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Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 20th 2014

What were your impressions before arriving Seoul, Korea? My thoughts were clean, civilised, organised and polite city, similar to Tokyo, Japan. It was true, as I was exiting Icheon airports could feel it and sense the environment. Could not believe the significant difference between cities that are close ie Shanghai and Seoul. It was a business trip for 4 days but had the opportunities to see bit of the city. Being in a taxi for 1.5 hr to hotel, I had a good chat with the driver, although his English was very limited but understandable. It seemed that Korean don't like Japanese but they like Chinese! He wouldn't explain why! Seoul city was clean but very commercial feel. Lots of shopping malls and food places. I didn't have the feeling of historical, heritage or culture as ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 10th 2014

Sunday morning up bright and early to depart the lovely apartment we were staying in at Costa del Sol to go to the airport to fly to Seoul at lunchtime. Thank you so much Julie & Roddy from Scotland – we loved it. We arrived at the airport far too early – check in wasn’t for almost 2 hours!! Could have stayed in bed longer… was pretty tired. Then, the plane to Rome from Malaga was delayed for about an hour and a half. Ugghhhh. When we arrived in Rome we had a few hours stopover so that was Sunday and arrived in Seoul on Monday at 3.30pm. As we got off the plane and onto the bus to take us to the terminal we noticed that one of the passengers had a dog with him! ... read more
Road crossing
Plane taxiing on the runway
The third tunnel

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 11th 2014

When traveling abroad never leave home without these things: a cellphone, a watch, a few books, a pen, teddy gram snackpacks, a waterbottle, all your information and contact numbers, Imodium, advil, your credit card and Monopoly Deal. These are the absolute essentials. Even if you don’t think you would need them, when the time comes and you find yourself in an unanticipated situation, you will wish you brought them. Of this list, we had forgotten many of course. The next 14 hours consisted of many rounds of Monopoly Deal, 4 movies and a few hours of restless sleep, pretty uneventful stuff. We stepped off the plane and after waiting in more lines we headed to the baggage claim are to grab our luggage. We stood around with our backs to the wall scouring for a pay ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 11th 2014

It felt good to be back. I was actually more nervous than I remember for this trip. Four countries in under four weeks! Most recently in 2010 and 2012, I had chaperoned 11 kids twice in one country and had jumped over to the Caribbean (Cabo, D.R, and Bahamas) for a week here and there, but it had been awhile since I had dusted of the proverbial backpack (I have upgraded to a suitcase on smart!) and been a traveler. And really, most of the trip was planned out and not just by me. I was only in charge of one country, Cambodia. Anne gave me advice about South Korea, Dipendra and Emily were covering Nepal, and Matt had mapped out Thailand, so there really was no need for concern. But I guess the case ... read more
Temples and Traffic
Endless ice cream
Traditional Korean home stay

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 11th 2014

Things about Korea that I loved: McDonalds has delivery All the women have a great sense of style and always look like they are ready for the catwalk (which made me superbly self-conscious in my frumpy sweats and messy hair) Food and motels are cheap Everyone we had talked to was nice and very helpful I did not see one overweight person (though it seemed everyone smokes) Although grateful to see a bit of Seoul, 3 days is certainly not enough time, especially with all the restrictions we had to face. The Philippines is a hot country, we packed everything we needed for 30°C weather, but nothing for South Korean weather – snow. Shorts and tank tops are hardly suitable for below freezing temperatures so we did what we could, layered on our shirts and sweaters, ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam August 6th 2014

arrives ce matin a 8h45 á Seoul Pris en charge par Koreaexpo 2014 pour le tranfert a l hotel IBIS voila notre journee en photos vue de l hotel 11 etage repas du midi visite de la ville et d un grand magasin... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul July 28th 2014

On the top in the mountain of Seoul i saw that everybody writed something on the metal wall.. After i decide also to write a something.. It was a message to all people in Korea... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul July 28th 2014

Here I felt i was in a prison they give me the same t shirt what everyone wore. And you could not go outside if you went outside you had to pay again. Different experience ..... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam July 14th 2014

Heyyyy! This is not my first blog, but it is my first travel blog. To sum it up, I'm the epitome of a bad writer who does not have a schedule for anything. However, I will try my very best to keep posting everyday when I am travelling. Because, personally, I prefer lists than paragraphs, I will type up my little intro in a list. - Name : Kristie Lam - Nickname : KaiPo - Age : 17.5 - born in Hawaii, - spent most of my life in Hong Kong, - have gone to school in Hong Kong (Hong Kong), London (England), Toronto (Canada), Vancouver(Canada) - reason why I started travelling : moved around too much since little, can't seem to stand the thought of staying in one place - why I travel : for ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Yongsan-gu June 14th 2014

A night out in style! We had made a reservation to have dinner at the posh N Grill in Namsan tower. Our reservation was for seven, so we all met around 6:30 in Myeongdong and headed over to the cable car to be whisked up to the base of the tower. Well, disaster struck, we got to the cable car and it was heaving. The queue was huge. We tried to hop into a taxi and get them to take us up, but no taxis can't go all the way up to Namsan Tower. So we had to call the restaurant and tell them our predicament. It must happen quite a lot as they said they would send us a text message, so that we could jump the queue. The text message arrived and we headed ... read more
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