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February 9th 2019
Published: December 25th 2021
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Today I visited the Atlantic Museum at No. 456, Section 1, Hanxi Road, East District, Taichung City. I heard that the artworks in the museum were collected by the owner Sotheby's and Christie's for viewing. I admired the many foreign art and cultural relics. I couldn’t help admiring the owner. Artistic perception.

After browsing the exhibition of each cultural relic, I found that foreigners paid great attention to "enjoy" and found many peculiar inventions. However, after a long time of observation, the composition of each invention is very complicated.

Including celestial globe, printing, crystal glass, etc.

I am particularly interested in the celestial sphere. The principle and introduction of the celestial sphere mentioned that it acts as a bystander to a third party outside the universe, observing.

The three-dimensional model of the whole sky solves the difficulty of describing the spatial relationship of the plane textbook. Exclusive design patent with FUNSKY celestial globe to control time, location and latitude

Therefore, FUNSKY can take us to experience the perspective of God, manipulate time and space to observe the relationship between heaven, earth and people in any time and space, feel the sun, moon, and stars flowing in our hands, travel through time and space, and travel around the world to know astronomy and geography. Can cultivate international outlook and expand cosmological outlook

After experiencing the mentality of famous inventors and artists, I feel that this trip to the museum is full of rewards, and I have a better understanding of the production and principles of inventions. It is a good attraction that is worth visiting in person.

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