly closed! Ah, it’s new year and most of these places are Chinese owned. It looks like we are either going without, eating munchies, or risking the Indian breakfast then? An Indian restaurant owner beckons us in. He can do fried eggs and bread, plus lassi for me and tea for Ian. We do a mental ... read more
Tip box?
Funky furniture in hotel lobby

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani June 28th 2013

Geo: 15.2389, 104.857Despite having a look around Ubon (short for Ubon Ratchathani) for familiar places I can find none, not even a hint, it's like I was never here before but I definitely was. Even looking for the hospital, although I found it on the map, when I cycled out it wasn't 'this' hospital I stayed in so I must have even remembered the wrong name, interesting.I stay in Ubon a couple of days to see some of the many temples and sights which are stunning; it's a nice place despite not finding my bearings! I end up staying on my route out of town towards Sisaket to make things easier however I still cycle around during the day as I've a lot of catching up although I'm still in quite a lot of pain. Near ... read more
Feeding the pigeons
Wat Nong Pa Phong
Wat Nong Pa Phong

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani March 17th 2013

Pataya is another dump but nowhere near as extreme as BKK . It has a nice( ish) beach but is rather dirty . I got there about 3 or 4 hours with the mega cheap taxi , driver wearing sunglasses black tie and leather gloves Im sure he had been watching the Blues Brothers the night before but was a great laugh , never got a tip though as he spent most of the journey driving at mach2 whilst texting or talking on his mobile which sort of unnerved me a little , I dont have much faith in Thai taxi drivers after the last one from BKK airport did a U turn on the motorway after a truck caught on fire some way in front of us , pretty hairy doing that I thnk they ... read more
Mai Nam
The waterfall
Mean machine

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani March 12th 2013

A lot of people have asked me how do you handle travelling alone ? This question or even this fear went through my mind as I left Europe behind because I had no idea . But the truth is I was never alone or lonely , alone by choice sometimes but never lonely . You meet the most amzing people abroad both locals and other travellers, all you got to do is talk to people and you find some most interesting and fun people , especially locals they love any contact with the " outside " world , often in the poorer supressed countries they feel forgotten by the western world and love it when people show an interest in them and thier cultures. I am now ( March 2013)in Argentina and have been surrounded by ... read more
Room with a view
Funny outboard engines

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani October 5th 2012

So after that quick overnight stop at little Nang Rong, I arrived in Ubon Ratchatani, one of the easternmost larger cities in Thailand, from where I would make the crossing into Laos. Apparently Ubon was an important air base for the US forces during the Vietnam War, during which time the city prospered. However it does seem as if not that much has happened in the city since, which in many respects seems to have seen better days. The city itself is not large, and quite walkable. There are a few temples of some importance to the city, but it seems the only time it really gets crowded is during the Candle Festival that it's famous for, which occurs annually in July. That's probably also the only time the old, soulless 1970s style 3-star hotels fill ... read more
Candle Sculpture in Thung Si Mueang Park
Nang Rong to Ubon Ratchatani
Ubon Open Air Night Food Centre

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani July 23rd 2012

We arrived in Ubon after crossing the border back into Thailand by foot giving us 15days on a new visa. We managed to stock up on some essentials like allergy pills and travel adaptors. It was nice to be back in a Thai city and be the the only westerners around. Ubon is famous for its died cotton and there were little handicraft shops everywhere. We only stopped one night and there was a huge cockroach in our room that had me running around like a mad person. We left for Surin the next day. Thinking we would be able to find out some more about the elephant study centre we'd read about we wandered around Surin for ages and noone could help us. After a night here we just caught the bus 58km north to ... read more
Got your hand!
Massage time...eeekk

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani January 23rd 2012

After a one and a half hour drive to the Thai – Cambodia border to visit Prasat Khao Phra Wihan we found there would be no access on that day. The famous temple located strategically on top of a mountain overlooking Cambodia has been a point of conflict for many years. On the day that I decided to visit the temple some Thai and Cambodian troops had a stand-off in the nearby area and it was decided to close the temple for safety reasons. I was disappointed but still could view the temple using some binoculars at the Thai lookout area and had a great view of the mountain and Cambodia below. I will try to visit the temple from Siem Reap on the Cambodian side on a future visit. Fortunately I had a plan B ... read more
Viewpoint Prasat Khao Phra Wihan
Prasat Khao Phra Wihan
Prasat Khao Phra Wihan

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani January 21st 2012

Sam Phan Bok (Three Thousand Holes) Monday 16th January was one of my best days on tour since I started visiting Thailand. My legs are still recovering from all the walking and climbing but it was an unforgettable day. Sam Phan Bok is close to the border of Laos and that is how the location is spelt on site so I will go with that and it means “Three Thousand Holes”. At this time of year the Mekong River is very low instead of the powerful river seen between July and October. It took two hours to get to Sam Phan Bok and the nearby roads seem to have more than three thousand holes in them but only for a short distance approaching the river. My driver is not a guide and usually one of the ... read more
Sam Phan Bok
Sam Phan Bok
Sam Phan Bok

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani January 20th 2012

Ubon Ratchathani is a very good place to visit and the people have not been exposed to as much tourism like other parts of Thailand and can maintain their normal lifestyle. This was my first visit to Ubon which is a large city in the east, close to Cambodia and part of Isaan, my favorite region of Thailand. This is what I call the “real” Thailand where most people are even more friendly, charming and polite than the tourist areas and live a normal life at work and play. It is quiet and peaceful, the motorcycle and car drivers are very careful and also polite unlike the hectic traffic in other places. I saw very few foreigners in my five days in Ubon and everywhere I went in the city and region I met the most ... read more
Wat Sa Prasun Suk
Wat Sa Prasun Suk
Wat Sa Prasun Suk

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Ubon Ratchathani April 30th 2011

J'ai passe les derniers jours dans la ville de Ubon Ratchatani, une ville pres de la frontiere entre la Thailande, le Laos et le Cabodge. C'est une ville que j'ai trouve tres interessante! Surtout le parc au centre de la ville! Ce parc est le lieu de rassemblement de la ville et il y a toutes sortes d'activites. Dans la meme soiree, j'ai vu deux cours de danses aerobiques (dans deux sections du parc), quelques court de basketball, le sport qui ressemble au volley mais qui se joue avec les pieds, une cinquantaine de personnes qui faisait du Tai-Chi, a un autre endroit, des gens qui faisait du Yoga, une section du parc pour faire de la musculation, une demi-douzaine de terrains de soccer, etc... A chacune des entrees du parc, il y a un food ... read more
Le jeu dont j'ignore le nom mais ou les oueurs font des choses super impressionantes
Le jeu dont j'ignore le nom mais ou les oueurs font des choses super impressionantes
Un Singha

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