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Asia » Taiwan » Taichung July 4th 2015

Hi everyone! Happy 4th of July! I can't believe it's already been a month since I left home! That's crazy! Anyways, I've successfully found my way to the university where I will be studying for the next two months. For the first few nights we stayed in the Alumni House on campus, which is basically a hotel and was very nice. We had wifi (which we don't have in the dorms - we have to connect using ethernet) and air conditioning (which we have in the dorms but have to ration because it takes credits, and once we run out, we have to pay for more). When we first arrived, we checked in and got ourselves situated before meeting Yu Laoshi (our teacher) for a welcome dinner. She brought us to this little soup dumpling (more ... read more
Taichung Lake
Luce Chapel
More soup dumplings

Asia » Taiwan » Taichung February 19th 2014

Its Day 2! After a good night's rest its off to Tian Ma Farm. Trip took around 45mins from Tai Chung. Looks like a wild life park. Its basically a Llama wildlife park with other minor animal species. There is a newcomer to the farm, its a 160-year-old tortoise (claimed by the keeper). Looking at him makes me think that in his current lifetime he had lived through 2 world wars and more. Among other animals is this cute ground hog. There are many other animals like snakes, birds, camels, ostriches etc… Next we went to one of the most beautiful attraction of our trip. (Zhong She Hua Shi). Also known as "Hua Hai". Its like the beautiful flower meadows in Holland. They even had a wind mill there. Lol. After that, we travelled to a ... read more
Tian Ma Farm
Tian Ma Farm

Asia » Taiwan » Taichung February 4th 2014

It's been a while that I last traveled to some place cool. I decide to travel to Taiwan during Spring, thinking it might be somewhat cooling (20 degress and above) but didn't expect it to be that cold (below 10 degrees). 8 Days in Taiwan (17 Jan - 24 Jan 2014). From East to West Taiwan. This is my third time there and decide to post my trip here. Took Tiger Airways to Taiwan. The plane as usual, wasn't really on the dot but wasn't too late either. From Tao Yuan International Airport. I ate lunch at some eatery in Tao Yuan and off to Taichung. Trip took 2 hours there. First stop to Cai Hong Cun, Rainbow Village. Its a village where there is this old man who draws "graffiti" on almost "everywhere" in the ... read more
Feng Jia Night Market
Taiwan - 8 Days (East - West)
Cai Hong Cun

Asia » Taiwan » Taichung August 12th 2011

Het begon gister allemaal heerlijk vlotjes. Tas in twee uur gepakt, geen file, toedeloe regen, geen rijen, leuke mensen op dezelfde vluchten, slechts een uurtje overbruggen tijdens de overstaps, prima inlfight entertainment en plastic voedsel, hupsakee langs de douane, stempeltje erbij, ' Nou, dit gaat allemaal wel heeeel erg soepel.'. Tsja, en DAT hadden we dus beter even af kunnen kloppen. Sta je dan als enige nog bij de bagageband. Alles roetsjie, maar tassie foetsie. Balen. Nog een poging gedaan bij andere vluchten die vanuit Hong Kong kwamen, want wat bleek, het vliegtuig zat zo vol dat de koffers niet allemaal pasten. Aantal gingen dus mee met de volgende vlucht. Behalve die van ons. In het systeem te traceren? Nope. We gaan het zien.. Op naar de andere kant van de douane, meer konden we toch ... read more
Family diner
Tample at Sun Moon Lake

Asia » Taiwan » Taichung May 21st 2011

Saturday, 21st May 2011 We arranged with our driver for our 4-hour drive around Kenting and the historic city of Hengchun before sending us back to Kaohsiung for our onward journey to Taichung. Today was going to be our final day in Taiwan as we were expected to fly home to Singapore the following day. Our knowledgeable driver drove us through the southern coast of Taiwan covering the usual suspects like the Sailing Rock, the Eluanbi Lighthouse as well as the Southern Most Point of Taiwan. After lunch, he drove us to the city of Hengchun where we had the chance to visit 阿嘉's house that was used as one of the key filming sites for the 2008 hit movie, Cape Number 7. Before we departed, we took some pictures of the Old Walls of Hengchun ... read more
Eluanbi Lighthouse
The Old Wall's of Heng Chun

