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Asia » South Korea » Seoul July 8th 2015

0n 11 May this year, I embarked on a three week holiday to South Korea. My airasia flight landed in Incheon. I spent three days in Incheon. From Incheon I took the train KORAIL to Seoul. I covered Seoul in 5 days , then off I went to Sokcho for three days two nights. From Sokcho,I took the express bus to Gyeongju. I spent four days three nights in Gyeongju. Then off to Busan by the express bus. And from busan, i tookair Busan to Jeju island. It was a most enjoyable trip, and it was very safe to travel in South korea, no muggers, pickpockets or conmen! It was very easy to move about in Seoul and Busan where there is a very extensive metro subway line. All you need is a subway map and ... read more
Snapshots of places that I visited in South Korea
More snapshots
More places!

Asia » South Korea » Seoul July 8th 2015

Days 24 & 25 After travelling these last 3 weeks I can feel the fatigue taking over me so I decided to just take it easy for the last days of my trip in South Korea. My last two days in Gwangju I spent by walking around the downtown area. There I did some shopping and went to couple cafés as well. Day 26 Today I travelled from Gwangju to Seoul. In Seoul my accommodation will be Koreastay. Koreastay is a Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) brand that certifies city accommodations. Selected homestays give international visitors an opportunity to experience Korean culture and lifestyle by living with a Korean family. I was so excited when I found this kind of an option for accommodation. It doesn't cost a lot and you get to see how Koreans live ... read more
My Koreastay room
Gwangju-Songjeong station
Gwangju-Songjeong station

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 20th 2015

Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long! Last week was pretty crazy, since Tanya had to leave on Thursday for her orientation (although somehow we have managed to hang out after her orientation activities are done for the day, and she has all day tomorrow to hang out. On Monday she goes away for a retreat, though, and I won't see her again before I leave on Thursday). Therefore, be forewarned that this will be a long post. ^_^ Last Saturday, we went to Gangnam, the fashion district of Seoul (most commonly recognized from the song Gangnam Style by Psy that went viral a few years ago). When you first exit the subway station, you see lots of very brightly colored bear statues (kind of like the cow ones you find throughout the US). Each statue ... read more
The beginning of K-star road
JYP Entertainment, aww yeah
Yum! Subway waffles!

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 16th 2015

Today we first headed up to Korean Tourist Information Center in Gwanghwamun area. In the center we tried traditional Korean dresses. Two ladies helped us to put the dresses and then they took pictures of us. After leaving the center we also passed by the statues of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin and King Sejong, which are situated in Gwanghwamun Square. Next we went to the N Seoul Tower located in Namsan Park. The tower is 236.7 meters high and from the observatory you could see the entire Seoul. To get to the tower we first took a cable car and then we had to walk a bit. Before going to the tower we went to a platform which was full of locks. We also bought one lock and put it to one of the railings. Usually couples ... read more
N Seoul Tower
Sausage stew

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 15th 2015

Today we visited quite a few places. First we went to the Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is the largest of the five grand palaces remaining in Seoul. It was built in 1395. We just walked around the palace grounds and took pictures. Also we saw a re-enact of Sumunjang changing of the guard ceremony, where these men were dressed in traditional Korean clothes and played some traditional instruments :) After the palace we went to eat this very popular dessert Bingsu, which is shaved ice with toppings. We took a berry bingsu, which had strawberries, blueberries and red beans. Next we went to Hongdae Street near Hongik University subway station. There we were hunting for Rilakkuma teddy bear plushie for Tiina :) Unfortunately we didn't find it from there so we continued to Ewha Womans University area. ... read more
Berry Bingsu
Gwanghwamun gate

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 15th 2015

I’ve finished up my semester abroad and now I’m on a plane to visit my good friend in Japan. Here is a quick recap of my last week, trip to Seoul, and love affair with Incheon Airport. I had to say goodbye to all of my fellow international students this week, which made me realize that I met a lot more people than I originally thought. Saying goodbye is also a great time to learn about different cultures. My Chinese friends all told me that I would have good fortune, a handsome husband, and many babies. My French friends kissed me on the cheek about a hundred times and fed me chocolate. My Russian friends gave me many hugs, sat with me quietly, and paid me some of the sincerest compliments I have ever received. My ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 14th 2015

So today was our second day in Seoul and we decided to go shopping! When we went to the metro this Korean guy came to us and we started to talk about Finland and Finnish bubble gum Jenkki, but after a while he changed the topic to Jesus, God and repention, which was quite interesting :D But he was still a nice guy :) We have been using metro because it is easy, fast and convenient. Yesterday we bought these rechargeable T-Money cards, which can be used for public transportation (subway and bus) and in some convenience stores. We went to Asia's largest underground shopping mall COEX. It was fun that there were a lot of big posters about this Finnish Game Clash of Clans from Supercell around the mall. The first one was in front ... read more
Night view of Han river

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 13th 2015

After 15 hours of waiting and flying we finally arrived to Incheon International Airport at 10.35am. We flew with Turkish Airlines and we had to change flights in Istanbul, Turkey. We left the airport and went straight to the city center of Seoul by Airport Express train AREX and it took us about 43min. Then we went to Kimchee Seoul Station Guesthouse, where me and my friend Tiina will stay for the next 7 days. There we were met by Scott who showed us our room. We stayed in our room only a while because we didn't want to fall asleep. We decided to go to the Myeongdong shopping street to get something to eat and to do some shopping. We went to eat to this small restaurant called Neul Bom. I took a dish named ... read more
Bulgogi Bipimbap
Our room
AREX train ticket

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 9th 2015

Hi everyone! I know I wrote a post recently, but today was too eventful not to write about it. To begin with, we hiked up to the base of the N. Seoul Tower. The hike felt like it took forever, and was a steep uphill the entire time. Most of it was stairs (although there was a portion at the beginning which was just a steep hill in order to reach the beginning of the actual trail), and they were made of stone and very oddly spaced. In some areas they were low and wide, and in others they were high and narrow. And it was a very irregular thing, too. The hike was torturous, and I was definitely feeling how out of shape I am as I climbed and watched the crazy people running up/down ... read more
One of the lookout spots
Tanya with some stairs

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 7th 2015

Hi everyone! 12:00 am marks the end of my third full day in Korea, and the beginning of my fourth (although I will definitely be sleeping for a bit before doing anything). It has been an exciting three days! Hanging out with Tanya has been trying and overwhelming at times but overall so much fun! Our apartment in Seoul is tiny--it seems more suited to one person than two--but since we spend most of our time out and about, it works. I think I am allergic to airports, though. It seems if I spend much time in them, I inevitably end up with a cold (or maybe it's just Tanya. It seems like I'm always getting sick when I'm with her! And she never gets sick, it's totally not fair). Anyways, the first day here was ... read more
Just a day in the life
Coffee Prince

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