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Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gwangjin-gu February 23rd 2014

This blog will be light on food porn and photos in general as dining in the dark doesn't really give you many photo opportunities. I had wanted to do this ages ago, but couldn't really find any info about it on the web. A friend recently mentioned it and I went off in search again and this time found loads of information. My friends were up for it, so I went online to book on the restaurant's website. The online reservation form is all in Korean, but one of my co-workers checked that I had filled it out correctly and then I transferred the money, you have to pay for the food and drinks before you go to the restaurant. There's a section on the website to check that your reservation is completed. I didn't know ... read more
Outside Of The Restaurant
Through The Door...
Blind Restaurant

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 23rd 2014

After a few fitful hours of sleep and numerous bites from either mosquitoes, bedbugs or most likely both, we stumbled out of bed and quickly left in search of clean sit down bathrooms and coffee. We followed the recommendations for the Lonely Planet “1 day in Bangkok” walking tour and barely made it one block before a Swiss girl invited herself to be our company for the day. She also was in the midst of a multi-month tour all by herself throughout SE Asia like everyone we have met. We walked to the Royal Palace, one of the most famous of all the sights in the city and home to the Emerald Buddha. We all opted out to go inside after seeing the admission was $15, when all else was only a dollar or two. Really ... read more
The Reclining Buddha
Wat Arun
Seoul Tower locks

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Jongno-gu February 10th 2014

Five weeks ago this journey began and tomorrow it will be coming to an end...mind you it is going to be a long day . I will actually arrive in Regina 2 minutes after I leave Korea .That international date line is a curious thing . I will have time to check my messages before I leave here though ...hint hint... My feet are sore ! I walked most of today and covered a lot of interesting ground . Seoul was designated as an International Design City a few years back . An honour it deserves .Some of the buildings individually and collectively are quite spectacular and when you add in the the traditional Hanoks and their charm it makes a great walk. I spent most of my time in what is called the Bukchon Village ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Jongno-gu February 9th 2014

When I got on the bus last night the bus driver recognized me from the day before .With little English he made the point that I had gotten on at Changdeokgung Palace...which was true .He then asked "discount?" Not exactly sure what he meant ,I had to think about that ...and realized that he remembered me from the day before and there is a discount if you buy a 2 day ticket ($5)so I said yes I had gone to the ticket office with his ticket and explained I hadn't known of the 2 day ticket and they did give me a second ticket for a discount.He was pleased that this had happened . At the next stop he typed something into his Iphone (?) and showed me the translation on the screen "where had I ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Jongno-gu February 9th 2014

Krista I NEEDED a coat ! Yesterday was cold ... it snowed off and on all day and it accumulated on the ground but most of it has disappeared or been shovelled aside. It did leave icy streets this morning which I had to watch out for when I left the hotel . As I had said I would I spent most of yesterday indoors . I bought a 2 day Seoul City Tour Bus ticket for $20 . The whole circuit takes 2 hours but it also has a hop- on hop- off feature that allows you to visit any of the 27 places/areas along the way . Way cheaper than a cab and you actually get to see where you are going unlike in the subway.So I was off. My first stop was the ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Jongno-gu February 8th 2014

Good morning MaryAnne ,Shirley ,Suzanne,Carole and Jo . It is snowing here this morning .I am so glad I bought my coat . Today will be a mostly museum , gallery kind of day . I started using the Nasonex this morning as my left ear is blocked and I want it cleared before I fly. CNN has been broadcasting Sochi highlights this morning . Looks good .... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Jongno-gu February 7th 2014

What a difference 5 hours makes! We left Yangon at midnight and arrived in Seoul 5 hours later ...and nearly froze our buns!!From +30 to 0 is a huge shift ...and don't laugh at us wimps ,our bodies weren't ready for it and in spite of some forethought I didn't have the clothes layers readily available in my backpack .I had also developed a cold in Yangon . Oh well , I managed . Suzanne and I got lucky and had one more adventure before we parted ways. Incheon Airport and Seoul city together offer free tours for people who are in transit and would otherwise be sitting at the airport for hours . With Suzanne's boarding pass for Montreal we were able to go on a 5 hour tour of Central Seoul hitting the high ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul November 24th 2013

This week we went to Seoul, South Korea for 2 days, 3 nights. It was our first trip in Asia outside of Beijing. It's really interesting to think that by way of default (or lack of reflection) we took Beijing to be a representative of all of Asia. We figured life wouldn't be too different elsewhere. We had a hint that our assumptions were incorrect when some friends went to Hong Kong and raved about how different life was there. Hitting the pavement in Seoul unraveled our assumptions even further and got us excited to see the many and varied places around Asia. There was a different feeling in Seoul; one might describe it as freedom or openness. It felt like Seoul is being itself, while Beijing is wearing a corset, maybe some make up with ... read more
Hotel Room
Hotel Room 2

Asia » South Korea » Seoul October 31st 2013

I was here with some friends just a few months earlier. The Seoul stopover on our way home to Manila after our Mongolian adventure ended up like one major food trip. We certainly didn't waste time during our 2-night layover. And it was only fitting to use "Food Coma In Korea" as title for my blog on that May trip. Oh, how we indulged ourselves! Celebrating With Family Then October came. Family from Madrid and Sydney arrived to celebrate another milestone in my life. We earlier planned to have a big party but instead decided on a family trip to South Korea. I'm happy with that decision. And so was my entire fambam. Because we were a party of 11 pax, I asked a travel agent to package everything for us. The package included airfare... read more
Nami Park
Teddy Bear Museum
Seoraksan National Park

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Yongsan-gu September 21st 2013

Hello :-) I don't normally blog about my time in England but considering it is now a holiday destination for me, I thought I would include a little bit about my summer activities (plus I had photos I wanted to put up!) I can't actually remember the order I did things in now but I had a great cream tea with Mum at Springfields (where I spent as much money as I always do when I'm there!), attended 2 weddings, and spent time with loads of people including Claire (on the way back from the airport in my Skoda!), Debra (back from Zambia), Kate (on many occasions but most importantly we had great Vietnamese food in Sheffield), Sam (for our usual lunch at the Spirit in Boston), Carly and Abdallah (so nice to meet you!), Stacey, ... read more
Hand held
Afternoon tea

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