Asia » Taiwan » Taichung May 15th 2011

Sunday, 15th May 2011 This entry is specially dedicated to the owners of 三能 Optical Shop @ 一中街 (Yi Zhong Street) Night Market who were kind enough to allow the general public to use their toilet facilities within their premises. I guess most of the friendly shop owners at the night market would willingly offer the use of their washrooms during an emergency provided if you asked them nicely (I haven't really tried asking though). What made 三能 stood out from the rest was that they had prominently displayed a toilet sign outside their shopfront. Any members of the public were welcomed to use their facilities to answer the call of nature even though they were not patronising their business. This unusual fact was first related to me by SS. During her last trip to Taichung, ... read more
An unusual find
The 2 cubicles
The washing area

Asia » Taiwan » Taichung May 14th 2011

9 Days Central & Southern Taiwan (14th - 22nd May 2011) Arriving at Taoyuan International Airport this afternoon, HQ was already patiently expecting us at the Arrivals. She was early today, in fact a full 1 hour ahead of our flight schedule as the traffic and bus timings from her house to the airport was erratic. "It's better to be early than risks being late!" What a nice pal. For the 3 of us flying in from Singapore, this Taiwan trip was a relatively long wait having booked our air tickets way back on 7th February 2011. After SS got her Taiwan 大哥大 calling card, we headed straight to Taichung via U Bus, 统联客运 for the 2-hour journey to her house. Home was a 2-bedroom apartment at downtown Taichung. It was a small yet cosy place ... read more
Fengjia Night Market
That never seems to sleep

Asia » Taiwan » Taichung March 13th 2011

Went for a haicut yesterday (Saturday)...was not the first time either going to this place. It is located directly below our apartment, and I particularly enjoy getting my haircut here because the people are always friendly, prices are cheap, they pay attention to the tiniest detail of the provided picture I bring in, and it is family owned - which I found out yesterday. They are quite busy too, with no exception on a Saturday night. I made my appointment for 6, catching the tail end of their hours. When I walked in, an elderly woman greeted me, remembering me from the one previous time I've been in there, way back in October (at least, I would like to think so, I don't understand Taiwanese, but she was certainly friendly enough) I was ushered to a ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taichung January 2nd 2011

Hello all! Just wanted to give you a few photos to view of the Cornel Christmas/Thanksgiving Party. Although neither holiday is widely accepted in Taiwan - the main religion here is Buddism - as a way to completly immerse the students into American culture, holidays that are celebrated in America are also adapted. We celebrated Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Day and held a party for all the students. The day was filled with activities, such as a "Pilgrim and Native American hat making" project, a reading paralleled with a reenactment of the First Thanksgiving, and finally ending in a Thanksgiving feast of Turkey and corn soup with showing of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. The students, although not quite understanding the significance of the holiday, every year look forward to this day, as it is also a break ... read more
Cornel Christmas Party
Cornel Christmas Party
Cornel Christmas Party

Asia » Taiwan » Taichung August 2nd 2010

Hello everyone! I hope the day (or possibly night?) is treating you well! Phew, many things have sporadically happend this past week, it's just so hard to even remember all of them! First, my roommate Kelli and I decided to adopt a little stray kitten...and I'm not kidding with the word little! It was only 3 weeks old! The poor thing kept wondering into the shoe/coat/umbrella/scooter helmet/just-everything room at the Nan Men campus, crying for food, warmth, and love. Oh, and to top it off, we had been experiancing torrential down pours at this point that hadn't been letting up for 48 hours. So of course my sappy heart went out to this little kitten! Prior to taking it home, we found that other teachers had tried the same thing, but wound up bringing it back ... read more
Stray Kitten
Grade 2 Balls of Fire
Grade 2 Balls of Fire

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