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15 years ago, April 13th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #32493  
Taking a easy course to climb and slowly let in the fresh air walk along the on the way that cultivated cherry blossoms in both side of you. having some time to break anywhere you like on a rock and climbing to the top where is put korean flag that streaming in the wind. and taking a lunch time on the top and going down to stop at SANSA TEMPLE in which decorated a lot of lotus flower light and keep going down nearby an entrance. you run into big fountain in which is all filled with cherry blossoms scent.
At first, you are in front of entrance. there is big sign that brilliantly ornamented entrance which looks like traditional castle. bloomed flowers make you feel high on the way to a way in because whatever you are going to, you can smell the scent that bloomed flowers emit an intoxicating fragrance. in these season everywhere fills in the air with scent especially in GWANAK mountains. in the middle of mountain that having less flowers than compared with an entrance's scene in which surrounded a lot of cherry blossoms totally has different scenery. when you are on the top, you feel like very cool by making yourself enjoy cool breeze. and taking a little bit longer break on the top in order to have a lunch time on the big rock which can look down all the mountain and a little part of city. on the way down from the top, there is a small temple nearby the top. it called SANSA TEMPLE in which has a lot of decorated lotus flower light and carved BUDDA on the wall and a little fountain looks like big turtle and some of miniature BUDDA sculpture. after that you keep going down as you went up before. and you run into big fountain there is all filled with cherry blossoms scent and the fountain is playing. that makes you feel comfortable by seeing what people doing in there and you just down from the top.
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