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Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 27th 2015

The flight is booked (Jan 19th 2015) I had the idea to go to South Korea in December when my Korean friend told me she would be going back over our semester break in March to see her family and I thought: "Hey, why not visit her while she's there?". My wanderlust had been growing for a while and I was in need of a big trip to a country far far away. So why not Asia? I've never been to the biggest continent (I don't really count Turkey as Asia) and since I knew a local there it was the perfect opportunity to go there. Then Minjeong (my Korean friend) told me about this other girl, Astrid, who was also interested in going, so we got together and decided to travel together. At first there ... read more
Entrance to the men's quiet room
Women's quiet room
Our hostel room

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 25th 2015

Because life is too short to stay in one country… I’m headed abroad to South Korea! Right now I’m about 10 hours in to a 24 hour airport extravaganza and on the longest flight of 15 hours and things are going very well. I’m not as tired as I should be considering the lack of sleep, have already met some wonderful people on the plane and at the airport, am about halfway through knitting a scarf (are you proud of me Sammy?), and have started reading “The Greatest Works of Dostoyevski” aka, “Five Books You Couldn’t Finish Even if You Read the Entire Flight”. I am super excited to get to the Seoul airport, which is ranked the world’s best and is apparently the absolute coolest place ever to be stuck waiting for a plane for ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 25th 2015

Currently at Incheon Airport, which seems nice, but I spent a lot of time at customs and rechecking my baggage and didn’t get to explore as much as I wanted to. Never bring an apple to Korea. It will take you forever to get through customs because for some reason instead of just throwing the apple away it has to be taken to “Produce Quarintine.” This involves calling in a bunch of people who have to wear special suits and gloves to take the apple, ask you various questions about it and look at you like you are from Mars for even considering eating it. On the up side Korean toddlers are very cute and there are a lot of them here. I also like the uniforms that the flight attendants wear. Very classy.... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul January 20th 2015

We finished of our time in Los Angeles a bit slower. First we reluctantly returned our mustang, however we didn't leave empty handed as we picked up a smaller car for the day, as it would cost the same amount as catching taxis everywhere. This time we didn't stand out so much in a small, black Mazda 2. It was a good choice to pick up as it served its purpose of getting us around. Our first location for the day was to head down to Venice Beach. Venice beach is the centre of La beach culture with muscle beach, beachfront shops, skatepark and basketball courts etc next to the beach. We casual walked along the walkway around the people, for winter it was very busy, we would hate to see what summer would be like. ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul January 16th 2015

My Short Visit to the beautiful Seoul, South Korea Intro: I have always wanted to visit South Korea as its been sitting on my list for a long time now, when I was still very young we had a South Korean Neighbor who always wanted to share some of his culture and gave us books and brochures about his country and even tried to teach us a few words. Now, South Korea has become a cultural destination not only for its rich past cultures but also for a new generation that has taken the world by a storm with their K-Pop music super stars, who can forget PSY and his Gangnam Style smash hit, and it’s not only music as they have also become very well known for their Korean Drama shows that are now dubbed ... read more
a Seoul Backstreet
Gyeongbokgung Palace 7
Bongeunsa Temple 5

Asia » South Korea » Seoul January 13th 2015

My wife and I celebrated one year of marriage with a trip to Korea and Taiwan. At the end of a long, busy, and stressful semester, this trip was exactly what we needed to decompress. More importantly, Allie and I got a lot of quality time in exploring the city together. Vacations are good for a marriage. For a long time I have wanted to visit Korea, and we were able to tag on a 6 day layover to our trip to Taiwan at no extra charge. Seoul was fantastic. We snagged an apartment on Airbnb in the center of the city, and had all of our destination (street markets, museums, and palaces) easily accessible via a world-class subway system. The food was marvelous. Seoul has many street markets that make for cheap, delicious meals. We ... read more
Dried fish at the market
Jongmyo Shrine
Jongmyo Shrine

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Jongno-gu January 10th 2015

The Blue House, or to give it its Korean name, Cheongwadae is the executive office and official residence of the Korean head of state. It is where the current president Park Geunhye (and many presidents before her) lives and works. I had been meaning to visit the Blue House for years, but kept forgetting about it, as spaces are very limited. Finally, I decided that it had to be this winter. There are limited spaces available for English speakers, only ten per tour, with four tours either every Saturday or every other Saturday (I can't remember which). I had to reserve spaces on this tour months in advance, you have to get in early especially if you want a spot on a Saturday tour, I think the week day ones don't get booked up so quick. ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul October 19th 2014

From Taipei straight to South Korea for 8 days. Approaching Seoul Gimpo (the small airport located closer to the city) and just thinking: Man, that's big. Checking online I found confirmation: Seoul is listed in the top 3 largest cities by population (either as urban area or metropolitan area definition) with 23m or 26m inhabitants respectively. The first impressions on the ground is that everything is well organised (as expected), people are very friendly (most) or shy if you approach them in English (most as well). Further all professional drives, such as taxi drivers, bus drivers etc seem to have white gloves when driving (don't know where to buy them, but would have loved some for at home) and a rather heavy right foot. Of course that was true for our taxi driver from the airport ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Seocho-gu October 18th 2014

Iv'e been wanting to do this hike for ages, and I finally had a free Saturday morning on which I could do it. I always pass this area on the bus, and see all the hikers alighting the subway. I took the Shin-Bundang line, to Cheonggysan Station. The Shin-Bundang line is pretty fancy and the trains are driverless, however that works. I came out of exit two, and there were quite a few hikers about. I had read on someone's blog that this hike is very popular, so try to get there early to avoid the queues. However eight thirty was too late in my book as there were a tonne of people already about. It was a sharp contrast to my hike last week, which was largely people free. I though that the trail would ... read more
Wonteogol Entrance
Which Way?

Asia » South Korea » Seoul October 12th 2014

Sunny Saturday in Specular Seoul! The day started with a one hour bus ride from Incheon to Seoul. This is like going from San Jose to San Francisco… you can’t tell where one city ends and the next starts. Multi-laned freeway with 30 foot high noise barriers virtually the entire trip. Over the tops of the noise barriers we could see miles and miles of high rise condos as we moved from the industrial port city of Incheon to the sophisticated city of Seoul. Seoul has a population of 11 million, and we felt like all 11 million were out on the highways, in the parks and just everywhere enjoying the Saturday sunshine. Our first stop was the Seoul Folklore Museum, a new modern, beautiful facility. Through the exhibits we were taken from 700,000 years ago ... read more

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